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Surname Spelling Variants in Wigtownshire

Below is a collection of surname spelling variants, gleaned initially from the 1684 Parish Lists Name Index, with subsequent additions from other sources.

Please note, spelling and pronunciation varies over centuries. We make no assumption that we are listing the 'correct' spelling. Present day authorities feel that some of the name associations which are implied here are not really valid, but we have not felt it practical to make such distinctions in this listing. This list was created to give Wigtownshire researchers, particularly those unfamiliar with Scots pronunciation, clues to other surname spelling possibilities. Occasionally, where necessary, we cross referenced. For example, AUSBURN is cross referenced with 'see OSBURNE'. Going to the OSBURNE entry will lead to more spelling variants.

Mc, Mac, and M' are all equivalent and have been used interchangeably in the past. Before the 1840s family names which today always have a Mc or Mac would frequently have no prefix. For example Clurg, McClurg, MacClurg and M'Clurg would all be quite likely found in one family.

If you have a spelling variant to offer, please contact Crawford.

A - B,      C - E,      F - J,      K - M,      McA - McG     McH - McW,      N - SW     T - W

McHAFFIE McHaffine McIllhaffie Mahaffie Mahalfie Milhaffie
McHALLIM McHallome
McHARG McGarg McQuharg Maharg Graham
McILHENCH Malhensh Malhinch
McILMORROW McElmurro McElmurre McIllmorrn McIlmurran
McILMUN McIlmyn McKminne Mcilmin
McILROY McElroy McIllory McIlrie Mcilroy McKelrea McKilrae
McKilory McLeroy McLroy Meikleroy Mickleroy
McILVAIN McElvain McIllveyan McIlweian McIlweine McIlwian
McKelvain McKilweyan McKilweyan
McILWHAM Meiklem
McILLVRIKE McEivrick McKillrie Meiklevrick
McINTOSH McImtoich
McISAAC McKissock Kissock
McJORY McJorie
McKAY McCa McCaa McKa
McKEACHY McCheachie McCeachie Keachie
McKEAND  McKean Keand Kiand Kean
McKEAVAN McKeand McKeound
McKELVIE McIllvey McKelway Milwie
McKENNA McKeney McKennah McKenney
McKENZIE McHingzie McHinzie McHunzie McKinzie
McKERLIE McCarlie McCairly McKairlie McKairly McKcairly
McKearlie McKearly Charles
McKERAN Gerrond
McKEUCKAN McCookan McCuiccan McKeuckcan McKewkane
McKEVAN Kevan Caven Cavend
McKIE McKee McKey Makie
McKINDLE McQuhandle
McKINSTRIE Kingstree
McKISSOCK McIsaac Kissock
McKITTRICK Ketteridge
McKNIGHT McKnaight McKnaught McNaight McNight
McLAUCHLAN McClauchin McGlauchin
McLURG McClung McClunge McClurg McClurge McKlurg McLeod
McLYNN Clint Clyne
McMASTER McKmaster
McMEIKIN McKmacken McKmaken McMecan McMeckan McMeikeine McMeikine
McMeken McMichan McMickan McMicken McMickin McMiken
McMILLAN McKmillan McMilland McMullan
McMURDO Murdoch
McMURRAN McMurrin McKmorran
McMURRAY McKlemuray McKmurrie McMurrie McMurry Mulmoray Mulmury
McNARIN McKnarin McKnarrie McKnarrin McKnarrine McNaren McNarien
McNarin McNarine McNarron McNearie McNearin
McNALD McKnald McKnaule McNall
McNAE McNea Maknae
McNIELIE McKnilie McKnily McNaali McNeelie McNili McNilli
McNily McNyly
McNISH McKneach McKnish Nish
McPHATRICK McFetrick Frederick
McRICKART McKrickart
McROBERT Robertson McCrober
McROULE Mcroule
McRUTTER McHrurter McHurter McWhryter
McQUESTIE McKqueistien McQuistein McQuistine
McQUEIN McKquein McQuene McQuien
McQUIRK McKwhirk McUhirk
McSKIMMING McScumin McScimyn Scrimmin Skimen Scumen Cummings
Skimmings McSkiming Skimming
McSKAULE McSeklly McKSkelly McSkellie
McTALEROCH McKtaldroch McTaldroch McTaler McTalero McTalerock McTaleroh
McTalleroch McTalzeouch
MacTHOMAS Combie McComie Tam McColm McComish Thom
McComas MaComie Thomas McComb MaComish Thoms
Mcombe Thomson
McTIER McIntyre
McTYRE McTear McTeir McTere McTire Mteir
McWHANALL McCwhanelle McVhomel McWeenell McWhanell McWhanle
McWhannil McWhanrall
McWHINNIE McKhinney McWhynie
McWHIRTER McWhorter McWhurter Whirter Whorter Quhurter McChruiter
McQuhirter  McRutter McWhryter McHruter McWhurtur
McWILLIAM McCulliam McCulzianie McCulzian McKWilliam