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Joshua Hadley of Callahan County, Texas

Although there is no absolute proof known to this writer, Joshua Hadley, who arrived in Texas in 1830, is believed by many to be the son of Benjamin Hadley and Elizabeth King.  This information may have been passed down through descendants of his daughter, Carolina, who lived until 1899 and whose granddaughters were avid family historians and among the earliest members of at least two lineage societies.  Most family histories state, without documentation, that Joshua was born in North Carolina in 1786. However, Stephen F. Austin's Register of Families shows that Joshua was 36 when he arrived in Austin's Colony in 1831 from Tennessee, indicating that he was actually born about 1795.  Benjamin Hadley indeed had a male 0-10 years of age living in his household in 1800 in Cumberland County, North Carolina.  The male child under the age of 16 enumerated in Benjamin's household in 1790 (Joshua, according to other researchers) appears to have left or died by 1800, thus giving weight to the theory that Joshua was actually born about 1795 but still could be the son of Benjamin.  The other possibility is, of course, that the male child enumerated in both censuses was one and the same, meaning he was born in 1790. Benjamin left North Carolina soon after 1800 and settled in Spanish Florida.

Joshua married (1) Obedience (Grantham?) about 1816 in either North Carolina or Tennessee. No marriage record has been located by this researcher nor cited by any other researcher. Obedience was born about 1799. During their first years of marriage, the couple resided in Tennessee near Joshua's uncle, Captain Joshua Hadley, the Revolutionary soldier.  Joshua, Obedience and their first 4 children were in Fayette County, Tennessee at the time of the 1830 census. Soon after that, they migrated to San Augustine County, Texas, staying there only temporarily.  No other family members are known to have made the journey from Tennessee to Texas.

On 7 May 1831, Joshua received a grant to one league (4428 acres) of land in Austin's Second Colony. That land was in the area which would became Montgomery County and lies in present day Grimes County. While there, Joshua represented the District of Viesca at the Convention of 1832 and was elected the first alcalde of the Municipality of Washington in 1835. He received another league of land in Sterling C. Robertson's Colony for his services as a surveyor. The title for this league, located in Limestone County, was issued 25 February 1835. Joshua served in the Texas Army from 30 June 1836 to 30 September 1836, for which he received a bounty grant of 320 acres.  He purchased two lots in the town of New Cincinnati from James C. DeWitt on 11 January 1837.

The children of Joshua and Obedience (Grantham?) Hadley were:

    2    i.    Travis King Hadley was born about 1818 in Tennessee.  He died in Grimes County about 1847.  He may have died as early as 1845 because he was not named the guardian of his younger, mentally challenged brother upon the death of their father.  That duty fell on the shoulders of any even younger brother. Some sources indicate that he was known as King, a name supposedly given to him in honor of his grandmother's family.  Elizabeth King, wife of supposed grandfather Benjamin, was said to have been a Travis descendant. King probably never married as his younger sister, Carolina, was the executor of his estate, which was being settled in 1847 in Montgomery County, Texas.   No known issue.

    3    ii.    Grantham H. Hadley was born about 1820 in Tennessee.  His name is said to have been in honor of his mother's family.  He was mentally handicapped to an unknown degree.   His father's will referred to him as "deranged" and the census called him "idiotic".  Apparently unable to manage the property left to him by his father, his younger brother, Denny, was declared Grantham's guardian in 1845 .  He continued to live with Denny until his death sometime after the 1860 census.  He never married.  No known issue.

  4    iii.    Carolina Hadley.  

  5    iv.    Denny Porterfield Hadley.  

  6    v.    Henry F. Hadley.  

Obedience died in 1839 at Hadley's Prairie.  Joshua married (2) Joyce (Bostic/Vickers) Floyd on 22 November 1840 in Montgomery County.  Joyce, born in 1805 in South Carolina, was the widow of William T. Floyd.  Her third husband was Samuel McGuffin, whom she married between 1845 and 1847.  Joyce died in 1852 in Grimes County, Texas.

Joshua was a charter member of the Orphan's Friend Lodge Number 17, organized 8 April 1842 at Fanthorp's Inn in Anderson, Texas, which is now a Texas State Park. Joshua was Montgomery County Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2 in 1843. He died in 1845 from injuries sustained when he fell from a horse.  In 1910, the Zuber-Hadley Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas was formed in Navasota, Texas and named in memory of W. P. Zuber and Joshua Hadley.

The children of Joshua and Joyce (Bostic/Vickers) Floyd Hadley were:

    7    vi.   Joshua H. Hadley, named for his father, was born 1 October 1841 in Montgomery County and died 18 March 1924. He was buried in Oakland Cemetery in Grimes County. Joshua was a deaf mute who later in life resided with Elisha Floyd, who was the brother of Joyce's first husband. No known marriage. No known issue.

   8    vii.   William B. Hadley.  

   9   viii.    Anthony "Dee" Drew Hadley. 

Second Generation

4.    Carolina Hadley (only daughter of Joshua) was born 22 December 1822 in Tennessee and died 28 April 1899. While often referred to as Caroline in family histories, her tombstone says "Carolina" as do court records generated by her.  She was named for her father, Joshua's home state of North Carolina.  She married (1) John Farris Martin about 1838 in Montgomery County. John was born in Ireland in 1797 and died 15 February 1846.  He was buried on family land which eventually became the Odd Fellows Cemetery located outside Anderson, Grimes County, Texas. Carolina married (2) Oliver H. P. Hill on 3 November 1847 in Grimes County.   Oliver was born in 1814 in Tennessee and died 1 October 1864.   Oliver and Carolina were buried next to John in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.  Many of Carolina's descendants are buried in the same cemetery.

