Bibliography; The Descendants of The Rev. Jno. Leland of Virginia The Descendants of The Rev. Jno. Leland of Virginia


1845 Mississippi State Census- Panola Co..

1850 Federal Census, N of the Yallstrisbas River in the County of Yalabusha in the State of Mississippi..

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corrections to Leland info. on webpage, 2/4/00 6:18:54 PM Eastern Standard Time, Subj: corrections to Leland info. on webpage

Date: 2/4/00 6:18:54 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (LaVonne Platt)


Hi, Rick,

I'm finally getting back to you with a few corrections and additions to the

Leland website genealogy, as I indicated earlier I would do. But first, I

want to commend you for the fabulous job you've done in constructing an

attractive and most informative webpage on so many aspects of the Leland

family history. I think it's great!!!

So here goes what I believe to be verifiable in almost all cases anyway:

1. Sarah Moore Leland (4) Wiley place of death--Marietta, Marshall Co., KS

2. Eliza Wiley (5) place of marriage to Charles Joseph Potter--,McHenry

County, IL

3. Eliza Wiley (5) date of death May 1940 (NOT before May 1940); place of

death--Oketo, Marshall County, KS. (I can check the tombstone at some

point for exact day of the month.)

4. Children of Eliza Wiley (5) and Charles Joseph Potter:

Joseph Wiley Potter (6) (he was called "Wiley" not "Joseph"); born at

Oketo, Marshall Co., KS; died 1962

5. Thomas Melville Potter (6) died 1916, NOT "after 1940"

6. Lura Alvernon Potter (6) died 1965

7. Vallean Louise Potter (6) married to Frank Herbert Mann; died 5 Feb.


8. Eathel Alice Potter (6) married to Charles T. Finch on 7 June 1904;

died 1965

9. Gilbert Wesley Potter (6) date of death July 4, 1954 (better check with

Lee Potter, Jr. on this one to be certain)

10. Gladys Winifred Potter (6) married to Victor A. Bull; date of death ca.

1983 or 84 in CA (my memory--hope this can be verified elsewhere--I just

remember that she was in her mid-90s and that she was living with or near

her daughter Joellen _______ at the time of her death.)

Some of the death dates were given to me in a letter from Ernestine Potter

in 1997; otherwise they are in my written family records mostly

attributable to my mother Roberta Mann Godwin, but verified in most all

cases by other family members records. Most of the people listed above

(except for Gilbert & Gladys & possibly Wiley Potter) were buried in the

Oketo, KS cemetery, and I can check the records there again if you feel any

of these dates may be in error.

If you want records of the descendants of Vallean Potter Mann, I can get

those to you at some time in the future. That is the family history I am

working on. Before the end of June I hope to have completed the part on

the ancestors of Vallean & Bert (Frank Herbert) Mann, but I do have nearly

up-to-date records of their descendants, too.

Well, enough for now. I hope these records above will be of help to you.

Cousin LaVonne Godwin Platt (9th generation descendant of John Leland, Sr.)

P.S. I was particularly interested in your note about Edward Cox

purchasing about 20,000 acres of land in Ill in 1836 for a total payment of

$24,681.00. I think it was he and his wife Mary Leland who took two of her

younger siblings (including Sarah Moore Leland) with them when they left

Virginia. And then I was rereading Mary's letters after Edward's death and

how much financial difficulties her family was facing, and her concern for

Sarah & Amos Wiley and the hard times they faced in Illinois (probably

during those same years?). I was struck by all the stories there must be

if we only knew more about those times, but how wonderful it is that we

have those letters and the other information that we do possess. J.A.C.

Leland left a real treasure, didn't he?

Have you ever been to Wicomico Parish and Cyprus Farms? We went there in

August 1998. I'll not go into detail about it, because you've probably

been there, too, but it was a wonderful trip, with the historian at the

Wicomico Parish Church and also the Northumberland genealogy records at the

County Court house and historical society being of great help to us in our

search for our roots.

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Subject: corrections to Leland info. on webpage

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Early American Marriages-Midwest, n.d..

Family Biographical Data, after 1979, Sources of Information:

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Sir Robert Douglas writes The Peerage of Scotland.

Memorial Tecord of Alabama, 1893

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Kinship report of Richard M. Leland, n.d..

L.C. Leland in Mississippi., 3/23/2000, There was a micro-fiche file of doctors in which I found four cards:( I couldn't learn where the cards came from. The quotation marks mean I couldn't decipher the handwriting, my letters aren't more than a guess.)

