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Larssen Family Genealogy

Eli J BLUE [Parents] was born 26 Jan 1901 in LeFlore, Indian Territory and agreed on marriage contract about 1920. He died 16 Sep 1992 in Ft. Smith, AR. Eli married Minnie about 1920.

Choctaw Roll #8819, age 2, 5/8 Indian, Census Card #3010.

1910 Census Haskell Co., OK McCurtain was age 9.

Social Security #702-03-9021.

Long time or retired railroad worker.

Died at age 91 at Saint Edward Mercy Medical Center in Fr. Smith, AR.  Was preceded in death by his wife, Minnie, on Sep 23, 1980 and a son, William J. Blue.  Survivors include two daughters, Anna Lee & Christine Marie; one son, Jerry; one brother, Charlie; one sister, Vernetta; six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Minnie was born 24 Oct 1898. She died 23 Sep 1980. Minnie married Eli J BLUE about 1920.

Social Security #443-52-1840
!Last address Talahina, OK

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Lee BLUE
  F ii Christine Marie BLUE
  M iii Jerry BLUE
  M iv William J. BLUE died before 1992.

Charlie MCCANN married Silway.

Dead in 1896, and enrolled in Sugar Loaf

Silway married Charlie MCCANN.

Dead in 1896, and enrolled in Sans Bois County, OK

They had the following children:

  F i Hannah MCCANN was born about 1873.

Ben CAMPALA was born in Nashoba, Indian Territory. He died before 1896. Ben married Chuliyo before 1869.

Choctaw enrollment card #2168

Choctaw Roll #2393, enrolled in Nashoba Co., Indian Territory

Application for enrollment dated May 30 1899, and states Ben deceased

Chuliyo was born in Wade, Indian Territory. She died before 1896. Chuliyo married Ben CAMPALA before 1869.

Choctaw Enrollment Card #2168, dated 1896, she is listed as deceased

Enrolled Wade County

They had the following children:

  M i Julius CAMPALA was born about 1867 and died 5 Jul 1903.

John Morgan PUCKETT [Parents] was born 21 Sep 1847. He died 27 Sep 1889 in Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., KS. John married Mary GRIFFEY.

Was a marshall for Medicine Lodge, Kansas.  Died from gunshot wound.

Mary GRIFFEY [Parents] was born 3 Aug 1842. She died 1921 in Cleo Springs, OK and was buried in Cedar Cemetary. Mary married John Morgan PUCKETT.

Other marriages:
COON, George Washington

Marry married George Washington Coon after John Morgan Puckett died.  Marry and George's son, George Howard (Coon) Coan was the half brother of Benjamin Franklin Puckett, and George Howard married Benjamin's daughter, Gladys Murial Puckett.

They had the following children:

  F i Dorthula PUCKETT was born 3 Aug 1865.
  F ii Martilia PUCKETT was born 21 Jun 1867 and died 1944.
  F iii Luaddia PUCKETT was born 26 Feb 1869.
  M iv Perry PUCKETT was born 13 Mar 1871 in KY.
  M v William K. PUCKETT was born 28 Mar 1874.
  M vi Edwin M. PUCKETT was born 6 Aug 1877 and died 22 Feb 1905.
  F vii Pearlie PUCKETT was born 19 Jan 1879.
  M viii Benjamin Franklin PUCKETT was born 18 Feb 1881 and died 7 Aug 1963.
  F ix Myrtle Mary PUCKETT was born 6 Mar 1884 and died 19 Aug 1977.
  M x Burney PUCKETT was born 6 Aug 1886 and died 10 Feb 1957.

Charlie SMITHHISLER married Jennie BRADLEY on 8 Oct 1892.

Jennie BRADLEY [Parents] was born 24 Jan 1875 in Doniphan Co., KS. She died 1957. Jennie married Charlie SMITHHISLER on 8 Oct 1892.