The children of John Farris and Carolina (Hadley) Martin were:

        10     i.     Margaret Obedience Martin.  

        11     ii.    William A. Martin.  

        12    iii.     Winston Travis Martin was born 24 March 1841 in Montgomery County. He died 25 October 1921. He married (1) Amanda Marshall in 1870 in Grimes County. Amanda was born in 1849 in Texas and died in 1871. Winston married (2) Ellen Jennings in 1884 in Grimes County, Texas. Ellen died 31 July 1930. Winston and Ellen were buried in the family plot in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Winston served the Confederacy as 4th Cpl.of Co. D, 12th Regiment of the Texas Infantry. No known issue.

        13    iv.     John Farris Martin.  

The children of Oliver H. P. and Carolina (Hadley) Martin Hill were:

        14    v.     Gibbs Hill was born in 1849 in Grimes County.

        15    vi.     Alice Hill.  

        16    vii.     Joshua P. Hill was born in 1854 in Grimes County.

        17   viii.     Paul O. Hill was born in 1856 in Grimes County and died in 1878.

        18    ix.     Reuben P. Hill.  

        19     x.     Benjamin J. Hill.  

        20     xi.    Mary "Mollie" Hill.

5.   Denny Porterfield Hadley (third son of Joshua) was born 21 November 1824 in Tennessee and named after a cousin of Joshua's who lived in Tennessee.  Denny died 6 January 1901 in Baird, Callahan County, Texas.   He married Mary Bogges on 18 April 1844 in Montgomery County. Mary was born in August 1824 in Alabama and died 29 August 1896 in Baird.  Her parents are not known as yet, however, it is believed by this researcher that she was the youngest sister of Henry Harrison Boggess of Montgomery County, Texas.  Denny and Mary are buried in Ross Cemetery, Baird, Callahan County, Texas. See below.

The children of Denny Porterfield and Mary (Bogges) Hadley were:

        21     i.     Harriet C. Hadley (twin) was born in 1845 in Grimes County.  She married (1) Samuel T. Bell on 3 March 1863 in Johnson County, Texas.  She married (2) James M. Marshall in 1873. James was born in 1845 in Arkansas.  No known issue.

        22     ii.     Susan C. Hadley (twin).  

        23     iii.     Thomas Bogges Hadley.  

        24     iv.     Caladonia Hadley.  

        25      v.    Mary Hadley.  

        26     vi.    Ann Hadley was born in 1855 in Grimes County. She died in 1928 in Callahan County. No marriage. No issue.

        27    vii.    Dennis Hadley was born in 1859 in Grimes County.  He married Cora Leeper on 18 October 1878 in Johnson County.

6. Henry F. Hadley (fourth son of Joshua) was born in 1832 in Montgomery County.  Henry is most likely named for his father's good friend, Henry Fanthorp, who owned and operated a local inn.  He was reputed to be the first white baby born in that section of Montgomery County which later became Grimes County.  Henry died before 1910.  He married Penninah "Minnie" J. Mooring on 13 November 1857 in Grimes County.  She was born in 1840 in Alabama and died after 1910.

The children of Henry F. and Penninah "Minnie" J. (Mooring) Hadley were:

        28    i.     Joshua Porterfield Hadley.  

        29    ii.    Llewelyn Mooring Hadley.  

        30    iii.   Sallie Hadley.

        31    iv.   Charlie Gray Hadley was born 13 April 1875 in Texas and died 8 June 1948 in Callahan County, Texas. He was buried in Ross Cemetery.

        32    v.    James Seth Hadley was born 31 July 1877 in Texas and died 7 July 1930 in Callahan County, Texas. He was buried in Ross Cemetery next to his brother Charlie.

8. William B. Hadley (sixth son of Joshua) was born in 1843 in Montgomery County. William served in Co. C of the 10th Texas Infantry during the Civil War.  He died from wounds sustained in 1864 in Georgia.

9. Anthony "Dee" Drew Hadley (seventh son of Joshua) was born 18 January 1845 in Montgomery County. This son was most likely named after Joshua's neighbor, Anthony D. Kennard.  The Kennard descendants and some of the Hadley descendants moved together to Johnson County, Texas sometime after 1860.  Dee died 4 March 1935 in Johnson County, Texas. He married Margaret Jane Snider on 11 July 1865 in Johnson County. Margaret died 25 August 1920 in Johnson County.

The children of Anthony "Dee" Drew and Margaret Jane (Snider) Hadley were:

        33     i.     William B. Hadley.  

        34     ii.     Robert Lee "Bob Lee" Hadley.  

        35     iii.    Anthony Dee Hadley.  

        36     iv.    Mattie Hadley was born 17 February 1873 in Johnson County and died 2 May 1925 in Johnson County.

        37     v.     H. Olin Hadley.  

        38     vi.     Thomas "Tommie" Hadley was born in July 1877 in Johnson County. He died 3 November 1923 in Johnson County. He married S. A. Riles on 31 January 1892 in Johnson County.

        39     vii.     Dennie P. Hadley was born 27 July 1879 in Johnson County and died 22 December 1908 in Johnson County.

        40     viii.    Winnie Hadley was born in November 1881 in Johnson County.




Thomas Bogges Hadley, 1846 - 1907
Sheriff of Callahan County, Texas, 1896-97


Rush Edwin "Cub" Hadley, 1867 - 1935, son of Thomas Bogges Hadley


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