Leland, L.C. m Cynthia Quinn of Holmesville, Sept. 8, 1835

"Jany" Miss. "Hot" July 1857 Page 191

Leland, L.C. married Cynthia M. Quinn, "Holesville" Oct. 8, 1835

"Jais" Miss. "Hist" John 1857 pg. 191

Leland, L.C. "Std/ Mrs. Sothes" Pike Co.

Col. Peter Quinnn - Holmsville. With line drawn thru: Judge More "Ast" then : Martha Moore with line drawn thru: "Mc" Pike WPA Pioneer.

Leland, L.C. m Homesville, Miss.

Col. Peter Quinn Miss. Dist. DC 1789-1834

Martha Moore "Roman----" Co., NC 1780-1800

Make anything of it? Vic.

Leland W.Potter, Jr., n.d..

Leland/Harcum/Towles, 1/21/2000.

Letter to Mrs Maurice Vincent Duvic, 11 March 1977.

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no title, n.d., Subj: Statistics on my branch

Date: 3/6/00 11:07:34 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: anbender@leland.Stanford.EDU (Ann Bender)



Here are various corrections and additions to my branch of the family.

Edward Cox was born 14 August 1805. He died 22 Feb 1854 in Ashmore, IL.

Date of death from tombstone of Edward Cox in Ashmore, IL.

Anna Maria Cox was born 5 Jan 1841 in Ashmore, IL. She was married on 29

Feb 1872 i Ashmore. She died 14 Jan 1918 in Dallas, TX. She married Levi

Calvin Thornton, born 15 Dec 1825 in Washington County, IN. He died 9

March 1907 in Oakland, IL. At least part of that Thornton record is from

the Archives of the Soldiers and Sailors Benevolent Society, Washington,

D.C.* And their obituaries were printed.*

Anna Leland Thornton was born 19 July 1876 in Oakland IL. She married on

22 November 1899 in Oakland, IL. She died 24 July 1960 in Tulsa, OK. She

married Neil Genis Grubb, born 24 Sept 1874 in Parker Landing, PA, died 19

Aug 1964 in Tulsa, OK. The Grubb records are the Grubb Family Bible,

Record of births and deaths,* and the Probate of will and Petition to

Determine Death.*

(Mary) Elinor Grubb was born 5 March 1905 in Dallas TX, married 23 August

1932 in Tulsa OK, and died 19 October 1996 in Tulsa, OK. She married

Bradford Jennings Williams, born 28 May 1902 in Lancaster, KY, died 21

August 1961 in Tulsa, OK. This is proved by birth certificates, marriage

certificate, and probate of will of Bradford Jennings Williams.* Brad and

Elinor had two children, Ann Leland and Bradford, Jr.

Ann Leland Williams was born 2 February 1941 at Tulsa, OK, married 15

August 1967 in Tulsa OK. She married John Bryant Bender, born 19 July 1940

in Tulsa OK. This is proved by birth certificates and marriage license and


Bradford Jennings Williams, Jr., was born 10 Dec 1944 in Denver, CO,

married 21 Jan 1966 to Nanci Mullendore in Tulsa, OK. They have two

children, Brad III and Brent.

Bradford Jennings Williams, III was born 1 Oct 1967 in Tulsa, OK, married 9

Sept 1996 in Skokie, IL to Beata Duda. They have one child, Bradford

Jennings Williams, IV, born 14 Nov 1999 in New York, NY.

Brent Colin Williams was born 6 Oct 1971 in Tulsa, OK. He lives in New

York, NY and is engaged to be married.

Wherever there is an asterisk (*) above, copies of the documents were sent

to the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America for the membership

of Mary Elinor Grubb Williams first, and later documents for the membership

of Ann Leland Williams Bender in approximately 1967-68. Dates for events

occurring after my birth are of my own personal knowledge, either because I

was there, or because I was notified at the time.

Moving right along...I thought I had gotten all the statistics I needed on

the people below, but already I see gaping holes (argh!).

Maurice Grubb married (Gladys) Naomi Shipton. She was born 3 March 1906 in

Altus OK and died 9 Feb 1957 in Houston TX. They were divorced in the

early 1950s. Maurice Grubb then married Judy Hancock. He died in

approximately 1953-55.