Squire SKAGGS [Parents] "Lou" was born 28 Mar 1831 in Near Mammoth Cave, Edmonson Co., KY. He married Delilah DELBACK on 7 Jun 1871 in Chariton, MO.

Other marriages:

Squire was born about 25 miles from Mammoth Cave, KY

Squire came to St. Louis, Illinois on a wagon train with other Skaggs families.  The leader of the train was a Mr. Dockins (Dawkins, Hawkins).  The train disbanded at St. Louis, Ill.  Some of the Skaggs families went to Springfield, Ill; some stayed at St. Louis, Ill; and some came to Kansas City, MO.

Squire worked for Peter Wright Family--listed in 1850 Federal Census of Macoupin Cpunty, Ill (Aug. 16, 1850).

Squire enlisted Missouria Militia Sept 25, 1864, and was discharged Oct 31, 1864.  Entered at Florissant, MO.

Squire listed in 1870 Federal Census of Randolph Co., MO.

Squire listed in 1880 Federal Census of St. Charles Co., MO.

Dick (Richard) Skaggs related to family, but may not have came on wagon train.  Old Bill Skaggs related to family.  John Skaggs related to family.

Wagon train came from Kentucky around 1838.

Related to a Skaggs who was a Great Jumper.

One great grandfather killed by Indians, found dead under brush pile by river side.

Delilah DELBACK agreed on marriage contract 7 Jun 1871 in Keytesville, MO. She married Squire SKAGGS on 7 Jun 1871 in Chariton, MO.

They had the following children:

  F i Emily SKAGGS was born about 1871.
  M ii Charles SKAGGS was born about 1874.

Ernest Bender SKAGGS [Parents] [image] was born 22 Nov 1890 in Moberly (Bender Farms), Randolph Co., MO. He died 1 Mar 1979 in Blackwell, Kay Co., OK and was buried 3 Mar 1979. Ernest married Lena M. HALEY on 29 Aug 1914 in Macon, MO.

Other marriages:
REED, Mollie G.


They had the following children:

  M i Roy C. SKAGGS
  F ii Kathryn J. SKAGGS
  F iii Mildred L. SKAGGS

Albert Delmer LARSSEN [Parents] [image] was born 29 Jan 1920 in Newkirk, Kay Co., OK. He died 24 Jan 1994. Albert married Mildred L. SKAGGS.

Mildred L. SKAGGS [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Donnie LARSSEN

Edwin G. PUTNAM [Parents] [image] was born 30 Aug 1827 in Vermont. He died 29 Oct 1899 in Enid, Garfield Co., Okla. Terr. and was buried in Green City Cemetary, Green, Clay Co., KS. Edwin married Sarah A. OSWALT.

Other marriages:
OSWALT, Hannah

Sarah A. OSWALT married Edwin G. PUTNAM.

They had the following children:

  M i Joseph N. PUTNAM was born about 1859 in IN. He was buried in Natches, WA.
  F ii Mary Jane PUTNAM was born about 1861 in Iowa and agreed on marriage contract 15 Aug 1877 in Clay Co., KS. She died 1940.
  F iii Nancy Flora PUTNAM was born 22 Aug 1862 in Jasper Co., IA and agreed on marriage contract 9 Apr 1878 in Clay Co., KS. She died 20 Jan 1927.
  F iv Rosetta PUTNAM was born about 1865 in Iowa and agreed on marriage contract 5 Nov 1882 in Clay Co., KS.
  F v Dora Ann PUTNAM was born about 1869 in Iowa and agreed on marriage contract 22 Aug 1884 in Clay Co., KS.
  F vi Laura B. PUTNAM was born 20 Mar 1871 in Clay Co., KS. She died 25 Aug 1871.

Israel PUTNAM [Parents] was born 20 Jun 1742. He died 23 Feb 1823. Israel married Emme PRINCE.

Other marriages:
EPPES, Sarah

Emme PRINCE married Israel PUTNAM.

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