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Cyndi's List - A major list of genealogical links on the internet - you could spend hours here discovering - links to freeware and shareware genealogy software programs to get you organized.
This site lists the newest sites found on the internet having to do with genealogy..invaluable, been around for years
The US Gen Web Project - invaluable free resource of genealogy, by state, including such things as cemetery headstone transcriptiions,
Spooner's Vermont Journal:- articles and snippets taken from a publication printed in Windsor, Vermont, and sponsored by the Cavendish Historical Society - even if you have no connection to family names listed here, its fun just to read very old news articles about the trouble people got themselves into, or the celebrations they attended
Rootsweb - the major free source of genealogical information, including family trees submitted by individuals world wide, and links to a variety of publications, message boards to query other people looking for information on family members; upload your own family tree, free webspace (the page you are reading is courtesy of Rootsweb  - fantastic site

Ancestry.com is the leading subscription-fee based service; access to complete US Census information via microfiche and transcribed copies from 1790 to 1930 - family trees - their parent company produces software which is integrated to their site.  Message boards, and much much more.  Excellent site, but not free.  Also info on non-US for additional fees
Ancestry.com is owned by a parent company which also owns Rootsweb, Genealogy.com, and others.   The parent company also produces Family Tree Maker, one of the pre-eminent genealogy software applications.


Royal Genealogies - a relatively older document (1992) on the internet, mostly British lineage, with all its connections, twists, turns, etc. created from a gedcom file.
Mathematics Genealogy Project - genealogy isnt just about blood families - this page explores connections between math students who became professors and their own math professors - check to see if your college math professor is listed, and who taught him (or her), and who taught the teacher, etc etc
GreatFamily v1.1 (Build 3)

Great Family Software - the first link is to an old free version, which will be a zipped file from which you will extract the setup file.  This free version is very cool, as it allows you to see connections as you would like to see them, and configure at will.  You can create web pages from it for each individual, with an clickable index of surnames, and you can upload pictures to it as well.  If you get serious about genealogy, you will probably end up using another program instead, as this program is limited.  It is however perfect for the novice.

The second link is to their pay version, with a free trial, has some better features but still not as advanced as some of the much better free programs
Personal Ancestral Files 5
Distributed by the Mormons, this great, free genealogical software application is just about as full featured as many of the better, fee based ones - share your information by creating and exporting a gedcom file
Family Tree Builder
Very pretty, cool freeware with lots of bells and whistles, distributed by myheritage.com
Great FREE search engine indexes your site and also offers a site map, invaluable if you have a site with many pages - click my sitemap link above to see how that appears..try the seach engine you will find there, too.