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Welcome to our tree of Judds. We're always happy to meet new cousins and friends.

Our family descends from Deacon Thomas Judd of England and New England; and descends on down to James Ordell Judd of Michigan and Beaver, Oklahoma, and his descendants.

This is a work in progress and always will be. The tree is forever growing and spreading its branches.

If you descend from a Judd, then we're probably related. There is another Judd line that I'm sure is connected, but I don't know how just yet. That line would be the descendants of Rowland Judd of England.

If you would like to just say hi, get some more family info, or perhaps share some of your family info, send us an email. Comments, corrections and new information are always welcome and appreciated.

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Note: While I don't mind helping other Judd researchers when I can, or have the info, please do not bother to ask me for help or info if you can't take the time to thank me. I am not a paid researcher, all my Judd work and research is voluntary.

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