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Larry Dean
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My name is Lawrence Dean Magee.  I go by my nickname of "Larry". I sign ALL my work "Larry Dean" in remembrance of the only grandmother I every knew: "Grandma Phillips" - (father Keith's mother). I have created this site to detail my life and experiences as I remember them.

Through my younger years I traveled with my family as an Air Force brat.

When my parents separated in the summer of 1959, my mother returned to the area of her childhood in Massachusetts. She remarried. I finished High School and traveled some more while trying to find my place in this world.

I eventually returned to Massachusetts where I struggled with life. I eventually married and moved to Texas in 1978 in hopes of a better life for my family. My brother had been here for a few years and encouraged the move. I have lived there ever since with the majority of time living in Irving, a short time in Grand Prairie, and few months in Euless before returning back to Irving. My son Kyle was born in Bedford. I have lived in Fort Worth since October 1997.

So here I am years later setting down the details of my life and where it stands now. I hope that you find my history interesting. I do not profess to remember everything exactly and I may jump around a bit. By writing down my life story, I hope to leave a legacy of information for my son and those whose paths have crossed mine over the years. Some things are hard to say face to face. I hope my son and those who read these pages looks kindly on me and my life.

All of us at one time or the other have done things and said things they we later wished we had not. But in life one does not always have choices that are easy to see when you're involved in a situation. In looking back , a lot of us may wish we could have done things better or differently.

That said, let me leave this area with one question: If I changed "anything" would I have been at the place I was in my life when my son was created? Just consider this:  The slightest change and he could not have been. I would not change anything that would take him from being the part of my life that he is. Likewise, his mother will always have a place in this grand plan we call life.


This is a photo of me taken at my old work station at PCI around 1999. It is always hard to keep a straight face when you work with a bunch of characters. This was the time at PCI that I was moving into new job responsibilities on the Web.

But really, I enjoy my work very much as it add some much meaning and satisfaction to my life. I just don't like having to deal with some of the people who, in my opinion, are there as a social activity and not to work. Some of them actually manage to get away with it. But PEK always has reminded me "that we all cannot be just like Larry."

I do best at work when I am involved in my work and not in tune with the activities that do not affect me.

I am a little bit bigger than this picture may show now that I have reached March 2002.



I pulled this site down on March 25, 2002 to rebuild it less the Front Page Extensions. I presently use Macromedia's Dreamweaver 4.01 and Adobe' s PhotoShop 6.0.1 for the majority of my work. This is the software of choice for me. I still use FP2002 at my full time job but on the most recent project, most of the pages were designed in Dreamweaver and pasted into FP on the corporate server. I occasionally use Flash 5. I am still learning all of these programs. I published these new pages on March 27, 2002 as a new beginning. I redesign the menu system and the overall look of the site.

Thank you for taking your time to visit my site. Please visit again. It has been two years since this site was established in May of 2000. How time flies! I have completed the update to the new look and will be updating the site as I promised soon many months ago. I am going to try to spend ONE SATURDAY a month working on the site as there is much to do. As "history" is remembered and now as life is being lived, information will be added.


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