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James H. Eiland of Fannin County, Texas


21 October 1898, Delta County, Texas

Pictured above: (Front) Basil Eiland, his wife, Lela (Simmons) Eiland,
James H. Eiland, his wife, Rebecca (Hayes) Eiland,
Plumer, Flora and unknown Eiland (children of James P. Eiland)
(Back) Ed Coleman Eiland, Enoch White Eiland, Annie Rebecca Eiland, James P. Eiland, his wife,
Martha Christina (Thompson) Eiland,
Arthur T. Eiland (holding son, Matthew Boyd Eiland),
and his wife, Willie (Crawford) Eiland

The surviving Eiland siblings posed for this photo at a family reunion
ca 1948.  They are (l to r) Basil, James, Enoch, Arthur and Ed.

More Eiland photos

Please see the article entitled
"Frances Marion Eiland and James H. Eiland, Texas Settlers of the 1870's" by Laura Duke Womack
in the September 1997 issue of Stirpes, published by the
Texas State Genealogical Society.


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