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The Delamar Family

Connections with Clayton and Carraway

In the late 18th century two children of James Clayton of Craven Co, N.C. (d. 1783): Tomson and Thomas, married two children of Francis Delamar: Demson and Sarah.

Churchill Delamar, the grandson of Sarah Carraway Delamar married Polly Clayton, the daughter of another, younger Sarah Carraway. The older Sarah was the daughter of William Carraway, while Sarah Clayton was the daughter of Nathaniel Carraway and the wife of Rev. James Clayton, grandson of the original Craven County James Clayton. (Churchill Delamar was the son of another Francis Delamar.)

It gets confusing! This file attempts to describe (briefly) the early antecedents of these Delamars and to elucidate their relationships with the Carraways and the Claytons.

Early Generations of the Delamar Family

Generation One

Francis (1665-1713) and Isaac De La Maire, immigrated ca 1690 to Pasquotank Co. NC. They were said to be from Boucre, Calais, France.

In 1694 Francis was appointed administrator of David Travis, having married Mrs. Daniel (Susannah) Travis that year. (Travis may have been from Mass, and Miss Marybelle Carraway, a noted Carraway researcher, thought that the Delamar's port of entry was also in Mass.)
Francis and Susannah Delamar had one son, Francis II.

In 1703 Francis Delamar I md2 Ann Mayo Pope.
3 children: Stephen, Isaac, and Anne
Presumably Stephen and Isaac, sons of Francis Delamar I, had no issue.

In 1703 Francis Delamar was a member of the General Court.
In 1711 Francis Delamar was an assemblyman. The same year, with other wardens and vestryman of the Parish, he sent a letter of appreciation of the Rev. Mr. Adams.

Generation Two

Francis Delamar II (ca 1695) was in Bath Co. before 1721. (See Pasquotank Deed Book A, p. 265). In 1722 he witnessed the will of Sarah Jones, and in 1737 he was one of the executors of the will of John Martin. In his will Martin mentioned land on the south side of Bare River (Is this Bay River?) "near the fork adjacent Francis Delamar's land". Martin also had land at the mouth of the Lower Broad Creek on the north shore of the Neuse where Francis Delamar II's sons lived.

Francis Delamar II married Susannah some time before 1741, the year he died. They had two sons, Francis III and Thomas. In his will Francis left his dwelling house and plantation to son Francis and and to son Thomas his plantation on the south side of Broad Creek, which he had bought from John Forbush.

1. Francis III married 1) Miriam Barclift and 2) Harty Nelson.

2. Thomas Delamar, son of Francis II, (1725-87) was said to be born on the Lower Broad Creek in what became Pamlico Co. About 1750 he married 1st Sarah Carraway, the daughter of William and Ann Moore Carraway.

Thomas Delamar married 2nd Ann.

Generation Three

(Only the two sons of Francis Delamar II are included here.)

In 1745 Francis III and Thomas Delamar were listed in the militia district of Capt. Shine in Craven Co. Francis Delamar III was a captain in the Revolution.

The children of Francis Delamar III were:
1. Thomas (1762-1819) died in Monroe Co. Ga. He married 1) Eliz Hall in 1789 and 2) Fanny Avery in 1804.
2. Nelson Delamar married Elizabeth Huckleton.
3. Marian Delamar was a maiden lady.
4. Demson Delamar married Tomson Clayton in 1782 (daughter of James Clayton, Sr.)
5. Sarah Delamar (1765-1818) married Thomas Clayton (son of James Clayton, Sr.) in 1784.
6. Susannah married Cason Fulsher in 1786.
7. Joseph married Mary Hall in 1816.
8. Elizabeth
9. Nancy (a Nancy married William Sparrow no date)
10. Francis V

Thomas Delamar (1725-87), the younger son of Francis Delamar II wrote his will in 1784. Witnesses were Francis Delamar (probably his son) and Joseph Carraway, a kinsman of Thomas's first wife. Carraway proved the will in 1787. The will named sons Francis, Smith, John, and Steven and daughters Rhesa, Sarah, Anne and Mary. Executors were his wife, son Francis and son-in-law Thomas Sparrow.

The children of Thomas Delamar were:
Francis (IV) (1759?-1822)) married Elizabeth Delamar Bryan Dawson in 1782. Francis and Elizabeth were distant cousins, both descended from Francis Delamar I.
He married 2nd Elizabeth "Betsy" Brooks Morris, daughter of Joseph Brooks.
(Betsy Brooks had married John Morris in 1800, but by 1803 she was the wife of Francis Delamar.)
Francis Delamar IV was said to be a private in the Revolutionary Army.

