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The Cannon family are related to the Carraway/Clayton families twice: John (III) Carraway married Elizabeth Cannon in Princess Anne, and Eunice Clayton married James Cannon in Craven. The exact relationship between these two Cannons has not been established.

In 1646 Edward Cannon and his wife, Ann came to Virgina with 6 others transported by Edward Hall for 400 acres in Lower New Norfolk, the sw side of Bennets Cr.

In 1652 Edward Cannon and Thomas Allen patented 520a Lower Norfolk in Linnhaven parish on a branch of Mr. Woodhouse's Dam.

In 1654 Edward Cannon was one of signers of a petition to the Lower Norfolk Co. Court for a minister for the area.

In 1684/5 Thomas Cannon was listed in Lower Norfolk Libraries with 2 bibles and 1 other book.

In 1684 the will of Elizabeth Cannon was proved. She was exor of her late husband, Thomas Cannon. She named sons Edward, Thomas and John and daughter Sarah. Among the exors was brother-in-law Edward Cannon.

About 1695 John Carraway 3 (ca 1675-1719) married Elizabeth Cannon. She was the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Martin Cannon.

In 1698 Edward and Thomas Cannon witnessed the will of Capt. Thomas Russell.

In 1699 Thomas Cannon wrote his will naming brother John and cousin Edward Carraway.

In 1700 Mary Cannon deeded property to son John and daughter Elizabeth.
Witnesses were Mark Powell and John Carroway, Jr. (John III)

In 1710 Edward Cannon witnessed a conveyance from Joel Cornick to John Cornick.

In 1716 John Carroway Sr. and wife Ann made a deed of gift of 100 acres each to sons Thomas, William and James at Bowin's River in Princess Anne Co. VA, dated - 31 July 1716
wit Richard Corbet, Mary Canon. This Mary Cannon was perhaps the mother-in-law of John Carraway III.

In 1723 Edward Cannon deeded to son Edward 115a.
Wit John Cornick, William Vese

In 1733 John Cannon wrote his will, naming wife Amy (exor) and sons Thomas, John, and Edward and daughters Mary, Elizabeth and Amy.
Witnesses were George and Richard Simmons and James Spratt.

In 1734 Edward Cannon wrote his will naming wife Elizabeth and son John.

In 1735 Amy Conner(?) deeded gifts to her children Thomas, Edward, Elizabeth and Amy Cannon.

In 1748 Dennis Cannon for 5 shillings sold to John Capps the 200a which Edward Cannon, Sr. gave to his two sons, Edward and Dennis. (This conveyance may reflect the movement of the Cannons to NC.)

In 1775 Edward Cannon and others petitioned the court for "establishment of a town at Kempes Landing at the Head of the Eastern Branch". James Kempe was a member of the court.

In 1776 Edward Cannon and William Nimmo were appointed Collectors of the Parish Levy in Princess Anne.

In Craven County

In 1733 Sarah Cannon wrote her will (found in Beaufort Co. Will Book) naming children - Margaret, Edward, Dennis, Sarah, Henry, Jessee, Mary, Olef, John, David, Ruth, and William. The exor was son David.

The 1769 Craven Co. Tax List included Edward, Elizabeth, and Henry Cannon.

The 1780 Craven Co. Tax List included Henry Cannon, Sr.

Soon after 1795 James Cannon married Eunice Clayton. She was the daughter of James Clayton by his last wife, Mary Edwards. James and Eunice Cannon went to Georgia with other members of the Clayton family.

In 1803 the inventory of Nathaniel Carraway, Jr. included the debts of James Cannon and his wife's grand nephew, James Clayton.

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