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Larssen Family Genealogy

William KISSINGER married Mary.

Mary married William KISSINGER.

They had the following children:


Charlen Frank WITTEN [Parents] was born 1865. He died 1941. Charlen married Louranie.

Louranie married Charlen Frank WITTEN.

Simeon H. WITTEN [Parents] was born 13 Apr 1867. He married Rhoda E..

Rhoda E. married Simeon H. WITTEN.

John Lewis WITTEN [Parents] married Martha PARIS.

Martha PARIS married John Lewis WITTEN.

They had the following children:

  M i Hiram E. WITTEN was born 1867.

Simeon MEREDITH married Isabelle WITTEN.

Isabelle WITTEN [Parents] was born 8 Oct 1828. She died 12 Feb 1896. Isabelle married Simeon MEREDITH.

They had the following children:

  M i Isaac W. MEREDITH was born 1851.
  F ii Nancy E. MEREDITH was born 1855.
  M iii Martin M. MEREDITH was born 1860.
  F iv Sarah B. MEREDITH was born 12 Oct 1876. She died 5 Oct 1879.

William K. PUCKETT [Parents] was born 28 Mar 1874 in KY.

He had the following children:

  M i Earl PUCKETT
  F ii Bertha PUCKETT
  M iii Sim PUCKETT
  F iv Minnie PUCKETT

Burney PUCKETT [Parents] [image] was born 6 Aug 1886 in Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., KS. He died 10 Feb 1957. Burney married Mary DILLARD.


Sean Keith KELLY

Donna Rae BRADLEY [Parents]


Kathryn K. BRADLEY [Parents]

Charles Erwin SCOTT was born 1898. He died 1986. Charles married Mabel Ellen WHEARTY.

Mabel Ellen WHEARTY was born 1900. She died 1954. Mabel married Charles Erwin SCOTT.

They had the following children:

  F i Marian Elizabeth SCOTT

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