Rhesa (1757-1803?) married Thomas Sparrow.
Sarah married Col. Joseph Nelson in 1792.
Smith married Sally Shine in 1800
John married Susannah Ives
Ann (married John Thomas? in 1789 or was it Thomas' widow who married John Thomas?).
Stephen married Mary Carney, a widow, in 1805.

Generation Four

Francis Delamar, son of Thomas and Sarah Carraway Delamar had children: He married his 1st wife, Elizabeth Dawson in 1782. Their children were:
1. Christopher married (1) Ann York in 1806 bondsman: Joseph Clayton. (Could this be James Clayton?)
He married (2) Nancy Cratch in 1818.

2. Churchill (1786) married Polly Clayton (daughter of Rev. James Clayton) in 1811.
3. Selden Jasper married Elizabeth Cratch in 1816.
4. Patsy married Spencer Pittman in 1805.
5. Mary married Henry Ives in 1807.
6. Thomas (1794-1863) married Hannah Longues in 1819.

Francis Delamar IV married his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Brooks Morris, in 1806. Their children were
7. Hawkins, b ca 1813
8. John A. b. ca 1815

Francis Delamar IV, son of Thomas Delamar, moved to Pulaski Co. GA, where he died in 1825. Administrators Selden and Thomas, his sons, gave bond for $6000. His wife, Elizabeth (Betsey) Brooks Morris Delamar, thereupon returned to Craven Co. with the younger children, John A. and Hawkins Delamar. In 1825 she paid James Carruthers $50 for bringing John A.'s negroes from GA and later Hawkins' negroes were also transported back from GA.

In 1821 Francis Delamar married Mary Wood in Pulaski Co. GA.

(For the following section I'm indebted to Cousin Margaret Clayton Russell, descendant of Sarah Delamar and Thomas Clayton):

In 1804 Sarah Delamar, daughter of Francis and Miriam Barclift Delamar went with her husband, Thomas Clayton and family to Hancock Co. GA. accompanied by several other families. Among them was James Easter, John Burney and James Cannon (Cf Margaret Clayton Russell, James Clayton of NC etal, 1993 Columbus, GA p. 38). In 1816 Thomas with part of his family moved to Pulaski Co. GA. where he died four years later. Some of his children moved to Chambers Co. AL and eventually founded the town of Clayton, AL.

(The other Sarah Delamar, daughter of Thomas Delamar, as has already been mentioned, married Col. Joseph Nelson in 1792.)

The children of Sarah Delamar Clayton and Thomas Clayton were:
Meriam Barclif (1787-1805) unmarried
James (1788) remained in Hancock County.
Thomas (1790) remained in Hancock County.
Nelson (1796) father of Gen Henry Delamar Clayton of Alabama
William (1799)
Delamar (1802)
Sarah (1804)
Easter (1807) their youngest son and last child.

Details on these Delamar-Claytons and their descendants may be found in Cousin Margaret's book.

Generation Five

Children of Churchill Delamar and Polly Clayton:

1. Elizabeth Dawson "Betsey" DELAMAR, born 8 March, 1812 in Craven County, North Carolina; married Joseph Lawrence "Joe" KEY on 1 December, 1831 in Butts County, Georgia; died 22 March, 1903 in Holly Springs, Dallas County, Arkansas; buried in the Old Holly Springs Cemetery, behind the Methodist Church Building.

2. Sally DELAMAR, born 22 January, 1814 in Craven County, North Carolina. She married Matthew Gaston in 1831.

3. Joanna DELAMAR, born 24 November, 1815 in North Carolina; married Zachariah Watt on November 19, 1835 in Butts County, Georgia.

4. Frances B. DELAMAR, born 26 May, 1819 in Person County, North Carolina.

5. Amanda DELAMAR, born 13 September, 1820 in Person County, North Carolina; Married William H. HEAD on March 13, 1840 in Butts County, Georgia; Died 1863 in Dallas County, Arkansas, buried in the Old Holly Springs Cemetery, behind the Methodist Church Building, in Holly Springs, Dallas County, Arkansas.

6. James Clayton DELAMAR, born 23 September, 1822 in Person County, North Carolina; married Catharine SMITH on 3 January, 1843 in Butts County, Georgia; died 25 November 1884 in Dallas County, Arkansas; buried in the Delamar Cemetery, Manning, Dallas County, Arkansas. The tombstone of Catharine DELAMAR, is also in the Delamar Cemetery in Manning and reads as follows: Catharine wife of James C. Delamar, died June 6, 1876 aged 51 years 3 months.

