Acadian Ship Records

Acadian Ship Records

These boats left Grand Pre on October 27, 1775

Sloop Ranger
destination: Anapolis, Maryland
Arrival date: November 30, 1755

Sloop Prosperous
destination: Williamsburg, Va
Unknown final arrival, many ships sent to
Virginia were refused and then sent to England
where many Acadians were held prisioner for years

Sloop Dolphin
destination:CharlesTown, South Carolina
Arrival date: November 17, 1755

Sloop Three Friends
destination: Williamsburg, Va
Arrival date: November 30, 1755

Sloop Hannah
destination: Boston, Mass
Arival Date: November 15, 1755

Sloop Seaflower
destination: Philadelphia, Pa
Arrival Date: November 19, 1755

Sloop Elizabeth
Destination: Annapolis, Maryland
Arrival Date: November 20, 1755

Schooner Leopard
destination: Philadelphia, Pa
Arrival Date: November 19, 1755

Sloop Mary
Destination: Williamsburg, Va
Arrival Date: Unknown if ever arrived

Sally and Mary
destination: Annapolis, Maryland
Arrival Date: Unknown if ever arrived

Sloop Race Horse
destination: Boston, Mass
Arrival Date: Unknown

Two Brothers
destination: South Carolina
Arrival Date: November 17, 1755

Sloop Endeavor
destination: Charlestown, South Carolin
Arrival Date: November 17, 1755

Sloop Swan
destination: Williamsburg, Va
Arrival Date: January 21, 1755

Sloop Industry
destination: Williamsburg, Va
Arrival Date: Unknown

Sloop Dove
destination: Connecticut
Arrival Date: Unknown

Brig. Swallow
destination: Boston, Mass
Arrival Date: Unknown

Schooner Ranger
destination: Virginia
Arrival Date: Unknown

destination: South Carolina
Arrival Date: November 17, 1755

These ships left Port Royal on December 8, 1755

destination: Boston

destination: South Carolina

destination: Connecticut

Two Sisters
destination: Connecticut

destination: New York

destination: South Carolina

destination: St. John
This boat was captured by the exiles and
landed at St. John River

Three Transports taking Acadians to France perished.
One was the Duke William that was lost on the coasts of Spain
There were approximately 1300 Acadians that died on this ship.
While this ship sink in the Oceans, two ships passed, one English
the other Dutch. This was during the seven years war and because
of the fighting taking place no one bothered to help them.
The Captain and his crew took two life boats and left the Acadians
to go down with his ship.

1500 Acadians were deported to Virgina(The English took pride that
of the 1500 Acadians shiped to Virginia only 500 survived, they felt
that this was just punishment for being 'French Savages' and practicing
Catholic beliefs. The goal of the Virginians was nothing short of
extermination of the Acadian people. Those that did survive were made
into slaves and worked and lived with the African Americans. After four
months the Virginian legislature shipped the Acadians to England.)

450 Acadians were deported to Pennsylvania(Children were taken and put
into slavery and seperated from their parents..all children under the age of
21 had to be given up)

450 Acadians were deported to Georgia (where many worked along side
the African Americans as slaves in the fields. Many were striped
of their Acadian names and given 'English' names)

2000 Acadians were deported to Massachusetts (where they would be whipped in
in public if the left their assigned towns to visit family..this includes the women
and their minor children were sent into homes of Protestant families to work as slaves)

250 Acadians were deported to New York(Where the Acadians were forced
to change their names to 'English' names and striped of their identity.
Acadians were forced into slavery here also.)

900 Acadians were deported to Maryland(Maryland was the 'safest' place
for the Acadians to reside at this time because it was named after Queen Mary
wife of the King. She was Catholic and therefore the people there showed some
kindness to the Acadians. They were allowed to hold jobs and build churches
Most of the Acadians sent here eventually ended up in Louisiana

1027 Acadians were deported to South Carolina(These Acadians were so unhappy
with conditions in the Carolinas, that they tried to sail back to Canada, but
when they pased through New York, the Government there sent the adults to the
interior of the areas, and took possession of the children and made them
slaves to serve 'useful purposes'.

If anyone still does not believe the cruelty set to the French and Indians by the
Brittish at this time, Just read some of the books in the Canadian Archives about
this time period. The Brittish openly killed Priests, and pregnant women.
I am not going to go into detail about these things because this is a website
that is surf safe for kids, but anyone wanting to know the details of the horrors
can feel free to email me. I will be happy to send you
a list of books to check out that contain the depth of evil the Brittish inflicted
on the French and Indians.

This page is dedicated to the families who were torn apart during this
terrible time in our history. It is past time for the knowledge of these
events in history to be opened up and taught to our children. We hear of
Hitler in school and the inhumane treatment of the Jewish People, we are
taught about the tragedy of the African Americans but not a word about
the Acadian People is spoken. Wasn't there enough bloodshed to warrant
that our children should know. This is a genocide of a people that we don't
talk about. Why? We pray that those who did this tragic thing to a peaceful
people be forgiven and make their peace with God

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