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The Lovejoy Family

The Mobley and Lovejoy families were associated from earliest times. According to William Woodward Dixon in his book, The Mobleys and their Connections (1901) all the southern clan of Mobleys stemmed from the shipboard marriage of William Moberly, 18 to Phoebe Lovejoy, said to be the Quaker governess of the Penn family. This would make all the Moberleys/Mobleys Lovejoys as well. In addition there was at least one marriage in South Carolina.

William the immigrant's son, Edward, lived for a while on the Otter River in Bedford Co, Va., but moved to Fairfield County, SC by 1760. He had six sons. His son, William, married Anne Osborne. Their daughter, Jemima Mobley, married Edward Lovejoy, who had also emigrated to Fairfield County, S.C.

Some researchers claim that Edward Lovejoy never got beyond S.C., but his estate in 1807 included property in Jackson Co., Ga. Administration fell to his wife Jemima, son William, and Jethro Mobley. (I believe that Jethro married his daughter Hester (Esther), and they are my ancestors.)

Primary sources for this are:

1.The Lovejoy Genealogy by Clarence Earle Lovejoy Lovejoy (1460-1930), especially recording the American descendants and English ancestry of John Lovejoy (1622-90) of Andover, Mass and of Joseph Lovejoy (1684-1748) of Prince George Co. Md.

2. the GA genealogy records, especially Jackson Co Court records:


1. Joseph Lovejoy born 1684 in England
settled in Prince Georges Co. Maryland
1705 m. Ann Lyon?
1743 wrote will, which was witnessed by Edward and Francis Mobley.
1748 died.

2. John Lovejoy (1708-60), lived in Prince Georges Co., Md. second son of Joseph above. m Margaret Miles

3. Edward Lovejoy b 1738 in Prince Georges. 2nd son of John. 1763 or later, moved to Fairfield, S.C. and m Jemima Mobley. served in Rev. (Cf Ruth L Harwell, qualified DAR on him) He had six sons and 4 daughters: John, Wm, Eleazar (1781-1842) Edward, Samuel, Simeon (1802)/ Hester (Esther), Eliz, Precious, Susan. Another account gives him two older sons: Zachariah and James. (Samuel, Simeon and Esther lived in Butts County.)

In 1790 census he is in Fairfield Co. SC with probably 9 children.
1807 Edward Lovejoy Died in Jackson County.
Will admin by Jemima, Wm, and Jethro Mobley. (This suggests that the oldest son, John, may have passed off the scene, but second son Wm, and oldest Daughter, Hester, were part of the extended family there in Jackson. (Cf Jackson Ordinary Court Minutes, May 4, 1807, quoted on page 194 of Jeannette Holland Austin's, Georgia Intestate Records, 1986) This datum establishes to my satisfaction that Jethro had married Edward's daughter Hester/Esther.

4. Esther Lovejoy m Jethro Mobley (hope I can find record of this marriage) (estimated date of marriage about 1790) She gave him 8 children:
1. Eliazer (he came to Butts Co with his father and became a member of the court.)
2. Ruthie m a Barnes
3. Malinda m Jeremiah Freenam in 1825 in Jasper Co.
4. Tabitha m James V. Hogg in Butts Co.
5. Matilda m a Billings
6. Elsie m. Lawrence Gahagen (These of course are my great, great grandparents)
7 Eldridge m. Elizabeth Finney. He was a large land and slave owner.
8. Warren Lovejoy m Mary P. Robinson in 1837 in Butts Co.

5. Elsie, the 6th child of Jethro and Esther Lovejoy Mobley, m Lawrence Gahagen, a judge, in Butts Co. in 1828. (Cf GaGen 1972 p 9) They had a daughter:
6. Daughter m. John McBride Clayton, father of:
7. John Elliot Clayton had two sons, Elliot and Robert Lawrence.
8. Robert Lawrence had 1 son R.L.Clayton, Jr.
9 R.L.Clayton, Jr. had three sons:
10. Paul, Mark, and Robert. (my sons are the 10th generation)

So much for the Lovejoy descent. Many of the family remained in Prince Georges County.