7. Henrietta A. DELAMAR, born 3 November 1824 in Person County, North Carolina. She married William H. Head some time after the death of her sister, Amanda in 1863. (Amanda was his first wife.)

8. Mariam C. DELAMAR, born 26 August, 1828 in Georgia. She married William Venable in 1843

9. Henry Smith DELAMAR, born 8 August, 1830 in Georgia. He married Margaret W. Hooten.

10. William Wallace DELAMAR, born 22 January, 1835 in Georgia; died April 1863 in Georgia. Butts County, Georgia probate record shows that he died intestate.
(1860 Butts Co. census: Wm W. Delmar had 10 slaves -McMichael p. 37)

11. Araminta DELAMAR born 1845; said to have died of measles, probably as a child.

Generation Six

The Children of Joseph L. and Elizabeth D. (Delamar) Key:
(Courtesy of Diane Christmas, descendant of John Alex S. KEY)

1. Sarah J. "Sallie" KEY, born 16 Sep, 1832 in Georgia; Married John CAIN (spelled CANE in actual marriage record) 4 Oct, 1849 in Butts County, Georgia; died 24 Oct, 1858, Dallas County, Arkansas and buried in the Old Holly Springs Cemetery, Dallas County, AR, near her grandparents, Thomas and Sarah (Jones) KEY. One source gives the J. as standing for Jane, another says it stands for Jones. I think it probably stands for Jones, given that Betsey gave her second daughter her own mother's maiden name, and that her mother-in-law's maiden name was Sarah Jones.
2. Mary Clayton KEY, born 29 August, 1833 in Georgia, married James PATTERSON on 3 Oct, 1852 in Dallas County, Arkansas; died 23 Oct, 1917 in Manchester Township, Dallas County, Arkansas and buried in Rock Springs Cemetery, North of Sparkman, in Dallas County, Arkansas.

3. William Presley KEY, born 27 Jul, 1834 in Georgia; married Maria (or Mariah) N. EVANS on 31 May, 1857; died 7 Feb, 1913, Dallas County, Arkansas; buried in Old Holly Springs Cemetery, Dallas Co., AR. Went by the name Presley.

4. Rocelana KEY, born 4 Mar, 1836 in Georgia; died 27 Jan, 1851.

5. James C. KEY, born 10 Dec, 1837 in Georgia; died 26 Aug, 1847 in Georgia.

6. Henry T. KEY, born 18 Jul, 1840 in Georgia; died 23 Sep, 1862; buried in Confederate Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

7. Joseph C. Webb KEY, born 6 Feb, 1845 in Georgia; married 1st, Emily C. WILLIAMS 23 Jan, 1866 in Dallas County, Arkansas, married 2nd, Frances JONES; died 23 Jan, 1868 in Holly Springs, Dallas County, Arkansas and is buried in the Old Holly Springs Cemetery, Dallas County, Arkansas. He has no tombstone. I am quite certain that the C. in his name stood for Churchill, because as a child, he was called "Churchey". He went by the name Webb, as an adult.

8. Frances Betty "Fannie" KEY, born 29 Mar, 1846 in Georgia; married Rufus W. WILLIAMS, 25 Jan, 1866; died 27 Jul, 1881 in Dallas County, Arkansas; buried in the Old Holly Springs Cemetery, Dallas County, AR.

9. Richard Asberry Luther KEY, born 30 Jul, 1848 in Georgia; married Sarah "Sally" OWENS, 30 Dec, 1871; died 30 May, 1903, in Holly Springs, Dallas County, Arkansas; buried in the Old Holly Springs Cemetery, Dallas County, Arkansas. Went by the name Asberry.

10. John Alex S. KEY, born 28 Mar, 1850 in Georgia; married Mary Delila BELL; died 29 Aug, 1911 in Carroll Township, Ouachita County, Arkansas; buried in the Old Holly Springs Cemetery, Dallas County, Arkansas. Went by the name John.

11. Tandy Watts Smith Walter KEY, born 7 Aug, 1851 in Arkansas; married 1st, Frances A. "Fannie" OVERMAN, 16 Mar, 1873 in Dallas County, Arkansas, married 2nd, Cornelia I. PATTERSON, 31 Dec, 1891 (possibly in Hunt Co., TX); died 9 Jan, 1943 in Hopkins County, Texas; buried in the Arbala Cemetery, Hopkins County, TX. Went by the name Smith.

