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Leswalt Death Entries 1815-1843

The following is a transcription of the death entries in Leswalt's old parish records. Every effort was made to remain true to the information, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations have crept into the work. We encourage researchers to use this only as a finding tool, and to verify the information for themselves by viewing a film of the opr.


Ferguson Elizabeth 23 26 January 1824 Glenstockadale  
Campbell Mary   February 1824 Clayhole  
Wright* Margt   7 February 1824 Girvan  
Bark Richd 1 1/2 1 March 1824 Challoch small pox
Caldwell Agnes, an aged person   2 March 1824 Auchneel  
Parker Chas, a poor man   March 1824 Allandoe  
Curlett Isabella 30 30 April 1824 Clayhole  
McWilliam Jean 74 23 May 1824 Burgescroft  
McWilliam Agnes 15 24 June 1824 Clayhole  
Ross John, an aged person   25 June 1824 Gallowhill  
Carle William 44 2 August 1823 Challoch  
Torrance Jannet 15 July 1824 Clayhole  
Gray William 24 2 August 1824 Milton  
McWilliam Hugh abt 65 6 August 1824 Clayhole  
McNeillie an aged person   20 October 1824 Weirston  
McVae Archd, an aged peson   24 October 1824 Galdnoch  
Hanlon an old woman, mother of Felix Hanlon 84 5 November 1824    
*formerly a native of this parish having died was interred this 7th Febr in the churchyard here
Footnote following last entry for year:
The foregoing does not comprehend the whole of the deaths in this parish during the year 1824. They are all however that the Sess. Clk. had the means of knowing of.
Signed Andw. MacCubbin, Minister.
Blackstocks Moses   February 1825 Allandoe  
Fitschgerald William   February 1825 Allandoe  
Agnew Jane   February 1825 Clayhole  
Torrance Jane   March 1825 Clayhole  
Gunion William   March 1825 Port  
Fulton James   February 1825 Port  
Brown William   April 1825 Hillhead  
Coburn Isabella   May 1825 Hillhead  
Martin John   March 1825 Craighmore  
Kingsborough Samuel   March 1825 Glenstockadale  
Kerr Jane   March 1825 Glenguire  
McNiel Alexr   February 1825 Weirstone  
Gorden Jannet   May 1825 Glenstockadale  
McNiell Jennet   June 1825 Dindinnie  
Again, another 'not my fault' note:
Owing to the inattention of the Church officer the above names of the persons who died in the parish or were interred in the churchyard here which were thus perfectly (?) reported to the Sess. Clk.