Skeletons in the Closet

Lee's Trees

A Genealogical Forest


Every family has its stories, and ours is no exception. Most folks are ordinary; they never make the history books, and most are neither noteworthy or notorious. But everyone, so Andy Warhol said, wants his 15 minutes of fame. Here;s a table of individuals, and a thumbnail sketch. Click on a name to see the rest of the story, as we know it.

Hubert Ian Campbell    1874 - 1926
Known as Alligator Joe, married Sadie Tolmie, and owned one of the earliest tourist traps in Florida - allegdly worked for Wild Bill Hickock;s wild west show, born in India, of Scottish descent, and died in Florida
Mary Ann Dains 1826-
Read a letter to her friend, Laura Clark, about family intrigue and 19th century courtship
Stephen Hopkins 1578-1644
A passenger on the Mayflower, to Plymouth, and also earlier to Jamestown; in Plymouth was fined for allowing others to get drunk in his house.