There were a number of Lovejoys in Butts County:
Wilson & Lovejoy in Feb. 15, 1827 for $100 bought a lot of 202 1/2 , Lot #79 of Butts, formerly the 4th District of Monroe, from Samuel Kight. (GaGen 1971 p 9)(McMichael said they were 1st real estate firm in Butts.)
Louisa N Lovejoy m George W. Barber Jan 28, 1827. (GaGen, 1971 p 15)
Samuel Lovejoy took part in a sheriff's sale in Butts July 18,1826.
Simeon Lovejoy in Butts Nov 3, 1827 (Cf Deed Book A, page 425)

There is no mention of Phoebe in the southern part of the Lovejoy Genealogy but many Phebes in the Mass branch. The only mention of Mobley in the Lovejoy genealogy is the two witnesses to Joseph Lovejoy's will, Edward and Francis Mobberly.

1799 Edw Lovejoy, grand juror in Fairfield (Edw Mobley petit juror) CF Holcombe, Fairfield Minutes. p 164.

1807 Feb. 9 Jackson County ordinary Court Jemima and Wm Lovejoy and Jethro Mobley citation to obtain admin on the estate of Edw. Lovejoy. (Ga microfilm Drawer 35 Box 36)

1808 GaGenSoc1970 p 236 quoting Jasper Co. Deed Book 1 page 259: Deed dated Feb. 24, 1808 bet. John tillish of Effingham Co. to Jetha Mobley of Randolph Co for $1000, 202 1/2 acres in the 16th District of Baldwin Co.\, land lot #194. Signed:jamesTemple for John Tillish. wit: J.Kendall, Samuel Lovejoy, Abel Pennington. Rec. Feb. 27, 1809

1809 Edw Lovejoy m Rachel Spears, Apr 23, 1809; Edw. Lovejoy m Sarah Weatherby, Feb. 24, 1816 - both in Hist. of Jasper Co. Ga. p 331 LC 84-50966

1813 GaGen 1967 (p1589) quoting Ga Journal weekly of Milledgeville: JacksonCo: John Lovejoy, Admr. of Thomas Wards estate will sell on Nov6 next , the personal property of the estate at the administrator's house or home. Notice dated Sept. 9, 1813.

1813 Edward Lovejoy (Jr) m Sarah Weathersby Feb. 25 by Jos Smith in Jasper Co.

1814 GaGen 1967 (p.1596) quoting Ga Journal (Milledgeville): JacksonCo: William and Jemima Lovejoy, Admrs. of Edward Lovejoy estate, will sell at his late residence on Beach Island in said county, four slaves on Dec. 27 next. Adv. dated Oct.26, 1814.

1818 Jackson Co. Deed Book H p. 114. John Lovejoy to Wm Peuteesch?

1822 GaGenSoc1970 p 59 ****Second entry in Henry Co. Deed Book A. on unnumbered page at beginning of the book. Bill of sale made in Jackson Co. Ga by Austin Fulcher to Peter Z. Ward of Henry Co.; $250 a negro boy names Ephraim wit: Dillon Fulcher,J.P. and John Lovejoy.

1823 GaGenSoc1970 p 67 Nov 15, 1823 Deed made in Franklin Co. Ga. by James Mc- Donald of Franklin Co. to Edward Lovejoy of Jasper Co.; $200 Lot #6 of 2nd Dist. Henry Co. wit: Sam Johnson, John Johnson, J.P. (on page 91 ofDeed Book A)

1823 GaGen1970 p 19 quoting Butts DeedBook A P 57: Monroe Co.,Ga., Oct 29, 1823. Wm Carpenter & Wm Wilson & Sim Lovejoy $325. 4th Dist of Monroe, Lot 16, 101 1/4 acres. Wit John B. Lovejoy and R.L.Cargile.

