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Death Records of the Free Church at Inch
Transcribed by Meg Greenwood

The Free Church at Inch has microfilmed records of Deaths from 1845 to 1878. There were 10 pages of handwritten lists by the Sessions Clerk, Peter FERGUSON of the Inch Free Church. It is not known if every name found in this list was a Free Church member. The handwriting was extremely clear and easy to read throughout every page. The word DEATHS written in decorative calligraphy headed each page of names. Ferguson personally entered notations about their occupation, family or age. An unusual bit of luck for researchers is his entry of many maiden surnames for married women.

Spelling of place names was left as written, as was capitalization of individual words. The entire capitalization of each surname was done for ease in finding a surname of interest & entries have been grouped by year, original format was traditional sentence structure. Disclaimer - even though each line was easy to read, I canít be absolutely sure that there are no mistakes made in the text. I have left nothing out of the list except the noted heading on each page.

Meg Greenwood

Death heading

5 May at Limekiln, Mrs SIMPKINS or Jessie CRAWFORD.

9 June at Blackparks, Mrs William PARKER or Margaret SMITH.

15 April at Bridge Bank, James MURRAY, Thatcher there.
19 May at Boreland, Mrs John PRICE or Annie WORKMAN.
26 Sept at Low Boreland, Elisabeth McMECKAN.
24 Nov at Mark, Mary GALLOWAY aged 18 years.

8 April at Barnultoch, Thomas WATSON, Labourer there.
23 June at Little Tongue, Mrs Janet McWILLIAM.

16 April at Low Boreland, Mr. James McCRACKEN Senior.
27 April at Inch Village, Mrs Janet ALEXANDER
15 June at Stranraer Mrs Charlotte SMITH or KEACHIE late of Virgin Green.
17 June at Stranraer, Jane McCREDIE, wife of John MORELAND, Sawyer there.
23 Dec at Mark, Mr Jas. McMEEKEN, Farmer there.
26 Dec at Lochans, Janet STEWART wife of Robt. McMURTRIE, Labourer there.

1 May at Kirminnoch, William HILL, Labourer there.
5 May at Free Church, John McCLUMPHA, Librarian there.
10 Dec at Barnultoch, Jean McCRACKEN, wife of William McCRACKEN,Cooper & Labourer there.

2 Feb at Machar, John McMASTER, Weaver there.
30 June at Lochans, Mrs RODDIE, Postmistress there.
1 Aug at Galahill, Mrs Jess McKIE, Tenant there.
21 Aug at Limekiln, Mrs Andrew McLAUCHLAN.
28 Sept at Liverpool, Anne FERGUSON, Wife of John FINLAYSON, Free School Teacher, Inch.

31 May at Aird Village, Widow PARK.
5 June at Clauchanpluck, John McWILLIAM, Carny.

7 Dec at Culreoch, Willm. McCAMON, Shoemaker there.

21 May at Low Boreland, Jean KERR, Widow of James McCRACKEN, an old residenter there.
31 Aug at Barnultoch, William McCRACKEN, Labourer there.
27 Dec at Blackparks, William PARKER, Jr., Apprentice Joiner.

28 Jan at Auchmantle, Jno. DOUGLAS Sr, there.
19 Feb at Tonnachrae, Grace COATS, Wife of Mr Jno.McCREDIE, Farmer there.
16 Mar at Boreland, Thos McKIE, Farmer there.
17 Mar at Low Boreland, Joseph HEWET, Cotter there.
29 Apr at Inch Village, Thomas GIBSON, Joiner there.
30 Aug at Drumdoch, Jno. McMEIKEN, Farmer there.
19 Nov at Bishopburn, Mary FLEMING, late of Aird Village.
1 Dec at Clauchanpluck, Mrs Peter McLEAN.

12 May at Bridge Bank, James McKAY, Joiner.
19 Jun at Free Church Inch, Mary McCLUMPHA, Beadle there.
22 Sep at Corner house Lochans, James McKELVIE, Crofter there.
12 Dec at Balker, Jean McKENZIE, Wife of James McILWRICK, Shepherd there.

16 Aug at Stranraer, James McMILLAN, old Soldier late of Mark.
3 Dec at Genoch Square, Mary McMILLAN, Wife of James CLENOCHAN, Labourer there.

