My Larssen / Compala Family Genealogy

This site is a continuous, never-ending, long work in progress. It is a compilation of my research efforts, and the efforts of other family researchers and correspondents.

This site contains the surnames LARSSEN, SKAGGS, PUTNAM, PUCKETT, BLUEBROWN, COMPALA, REED, MACKEY, among others as well as tribal lineages of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Otoe, Iowa, and Mexican Kickapoo, plus some Scandinavian and English lineages and more.

Please email me of any discrepancies or errors, to share information on common ancestors, or if you have family pictures you would like added to the site. I am always looking for more information on my family!

Table of Contents

Brown family site by Emil Farve
Puckett family site by Ron Hansen

Prepared by:

Jo Larssen

Lawrence, KS

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