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Walter McCorkle

Washington County, Iowa

A broken link prevents us from providing a definitive family tree for the ancestors of my great great grandfather Walter McCorkle although we are fairly certain that he is a descendant of John McCorkle (7500) and Elizabeth Ruth and the family found in Putnam County, Indiana. Reference numbers to the family groups on the right pertain to From Viking Glory by Louis W. McCorkle since most McCorkle researchers are familiar with this comprehensive work and frequently quote from it. Unfortunately, Walter was not included and that is my current quest.

Walter McCorkle died when he was only 31 years old so he naturally would not be included in a will of his father or mother.

Significant is the name of his eldest son Joseph Hillis McCorkle. There was a typographical error in the "FROM VIKING GLORY" The McCorkle Family by Louis W. McCorkle. John McCorkle and Elizabeth Ruth's daughter Elizabeth Ruth McCorkle married September 9, 1796 to William Hallis (sic) who was born November 12, 1774 and died June 18, 1860. A review of the marriage records and that of the Hillis Family show the name to be "HILLIS"

In another branch of my family the names Gooding, Jarrard, Perkins, Scot and Bell appear. The Gooding connection arises in St. Clair County, Illinois where Andrew McCorkle who married Mary Frances Gooding was in 1820. However, Andrew McCorkle in the book has a son Joseph Lemon McCorkle b. May 7, 1821 which precludes his having a son born in April of 1821. Can this son be verified???

In Putnam County, Indiana 1830 census we find William McCorkle and Joseph Hillis as neighbors on Page 180. Logically, the next choice for Walter's father would be William who married Jane Gooding as my Walter's father. Seven children are listed for William with the last one unnamed. William died in 1823 when Walter was only 2 yrs. old.

I am fairly certain that this is Walter's family but I can not prove the connection. A William McCorkle did settle in Linn Co., Iowa which is near Washington County, Iowa but I have been unable to connect them thus far.

Documented Facts:

  1. Born: April 4, 1821
  2. Died: November 16, 1852, age 31 yrs. 7 mo. 12 das. Rumble Cemetery gravestones.
  3. Marriage license: Walter McCorkle and Catherine Perkins - April 25, 1843, Hendricks County, Indiana
  4. Catherine Perkins born January 03, 1825 in New Castle, Henry Co., Kentucky.
  5. Joseph Hillis McCorkle born
  6. 1852 Washington County, Iowa census indicates that Walter and his parents were both native born and not of foreign birth.


Family Groups

1. John McCorkle (7500) of Augusta County, Virginia

2. Descendants of Walter McCorkle

3. Samuel McCorkle (4000) of Augusta County, Virginia

4. The Hillis Family

5. The Jarrard Family

6. The Gooding Family

7. William McCorkle of Columbia, Marion Co., Iowa

8. Zip file for Joseph Hillis McCorkle.

9. Descendants of William Zachariah Hillis