Elliott Evans Genealogy: Brick of Upton on Severn and Gloucester
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  Brick of Gloucester/Upton on Severn

Pictured on left, Richard Brick, born 1872, Droitwich, County of Worcester, U.K., died 1941, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He married Kate Oakey, pictured above top right.
Generations No.1 through 7

This line has been researched by another family researcher, who very graciously and generously sent me his research of the Bricks from the 17th century. If you have connections to the BRICK line of Upton on Severn, starting with the marriage of David Brick in the mid 1600s, please contact me.

Generation No. 8

Samuel Brick of Upton upon Severn, born abt. 1794, married Ann Pugh. Their children:
  • Richard, born 1836
  • William, born 1837
  • John, born 1839
  Generation No. 9

Richard BRICK, born 1836, Gloucester, died 1919, Gloucester. Richard was a long boatman. He married Susannah Wheeler, December 1856. Susannah died in 1927, having lived an impressive 92 years. Their children:
  • Susannah, born abt. 1860
  • Eliza, born 1862
  • Rhoda, born 1866
  • James, born 1869
  • William, born 1874
  • Joseph, born 1877
  • Samuel, born 1879
  • Anne, born 1882
Generation No. 10

Richard Brick, born 1872, in Gloucester, England, died 1942, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He married, Kate Emily Oakey in 1907.

Pictured right, Katie Brick, greatly loved by all.
Elliott Evans Genealogy - The Brick Family
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