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Larssen Family Genealogy

Clarence Matthew HOLLOWAY [Parents]

Other marriages:
LARSSEN, Frances Janette


They had the following children:

  F i Caitlyn Mariah HOLLOWAY
  M ii Christopher Matthew HOLLOWAY

Charles Eugene EDWARDS "Gene" married Minnie BRADLEY on 10 Oct 1897 in Alvaretta, Woods Co., Indian Territory.

Minnie BRADLEY [Parents] was born 17 Jan 1878 in Near Atchinson, Doniphan Co., KS. She died 30 Jun 1945 in Cherokee, Alfalfa Co., OK. Minnie married Charles Eugene EDWARDS on 10 Oct 1897 in Alvaretta, Woods Co., Indian Territory.

Lt. Col. James Elwood BRADLEY [Parents]

Marian Elizabeth SCOTT [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Scott Albert BRADLEY
  F ii Elizabeth Ann BRADLEY

Jim BLUE [Parents]

Julia Madell BROWN [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Teresa Kay BLUE
  M ii Michael Duane BLUE


Lena Faye BROWN [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Jan Gaylene GEORGE
  F ii Loy Anne GEORGE
  F iii Susan Rene GEORGE

Asel RHODES married Elizabeth SKAGGS on 6 Oct 1847 in Edmonson Co., KY.

Elizabeth SKAGGS [Parents] was born 1824. She died in Cass County, MO. Elizabeth married Asel RHODES on 6 Oct 1847 in Edmonson Co., KY.

They had the following children:

  M i James W. RHODES was born 1848.
  ii E. F. RHODES was born 1852.
  F iii Susan A. RHODES was born 1854.
  M iv Franklin P. RHODES was born 1858.
  M v Stephen C. RHODES was born 1860.

Larkin Milton SKAGGS [Parents] was born 1831. He died 21 Aug 1863 in Lawrence, Kansas. Larkin married Emily Jane MITCHELL.

Larkin Skaggs served with Quantrill's Raiders during the Civil War.  He came from Kentucky and settled in Cass County, MO.  He was a Baptist minister, and quit his church when the border wars started around 1856.

He was a Confederate, and was killed at Lawrence, KS during a raid with Quantrill's Raiders.  He was the only one killed during this raid.  It is reputed that he was drunk during this raid, and this may have had something to do with his demise.

He had a brother named Willis.  Willis was with Larkin in 1860 when the Presidential election was held at Pleasant Hill, MO.  Larkin wanted to kill a man named D. P. Houghland who voted for Lincoln, and Willis held his arm and kept him from killing him.

--From book titled "Branded as Rebels-- and received from another researcher.

Emily Jane MITCHELL [Parents] married Larkin Milton SKAGGS.

They had the following children:

  M i Buford W. SKAGGS
  F ii Margaret SKAGGS
  M iii James Buchannan SKAGGS

Abel B. BROWN [Parents] [image] was born 28 Feb 1892 in Murray County, OK Or Ada, Pototoc Co., OK. He died 19 Apr 1970 in Oklahoma City, OK At The Veteran's Hospital and was buried in Oaklawn Cemetary, Sulphur, OK. Abel married Jeannie GILBERT.

Other marriages:
JAMES, Selina

Abel was a full-blooded Chickasaw.

Roll # 139.
Family Card # 42

Abel was a minister

Abel did not have a middle name, so he took the initial B.

On Abel's family census card, there is also an Edmundson Brown (8yrs in 1902) listed with a roll # 140; and there is a John Brown (6 yrs in 1902) with a roll # 141

Abel is listed as age 10 in 1902, on the family census card.

Abel worked for the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board

Abel was the only known composer of round notes

Abel worked (wrote) for Stamp(?) Baxter Music Company

Abel, his wife Selina, his daughter Julia, and his grandson Donald went to the woods, between Davis and Sulphur, OK,  to find trees to cut, sometime in the 1940's.  The children went to the creek bank, while Abel went to search for decent trees.  Soon Abel came and said to the children "You kids get back in the car" in such a strange voice that everyone knew something was wrong.  They went home, and as soon as they were there, Abel laid down.  Selina told the children he was very sick.  He was so sick that the medicine man came to see him, to help him.  Abel later told Selina that on that day in the woods, he seen a hairy creature.  The creature mimicked his moves.  Everytime Abel would turn his head, so would the creature.  It was not long before the story got around, and those particular woods were checked out.  The place where the creature had stayed was found, as evidenced by laid down matted grass, with many strange hairs.

Abel only saw one particular medicine man in his lifetime.  Abel had arthritis.  He was bled by the medicine man, which helped to relieve his pain.  The medicine man would get a piece of glass, and cut the back of Abel's neck to allow the bleeding, and this relieved the pain.

Abel was about 8 years old when the Little People came.  He was "charmed away" as he called it.  He heard a chicken one day, with continued peeps, and he followed the sound.  The sound continued, so he continued following, and he got further and further from home.  His mother seen him leaving, and knew what was about to happen.  But she called to Abel anyway, but he did not answer or respond in any way.  She said it was like he was in a trance.  Abel was gone for about a week, before coming home.  When he did return home, he was very unclean.  He said the Little People made him eat lizards, snakes, and bugs.  He then had the gift of prophecy or foresight, which he proved many times over the years.  He continually knew when something was going to happen before it ever did, including the time his daughter Ruby was struck with appendicitis and rushed to the hospital.  He awoke in the middle of the night and told his wife, Selina, that something was wrong with Ruby.  He dressed, and was preparing to leave, when the sheriff knocked on his door to inform him that the hospital had called and that Ruby had appendicitis and was not expected to make it.  His gift of foresight was very strong.  According to his daughters, there were many instances over the years in which Abel proved this gift of prophecy.  His daughter, Julia, said that the episodes with the Little People and the gift of prophecy was very common in those days.

Abel's first wife is rumored to have been Lela Gilbert, though there is no proof of this.

Jeannie GILBERT died before 9 Nov 1922. She married Abel B. BROWN.

Full blood Chickasaw

They had the following children:

  F i Malsie BROWN
  F ii Leona BROWN
  M iii Leon BROWN died in Shortly After Birth.

Leon was a twin to Leona; he died shortly after birth
  F iv Ruby BROWN died before 2002.

Emil FARVE [Parents]

Leona BROWN [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Emil J. FARVE Jr.
  F ii Rubye Jean FARVE
  M iii Kern Wayne FARVE
  M iv Arthur Ray FARVE
  F v Deborah Kay FARVE
  M vi James Warren FARVE


Ruby BROWN [Parents] [image] died before 2002. She married SMITH.

Other marriages:

Went to Carter Seminary, a boarding school in Oklahoma

They had the following children:

  M i Tommie SMITH
  F ii Lucy SMITH

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