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Genealogy has certainly come a long way since I began the research journey in 1986.  It had been a life long desire of mine to find out where my family came from.  

Of course, at the time I had no idea that such a large number of people would make up all of my direct lines, doubling with every generation.  You just don't really think about things like that when you are young.   My database now contains hundreds, if not thousands, of names.  Thank goodness for Family Tree Maker, PAF, Roots and Brother's Keeper.  Without them and Gedcom I would have given up on this little project many years ago.

And now we have the Internet.  In 1986, it was mailing lists and electronic bulletin boards.  Then came AOL forums and Rootsweb where we could mingle with fellow researchers and exchange data, maybe even a photo or two, if you dared to actually mail it to someone else to have a copy made.  My first website was on AOL but quickly moved to free space at Rootsweb.  

The site has been sorely ignored for a few years now.  Other things, mainly real life, have taken over and pushed the research time to the side.  Full time employment got in the way, not to mention my daughter's extra curricular activities.  But now my husband is on the road and my daughter is driving and I find myself with a little extra time on my hands.  The website has been updated and the email address is current for a change.  I even added a blog, because it's the in thing to do and it's fun as well.  Who needs to publish a book anymore?  Just do it a day at a time in blog format, usually free unless you want your own web address.  Updating is a breeze and what would we do without linking?

Now instead of AOL, it's Facebook, StumbleUpon, and Twitter.  

Now instead of the library it's Ancestry, Footnote or any one of Family Tree Magazine's 101 Best Genealogy Web Sites for 2008.  And with the price of gas, it's a good thing.  You can even read books on Google now if you can believe it.

Most of my family's history is rooted in the deep south and Texas.  I have traced my lines back several generations and so far, it has proven to be heavily English, Irish and Scotch with only a small sprinkle of French (maybe).  Yes, there is an indian princess story as well but I can't verify it, of course.

So while I ponder a few brick walls, I will try to share what I have found.




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