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This page has been set up for the purpose of placing Larter related items - such as research queries, information exchange, society news, member interests etc. Non-members, as well as members can post items to the society for placement on the notice board.


Items received will be placed on the board as soon as possible.

........................................ ... ..................LFHS MESSAGE - 22nd Jan 2001............................................................
For our society to succeed as being the centre for Larter information, more contributions of Larter trees and related data is still required. It can't be stressed too much as to how important this is. Without it, our ability to help family historians will be limited. However, having said that, a number of researchers in the USA and Canada have been very generous with their information. Thank you America. Thank you Canada. The UK too have also been supportive. Our weakest area at the moment is Australia and New Zealand. We do have information from these countries, but not enough to be helpful to other researchers.


LFHS MESSAGE - 23rd Jan 2001

John Larter and Charlotte Maud Clow - There are a number of people searching for the birth place, date and parents of John Larter who emigrated to Canada around the mid 1800s. He married Charlotte Maud Clow in Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 1834. It was felt that John was born/baptised in Stratford St Andrews, Suffolk, England; but research carried out in the baptism register for the years 1803 to 1830 by the society has shown this is not the case. There were no Johns for that period. This leaves one of four possibilities -
  • He was born in Stratford but not baptised at all.
  • He was born in Stratford but baptised in another parish.
  • He was both 'born and baptised' in another parish.
  • He was baptised in a non-denominational church.

If he was baptised elsewhere, I am sure the society will come across him during one of the name extraction sessions. It could be soon, or it may be many months. In the meantime however, if any family historian reading this message have information of John Larter, please do contact the society. There are a number of people eager to trace his English ancestry. Even the smallest piece of information may be the clue needed to find his UK residence.



SOCIETY MESSAGE - 2nd March 2001

If you have CDs containing genealogical information, microfiche, transcripts and other booklets of a genealogical nature that are no longer of use to you, the LFHS would welcome contributions of such items. Contact us for our postal address.



John Kilroy of England is looking for information of the birth of William Larter about 1810 in Colchester, and married about 1830 - he worked as a tailor. He had a son, James Larter, born about 1830 who married Rhoda Coles in Marylebone, London in 1853. His descendants emigrated to Australia in the early 1900s. Please respond to or


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