1825 GaGen1970 p 19 quoting Butts deed book A p 57: Monroe Co.,Ga. Oct 15, 1825. Between Wm Lovejoy and Wm Willson and S Lovejoy, county of Monroe $600. Lot, 69 John B. Lovejoy and Ben A Brown.

1825 GaGen 1970 p 19 quoting Butts Co. Deed Book A p 59 Sept. 6, 1825, Jones Co., Ga. between Henry Griffith of Jones Co. and Wilson & Lovejoy of Monroe Co. $300. Lot 70, 4th District of Monroe. Wit. Thomas Coker and John B. Lovejoy.

1826 GaGenSoc 1970 p 19 quoting Butts Deed Book A page 58: Screven Co. Ga., March 3, 1826, Stephen Butler, - Wm. L. Wilson and Simeon Lovejoy Butts Co. Ga. $400, 4thDist. of orig. Monroe Co. now Butts. Lot 49. Wit. J. Andrew and James H. Wade, J.P.

1826 GaGenSoc 1970 p 23 Samuel Lovejoy wit in Mabry Henrick deed.

1842 GaGen 1962 p. 330, quoting Southern Christian Advocate: "Eleazar Lovejoy died at his residence in Jasper Co. Ga., Oct 29,1842, in his 62nd year. (SCA Nov25, 1842.

1796 Wm Mobley, John Lovejoy, Edward Mobley.....Micajah M, Thomas Mobley, and many other names as buyers of the decd estate of Wm Hill (Cf p 125 of Holcombe Some SC Records Vol 1.

Alphabetical Index (of S.C. archives): 3 entries for Edward Lovejoy: 1. plat 100a Craven 8/9/70 2. land grant 100a Craven 11/27/70 3. mem 100a on Beaver Creek Craven 1/4/71

4 entries Elizabeth Lovejoy: 3 re sale of 3 slves 1828/29/31 1 in court vs Lewis Mouzon -- judgment roll in 1835

Summarizing Lovejoy in S.C.: Earliest record seems to be 1770 He is found there on Beaver Creek (Fairfield Co.), next to Henry Fundeburg.

S9/3/11/474/3: Directed by John Bremar dated 5/1/70 unto Edward Lovejoy 100a n side of Broad River on Beaver Creek bounding on nw Henry Fundeburg's land, otherwise vacant. cert 8/?/70 Robert Ellison D.S.

SSummary of Edward Lovejoy:
b 1738 (much younger than Edward Mobley, Sr.)
1768 On Nov 2 Petitions for survey were presented by Edward Lovejoy for 100a on waters of Broad; also Richard Hill and Chas. Smith. (Cf Mary Bondurant Warren, Citizens and Immigrants in S.C. 1980 p 83) Wm Mobley had petitioned for 100 acres on 5 July 1768. (there was a Hill associated with Moberley from earliest times in Md.)
1770 May 1 certified land on Beaver Creek (aged 32)
by 1775 or so married Jemima Mobley, dau of Wm Mobley.
1781 birth of Eleazar Lovejoy, who is buried at Monticello 1842.
1790 census in Fairfield suggests 9 children.
1798 on Grand Jury in Fairfield.
1806 Edward Lovejoy from Dan Mabry in Jackson County Deed book D 378. (This is probably the land on Beech Island). Other Lovejoy deeds on file from Deed Books D, F and G, the last one John Lovejoy to Woody Hinton 1818.
1807 estate admin by Jemima, Wm L. and Jethro M. in Jackson County, Ga.

The Lovejoy Cemetery , about 8 miles nw of Monticello.: Eleazar Lovejoy March 16, 1781 Oct 26, 1842 (This is only 18th century dated listed.) Does anyone have anything beyond legend about the famous marriage between, Phoebe Lovejoy, said to be Penn's governess, and a Moberly?

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