11 Feb at Machar, Widow McMASTER Relict of John McMASTER, late Weaver there.
27 Feb at Mark, James FULTON, Cotter there.
26 Mar at Cults, Elisabeth COCHRAN, Byrewoman.
3 May at Castlekennedy Gate, John McMEIKEN, Gatekeeper.
29 May at Clendry Kirkcolm, Mrs McMEIKEN, Relict of James McMEIKEN, late Farmer in Mark-Inch.
28 July at Clendry, John GALLOWAY, Dairyman to Mr McKINZIE, Farmer there.
20 Sep at the Free Church School-House, John FINLAYSON, Teacher there.
17 Oct at Low Clendrie, Mrs McILWRICK, Wife of Mr Jno. McILWRICK, Farmer there.

13 May at Inner Messan, Mrs BROWN Wife of John BROWN, Mason there.
29 Nov at Limekiln, Mrs Jno. BROWNLIE Wife of John BROWNLIE, Labourer there.

3 Apr at Innermessan, James IRVINE Senr., Mason there.
19 Dec at Balker, Jane McMASTER Wife of Hugh GRAHAME, Joiner there.
28 Dec at Mark, Miss Margaret McCONNELL aged 82 years. A much respected Native of the parish.

8 May at Castle Kennedy, John FOWLER, Father of the Gardener there.
14 Aug at Machar, Mrs Robert CRAWFORD Wife of Robert CRAWFORD, Cotter there.
27 Sep at Grange Moor Croft, Elisabeth McCAMON Wife of Alexr. WALLACE, Farmer or Crofter there.
29 Nov at Lochans Village, Jane GILMOUR Wife of William McCAW, Weaver there.

16 Jan at Whitepark, Mrs FINLAYSON late of the Free Church School Inch. Widow of Late J. FINLAYSON.
24 Jan at Mark, David McCULLOCH Son of John McCULLOCH, foreman there.
26 Jan at Barsolas, John BUYENS Son of William BUYENS, Labourer there.
24 Feb at Culhorn Mains, Susan McMILLAN, an old residenter there.
12 July at Lochans Angle, Widow McDOWALL Midwife Mother of William McDOWALL, Molecatcher there.
3 Aug at Culreoch, John McCAMMON, Shoemaker there after a lengthened period of disease.
9 Aug at Drumdoch, William CONCHIE, for many years Labourer there.
28 Sep at Inch Village, Thomas TRAINER, late of Balker.
21 Oct at Castlekennedy, Agnes WEIR Wife of David KERROLL, Labourer there.
3 Nov at Culhorn Mains, Mrs James CRAWFORD Wife of James CRAWFORD, Manager of Culhorn Mains.

19 Jan at Culreoch, Widow McCAMMON, aged 89.
1 May at Limekiln, John BROWNLIE, Labourer there.
24 July at Balker, William ESPIE, An old residenter there.
6 Nov at Whitepark, Mrs James McLEAN, Elderís Wife.

5 Jan at Drochdool, Jas. FERROLS, Cotter there.
30 May at Barsolas, Edwd. BUYERS, Labourer there.
26 Nov at Machar, Helen CAIRNS Wife of John MURPHIE, Labourer there.

10 Feb at Kirminnoch, Mary HILL Wife of Alexander HILL, Labourer there.
28 Jul at Innermessan, Peter ANDERSON, Blacksmith.
31 Jul at Innermessan, Mrs Peter ANDERSON, Wife of the Above.

4 Nov at Barnultoch, Mrs David RANKIN, aged 67

27 Jan at Culhorn Mains, James CRAWFORD, Overseer there.
23 Feb at Cults Smithy, David McWHIRTER, Blacksmith.
28 Feb at Drumdoch, Mrs Samuel JAMIESON.
19 Mar at Inchparks, the Wife of James WEIR, Labourer there.
23 Mar at Limekiln, Samuel JAMIESON, late of Drumdoch.
26 May at Drumflower, William McCASKIE, Shoemaker there.
15 Sep at Lochans Mill, Helen BEATTIE Wife of Alexr. EWING, Miller there.
27 Oct at the Station Cottages C. Kennedy, Samuel GIBSON, Labourer late of Inch Village.
30 Oct at Craigenquarroch, Helen CONCHIE dairymaid Daughter of John CONCHIE, late Dairyman Mark.