12. Marrium Amanda Adline "Addie" KEY, born 25 Mar, 1853 in Dallas County, Arkansas; married 1st, W. F. GASTON, married 2nd, Rufus W. WILLIAMS, her widowed brother-in-law, on 18 Jan, 1882 in Dallas County, Arkansas; died 17 Jul, 1909, Dallas County, Arkansas; buried in the Old Holly Springs Cemetery, Dallas County, Arkansas.

13. Nancy Joanna Elizabeth Dawson KEY, born 24 Jun, 1855 in Dallas County, Arkansas; married Francis Marion "Frank" CROWNOVER, 18 Dec, 1873 in Dallas County, Arkansas; died 20 Aug, 1915 in Holly Springs, Dallas County, Arkansas; buried in the Old Holly Springs Cemetery, Dallas County, Arkansas. Went by the name Joanna.
(Frank and Joanna Crownover were the grandparents of Margie Owen Hanna, dear friend and cousin of the writer.)

14. Demaris A. W. KEY, born 4 Oct, 1856, Dallas County, Arkansas. Died in Infancy.


The 1850 census of Craven Co. shows the family of Hawkins Delamar (page 155, House 1387)
Hawkins Delamar b. 1813 in NC
Elizabeth Delamar b. 1816 in NC
David b. 1839 in NC
John b. 1840 in NC
Elizabeth b. 1843 in NC
Caroline b. 1845 in NC
Paul b. 1847 om NC

Here are some Delamar marriages:

no date Nancy to William SPARROW,
1786 Susanna to Cason FULSHER,
1789 Ann to John THOMAS,
1792 Sarah [Delamar] to [Col] Joseph NELSON,
1794 Deborah to Joseph BURNEY,
1805 Patsy to Spencer PITTMAN, Bondsman: James Clayton
1806 Sidney to Thomas COOK,
1807 Deborah to John SHINE,
1807 Hartey to William BRAGG,
1807 Mary to Henry IVES,
1812 Betsy to William GARDNER,
1812 Elizabeth to John PARRIS,
1821 Gatsey to Louick HARRIS,
1831 Julia Ann to Richard Harvey MCCOTTER,
1836 Elizabeth to William FULFORD
1840 Caroline to David BRINSON,
1845 Susannah to Abijah TINGLE, Bondsman Jacob McCotter
1851 Jane to Riley SCOTT
1853 Fanny to Kennedy SQUIRES,
1865 Caroline to McCotter Thomas
1865 Sallie A. to Joseph S. FOWLER

Delamar Grooms: Christopher D. DELAMAR to Ann YORK, 06 Feb 1806
Christopher D. DELAMAR to Nancy CRATCH, 16 Aug 1818
Christopher F. DELAMAR to Susan J. GIBBLE, 18 Feb 1847
Francis Delamar (son of Thomas) to Elizabeth Dawson, 5 Dec. 1782
Francis DELAMAR to Hasty NELSON, 19 Jan 1788 (2nd marriage of Francis D, son of Francis)
Francis DELAMAR to Deborous SPARROW, 12 Jun 1787
John DELAMAR to Susannah IVES, 11 Jun 1839
Joseph DELAMAR to Betsey CARRWAY, 21 Apr 1836
Joseph DELAMAR to Mary HALL, 11 Mar 1816
Nelson DELAMAR to Elizabeth HUCKLETON, 24 Nov 1798
Seldon J. DELAMAR to Elizabeth CRATCH, 01 July 1816
Stephen DELAMAR to Agness Rebecca HODGES, 11 Dec 1849
Stephen DELAMAR to Mary CARNEY, 29 Jun 1805; Bondsman: Thomas Sparrow
Thomas DELAMAR to Tanny EVERY, 30 Jan 1804
Thomas DELAMAR to Elizabeth HALL, 16 Feb 1789
William S. DELAMAR to Ann B. PERKINS, 14 Feb 1837
Nelson DELAMAR to Lydia CARRUTHERS, 19 Jan 1832
Also listed was Demson Delamar to Tomson Clayton, 07 May 1782--Witness: Francis Dawson.

In 1819 in Richmond Co. GA Thomas Delamar married Hannah Longues.

Will of John Martin of Bath Co.

In 1722 Francis Delamar and John Martin were witnesses of the will of widow Sarah Jones of Bath. (She was on the Hyde Co. tax list in 1715.) This will appears to be in the Hyde Co. will book.)

