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Lee Coat of Arms
"The Lee Coat of Arms shown is that of the Lees of Shropshire, created in 1641. Coats of Arms very similar to it are used by the Lees of Langley, co. Salop (bart., extinct 1660), who were descended from Richard Lee, High Sheriff of Salop, 1479; the Lees of Coton, co. Salop; and many other. Numerous other branches of the Lee family have Coats of Arms resembling it.

This is the most widely used of all Lee Coats of Arms and has been in existence for many centuries. It is dexcribed in BURKE'S GENERAL ARMORY, BURKE'S LANDED GENTRY, BURKE PEERAGE AND BARONETAGE, Crozier's AMERICAN ARMORY and other reliable works on heraldry, in some cases accompanied by illustrations and pedigrees. It is the arms of the Lee family of Virginia, and has been used for generations by their descendants and by many other American branches of the Lee family."

From pg. 6 of "Lee Family History" by J. Montgomery Seaver. Published by American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.