Maurice and Naomi Grubb had one daughter. Jacqueline Grubb was born 10

Sept. 1922 in Oklahoma City, OK, and died 1 May 1972 in Houston, TX. She

married Wayne Douglas Ankenman in October 26, 1939. They were divorced in

April, 1965 in Houston, TX. Jackie and Wayne had two children, Maurie and


Maurie Ankenman was born 30 Oct 1943 in Houston, TX. She married (Eugene)

Philip Cannon in Houston on 17 August 1963. Maurie and Philip have two

children, Philip and Sarah. (Eugene) Philip Cannon, Jr. was born 11 Feb

1967 in New York, NY. He married Elinor ** . Sarah Cannon was born 26

April 1971 in Austin, TX. She married Duncan Underwood.

Doug Ankenman (Wayne Douglas Ankenman, Jr.) was born 25 Feb 1948 in

Houston, TX. He married Claire Henderson on 18 Dec 1971. They have two

children: Anna Katharine Ankenman was born 14 March 1974 in Houston, TX.

Wayne Douglas Ankenman III was born 24 May 1977 in Houston, TX.

All of the dates on Maurice Grubb and his descendants came from telephone

conversations I had last fall with Doug Ankenman, who in turn talked with

his sister, Maurie Cannon.

Turning to my mother's other brother, Howard Grubb, I can report as

follows. He was born Cornelius Howard Grubb, but changed his name to

Howard C. Grubb after being teased by his childhood classmates, who

chanted, "C. (See) Howard Grubb, etc., once too often. He was born 28 Aug

1906 in Dallas TX. He married Julia Mier (called Julita) on 25 Jan 1942

in Havana, Cuba. Howard died 3 Feb 1981 in Tulsa, OK. Julita died 9 March

1994 in Tulsa, OK. They had one daughter, whose correct name is Leland

Julia Grubb, (known as Lili) born 31 August 1943 in Tulsa, OK. Lili

married Erik C. Anderson on 28 May 1966 in Tulsa, OK. They have one

child, Erik C. Anderson, Jr., born 16 Oct 1969 in Newton, Iowa. Erik,

Lili, and Erik all live in Tulsa.

I have a little bit more to add to that, but it is on a yellow sticky in my

1999 daily calendar if I remember correctly, and I'm not sure exactly where

that is at the moment. However, this should keep you occupied until I

locate it!

Thanks again for all your efforts.


P.S. Got up this morning to find a message from a descendant of Edward

Cox's sister, who traces his Cox ancestry back to 1633. Not of much

interest to Lelands in general, but for those of us descended from

Edward/Mary or his cousin Peter/Anna Maria, this is great. By the way, I

am trying to locate someone from Anna Maria's line. Will let you know as

soon as there are results.


no title, n.d., Subj: Update.

Date: 3/1/00 3:17:52 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Arlene Thayer)


123. Charles G.6 Adams (Florence5Leland, Fabricius4, Baldwin3, John2, Jno1)

was born circa 1890.1081 He and Bertha

Sherman were married circa 1915.1082 He died after 1970.1083

Children of Charles G.6 Adams and Bertha Sherman were as follows:

197. i. Elisabeth7, b. circa 1916; m. unkown Unkown.

ii. Charles; b. circa 1918;1084 he and ? ? were married circa 1940.1085

iii. Augusta; b. circa 1920.1086

iv. (--?--); b. circa 1920.1087


Hi Rick,

Here is an update to the above from your webpage. Elizabeth Sherman Adams

was my mother.

Charles Goldsborough Adams b. about 1880, married Bertha Florence Sherman,

b. February 06, 1885, married, June 14, 1904, at Church Creek, Dorchester

County, MD.


Elizabeth Sherman Adams, b. abt 1905, (there is a

discrepancy in the birth certificate(s)), Cambridge, MD, d. July 07, 1996,

Havre de Grace, Harford County, MD. Married Charles Stewart Drennen, Jr.,

b. February 15, 1907, Cecil County, MD, d. February 29, 1988, Havre de

Grace, MD.

Charles Goldsborough Adams, Jr., b. abt 1906, Cambridge, MD,

d. White Marsh, MD, married, Clara Ruth Goldeisen, October 14, 1935.

Augusta Lee Adams, b. abt 1912, Cambridge, MD., d.

September 15, 1971, Baltimore, MD, married, William O. Jensen, Sr.

I am really enjoying the site and all your info on there. Thanks,



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