In 1737 Francis Delamar was one of the executors of the will of John Martin. Martin lived at the mouth of Lower Broad Creek where Delamar appears to have settled in 1734. He was married to Rosolanah Carruthers, and her brother, John Carruthers was also one of the executors. It appears that Martin, Delamar, and Carruthers all lived in Hyde County before coming to Craven.

item wife Rosolanah Martin all my estate during her life, then to my 2 sons John and Joseph Martin such of my lands as follows:
item son John my now dwelling plantation with my lower plantation at the mouth of Broad Cr.
item son Joseph all my plantation on ss Bare River near the fork adj Francis Delamars land
item dawter Eliz Martin 1/2 my land on ns Bear River adj James Hewmeser? land
item My child now carried in bowells of wife the other half , the upper end of sd tract on ns Bear River it being 640a to be divided betwixt sd child and dawter Eliz.
rest to be equally divided among heirs.
exrs: wife Rosolanah Martin and her brother John Carruthers and Francis Delamar and Robert Spring.
wit: William Carruthers, Job Ives, Eliz E Carruthers
Beaufort Precinct court 1737, proved by Job Ives and exhibited by Rosolanah Martin widow qualified.

Question: Was this the same Martin family that had intermarried with the Cannons in Princess Anne???

In 1747 the will of William Bryan of Craven Co. was proved in court. Witnesses of the will were Lazarus Pearce, James Carraway and William Carraway, Jr., the brother of Sarah Carraway, who was soon to marry Thomas Delamar. Francis, the son of Sarah and Thomas Delamar married Elizabeth Bryan Dawson.

Here are some Delamar deeds and patents and other court actions:
(By no means a complete list)

1734 John Forbes Merchant to Francis Delamar planter for #500, 150a, all my plantation n side of Neuse, southermost side of lower Broad cr beg at a point adj Dudley Gordings cr, up the cr to Peter Prices corner tree to Dudley Gordings line down the cr to the beg., which land was formerly to Willm Mitchell by a patent 6 dec 1720 and conveyed from man to man became property of Forbes wit: William Carruthers, Rees Price, John Carruthers, Joseph Pledger, Francis Pledger, Henry Easterling.

1735 Francis Delamar to John Ives planter for #15, 50a ss of lower Broad beg at the point on the upper side of the small cr tht joyns above Francis Delamars plantation so up Broad Cr to Samuel Harvey's corner tree thence alog Harvey's line to head of afsd small cr so down cr to broad cr the beg. being part of a patent granted of 150a 6 dec 1720 and by conveyance from man to man does not belong to Francis Delamar.

1763 Thomas Delamar 150 acres on both sides of the head of lower Broad Cr. swamp adj George Moore and the swamp.

In 1767 Thomas Delamar and Isaac Simmons witnessed two deeds of John Carruthers to James Clayton, one on the north side of lower Broad Creek near the Neuse and the other on the south side of the head of lower Broad Cr.

In 1768 Thomas Delamar deeded 100 acres to Thomas Simmons and 100 acres to James Clayton.

1769 Francis Delamar patented 640 acres in Craven Co. in the fork of Bay River adj Benjamin Williams, John Carruther--above Delamar's house.

In 1774 Thomas Delamar and Thomas Nelson were administrators of John Nelson and directed by the court to sell horses from the estate on the Banks.

1778 Thomas Delamar entered 200 acres adjacent his own land at the head of Broad Creek Swamp.

1801 Francis and Elizabeth Delamar (and her sister, Eunice and husband, Roger Jones) for #100 sell to Smith Delamar 2/3 of a certain 100 acre tract on the east side of Dawson's Creek, property left by Francis Dawson, Jr., dec'd. to his two sisters, Elizabeth and Eunice.
witnesses: Thomas W. York and Sally Barns

1802 Francis Delamar and John Thomas (brother-in-law of Francis) for #600 sell to (Rev) James Clayton 475 acres on the south side of Lower Broad Creek, beg. Eliz. Craft's line to the patent line, with all houses, etc.
witnesses William Clayton (James' father)
Christopher Delamar (Francis' son)

1808 Francis Delamar and Betsy his wife to Elijah Pittman: 75 acres on the east side of Browns Creek, being the land Joseph Brooks gave to the said Betsey in his last will.
Witnesses were Joshua Carraway and Seldon J. Delamar.

1814 Churchill Delamar to Christopher Delamar (sons of Francis Delamar) land on the north shore of the Neuse below Orchard Creek, being my right to the land that came by my mother Elizabeth (Dawson) Delamar
witnesses: Lewis Ives and Francis Delamar
(Churchill about this time moved to Person Co. NC for some ten years with his father in law, James Clayton, and in the 1820's followed Rev. James to Butts Co. GA.)

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