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In searching for my Lefevers relatives I have found only a few others interested in the name, but those were often very helpful, and I wish to thank them. I have yet to find a single source which is dedicated to the collection of data on the Lefevers name. Therefore, I am creating one in the hopes that it will not only help those searching after me, but also that I might meet all of those who are interested in the family name of LEFEVERS. If you can help to fill in the gaps, please feel free to contact me.

This is then:
A depository of data on the Lefevers family of Kentucky
including vital statistics, photos, links, histories
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Index of Lefevers - obituaries
Index of Lefevers - headstones
Death records: Cemeteries  SSDI data and obituaries
Birth records

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In keeping with the admirable goal of not compromising the privacy of living persons, this site will strive to protect the ones whom it is attempting to serve.  Most of the data found here is public record, but dates are not recorded for those born in the 20th century unless their death information is also available.  If anyone finds data on this site which reveals private information about living individuals, please...


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  • Home Page of the Everett Family.
  • Genealogy Home Page: Everett and Lefevers Ancestors
  • Lefevers Resource Home Page: Kentucky Lefevers


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