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Surname Spelling Variants in Wigtownshire

Below is a collection of surname spelling variants, gleaned initially from the 1684 Parish Lists Name Index, with subsequent additions from other sources.

Please note, spelling and pronunciation varies over centuries. We make no assumption that we are listing the 'correct' spelling. Present day authorities feel that some of the name associations which are implied here are not really valid, but we have not felt it practical to make such distinctions in this listing. This list was created to give Wigtownshire researchers, particularly those unfamiliar with Scots pronunciation, clues to other surname spelling possibilities. Occasionally, where necessary, we cross referenced. For example, AUSBURN is cross referenced with 'see OSBURNE'. Going to the OSBURNE entry will lead to more spelling variants.

Mc, Mac, and M' are all equivalent and have been used interchangeably in the past. Before the 1840s family names which today always have a Mc or Mac would frequently have no prefix. For example Clurg, McClurg, MacClurg and M'Clurg would all be quite likely found in one family.

If you have a spelling variant to offer, please contact Crawford.

A - B,      C - E,      F - J,      K - M,      McA - McG     McH - McW,      N - SW     T - W

McADAM McCaddame M'Caddim
McARSON Carson
McBRAIR McBrayer McKbrair
McBRATNEY McBraten McBretnie Malbratnie McBratnie
McBRYD McBrid McBride McBryde M'Kbryd
McBURNIE McBurney McKburnie
McCAIG McKaigh McKaige McKaigh Makaig
McCALL McCaull McCaule McGal McCawell MacKall
MacCall MacCaull McCaw
McCALLDON McCalldoune McKaldon
McCALMON McCammon McCamon
McCALSON McCalshen McCalshon
McCANDLISH McAndlish M"Canleis M'Caunles Candlish
McCANS McCance McCanse McKance McKants
McCARE McKar McKare
McCAW McCall
McCHESTNIE McChesney McHestnie
McCHREACHER McChrehar McCreahar McCrehar
McCHRISTIE McChristan McChrystine
McCLAMROCH Landsburgh
McCLANACHAN McClanaquahn McClunochen McKlanachen McLanochan McLonachin
McCLEAN McClen McClene
McCLEARIE McChlerie McCleiri McCleri McClerney McKlirie
McCLEAVE McClave McCleve
McCLELLAN McClelan McClelland McKlellan McLellan
McCLEW McClumpha
McCLINIE McClinnie McLinyie
McCLUMPHA McClunpha McKClumpha McLumpha McClew
McCLUNCHA McClunchar
McCLURE McCluir McCluire
McCLYMONT McClamont McClamot McClemen McClement McClemin
McClymon McClymond McLymond
McCOLM Malcolm MacThomas
McCOMB McColm McCome McKComb MacThomas
McCOMBIE Thomson
McCONCHIE McConchrie Duncan
McCONNEL McConnal McConelle McKConnell McKonnell Donaldson
McCORMACK McArmick McCarmick McCarmike McCormick McCornick
McCornock McCornok McKermick McKornock Makarmik
McCOSKRIE McCorsquey McCroscre McCroscrie McCroskrie McKorscra
McKoscry McKoskry
McCRACKEN McCrackan McCraccan McCrakan McKraken Crockett
McCRAE McCraie McCreahar McCree McKrae McKrie
McRae Rae
McCRERY McCrerie McCrerrie
McCREDIE McCreedie McKredy McRadie Macradie McReadie
McReady McReddie McRedie
McCRIRICK McCrerie Crerar
McCRORIE Rorison
McCRUMB McCrume McKcrumb
McCUBBIN McKibbon McKibben MacCubbin McCubbing Macubbin
McCULLAN McCulland McKullon
McCULLOCH McColloch McCullie McCullo McCully McKculloch
McKulloch McUlloch
McCUNE McKune McEwan Ewing
McCUTCHON McCutchin McCutheon Hutchison
McDAVID McHaffie
McDOWALL McDole McDoil McDouell McDoul McDowal
McDuall McKdowall
McDUFF Malduff M'Ilduff Mickleduffe
McEWEN McKewn McKewan McKuinn McYewin Mekewn
McCune McKune
McFADDAN McFydeane McKfadyean McPhaddion McPhadzen
McFETRICK McPhatrick Frederick
McGAE McGa McKga McGaw
McGARMORY Montgomerie
McGARVIE McGarva McGarve
McGEOCH McGeouch McGooch
McGHIE McKie McKay
McGILL McKgill
McGILTROCH Gilchrist
McGOUNE McGoun McGowen
McGUBB Gibson
McGUFFOCK McGuffocke McGuffog McGuffolk McGuffie