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LeBlanc Family genealogy book "From Daniel to Adrien" due out June 2002.
This book will cover descendants of Daniel through Jacques to Jean Charles and his children.
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Our LeBlanc family descends from a man named Daniel LeBlanc that was born in France and at the age of 19 left his family and took a ship to 'New France'. The following pages are about that man and his courage along with the courage of his descendants that were tossed around the globe during the great deportation.

This page last updated February 1, 2002

This site is dedicated to the memory of Theresa Trahan LeBlanc.

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our Acadian Ancestors were treated by the Brittish!

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French Acadians held Prisoners at Halifax by Brittish Government 1763

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My Ancestral Forest (Another LeBlanc family..from Quebec, not from Daniel's Line)

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