16 Feb at Aird, Jess McDOWALL Wife of James THOMSON, Ploughman there.
20 Feb at Aird, James McDOWALL, long in Soulseat.
12 Mar at Balker, Mrs William CARNOCHAN Wife of William CARNOCHAN, Ploughman there
29 Aug at Drumdoch, David RANKIN, Labourer there advanced in years.
2 Oct at Low Boreland, Margaret McMECKAN, aged 91 years.

31 Aug at Mark, John BRUCE, Ploughman there.
11 Sep at Aird, Alexr. CAMPBELL, Ploughman there.

14 Jan at Grange Croft, Alexr. WALLACE, Crofter there.
30 Jan at Ballochjargon, Mrs CUNNINGHAM, Tailorís Wife there.
26 Feb at Soulseat, Jane McDOWALL, late domestic Servant Machar.
1 Sep at Kirminnoch, Miss McWHINNIE.
1 Sep at Kirminnoch, Widow McMECKAN.
5 Oct at Whitepark, James McLEAN Senior, Elder of this Congn. & much respected & Beloved.

21 Jan at Freuch, Mrs McCANN wife of Henry McCANN, Ploughman there of cancer in the Face.
7 Feb at Kirminnoch, William TODD Farmer there, a much respected & Beloved Elder of this Congregation.
6 July at Mark, Robert CRAWFORD, an old and faithful servant there.

25 Jun at Pinwhirrie, Alexr. McKENZIE Farmer there, a much respected Deacon of this Congregation.
7 July at Little Genoch, Agnes CLENOCHAN daughter of James CLENOCHAN, Farmer there.

7 Jan at Kirminnoch [dropped down in the plantation when gathering Sticks], Alick HILL, Fish dealer there.
21 Jan at Stranraer, John BEATTIE son of Wm.BEATTIE, Late ploughman in Mark.
25 Jan at Clauchanpluck, Esther GALLOWAY Wife of Robert GALLOWAY, long Servant in Mark.
19 Feb at Low Boreland, Alexr. McMECKAN Farmer there aged 85 years, much respected.
23 Mar at Inch Parks, Peter McLEAN, Farmer there.
4 Apr at Clayshant, Thos. McKINZIE, Dairyman there.
16 May at Little Genoch, James CLANACHAN, Farmer there.
20 Jul at Inch Parks, John McLEAN, Farmer there.

5 Jan at Inner Messan Bone Mill, Jane AGNEW daughter of Robert AGNEW, Labourer there.
12 May at Old Halls, John McCAW, foreman there.
1 June at Sand Mill [Bone Mill], Charles GALLOWAY, foreman there.
30 Oct at Limekiln, Widow McNEILLIE, an old & much respected Residenter there.
17 Dec at Genoch, Robert HARVEY, Ploughman there.

4 Jan at Stranraer, Robt. GALLOWAY, late of Mark.
9 Jan at Free Church Inch, William HAY, an old residenter there and much respected.
15 Jan at the Free Church Inch, Mrs Anne HAY, Widow of the above not less respected than He.
29 Jan at Inner-Messan, Jno. BROWN, Mason there.
16 May at Limekiln, Andw. McLAUCHLAN, aged 96
27 May at Station Masterís House Castlekennedy, Mrs David CAMPBELL Wife of David CAMPBELL, Station Master there.
1 Sep at Culreoch, Thos. MILROY, Crofter there.

[blank] May at high Clendrie, Saml. McCOLM, Cotter there.
27 Dec at Barnultoch, John McDOWALL, Cotter there.

4 Mar at Pinwhirrie, Mrs McKINZIE, Tenant there.
31 May at Stranraer, William BEATTIE, Tea Dealer there.
18 Aug at Innermessan, Agness JOHNSTON [John BROWNís heiress].
26 Sep at Gallowhill, Andw. LAMB, Farmer there.

31 Mar at Little Lochans Croft, Thos. CAFFOLD, Joiner.