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The purpose of this Website is to share the LEMBCKE and METELMANN Family History, Photographs and Genealogical research with interested family members and distant cousins.
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The Cemetery is being cared for and has renamed from Old German Lutheran Cemetery to German Lutheran Pioneer Cemetery. It now has another spanish american war marker and several world war I markers which weren't there before. checking on which group is caring for the cemetery. thank you as the perpetual care ran out about 50 years ago.
Special Thanks goes out to MS Lois Hinshaw has been very helpful in finding documents that we had given up on finding. Obits, marriages, etc. thank you, thank you, thank you.
Many thanks to Klaus Metelmann, a cousin, for all the hard work and research that he has done. Thank you, Klaus.
Richard Lemke has provided an update on the brothers and sisters. Thanks, Richard.
There was nothing on the internet for the Kellogg Iowa line of Henry Frederick Lemke. Now, thanks to the internet and the reunification of East and West Germany, there is information about our direct lineage that previous researchers have not been able to access. I have also found that the fastest way to never hear from a cousin again is to ask them to do something to help in the research, or else provide them a copy of the CD with all the pictures. While researching the Henry Lemke line, I have found that some folks are helpful and are not related to the line and there are some folks who are related to the line and are not helpful. To all those who are helpful, thank you.

Our Great Grandparents in Mecklenburg-Schwerin

There are many things which cannot be explained or prove through public records at the Jasper County Courthouse, but this is offered for thought.
The 1880 Federal Census shows that Mary Mithelman Lemke's younger brother, Theodore Mithelmann (28) wife Minnie (22) and sons Willie (4) and Herman (3), son Fredrick would be born in a few days, had moved to Kellogg, Iowa and was living in the same house or next door to John Lemke (age 42) and children, Henry (16), Minnie (14) and Fred (12), and mother-in-law Helen Miller. Until further research is completed to identify the brothers and sisters of Wilhelm Lembcke we cannot complete the links to this branch of the Lemke family. In the same house was Theodore's Father-in-law George Topp (63) and wife, Lizzie (60).

A possibility of how the migration from Mokena Illinois occured could be that the Lutheran church advocated moving west. The History of Kellogg shows that the St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Kellogg was organized in 1870 and was mothered by St. Clement's Church of Mokema, Illinois.

The 1885 Census no longer listed Theodore Mithelman and family including in-laws in Jasper county, although Theodor's Obituary would have you believe that Minnie Topp Mithelman's Mother had died in Jasper county in 1891. Her Father died in 1896. A search of the records in both Jasper and Poweshiek counties do not show the death of either. UPDATE: MRS Elizabeth Topp died in her home in Kellogg, of lumg trouble, on Monday, April 14, 1890, aged 72 years. She leaves an aged husband and two grown daughters to mourn her demise. The Obit says she was laid to rest in the German Cemetery.

NEWS FROM MECKLENBURG - Wilhelmina Sophia Luise Toppe was born on 10 Aug 1857 in Zernien, parish Zernien, Mecklenburg-Schwerin as the daughter of the laborer Joachim Friedrich Paul Toppe and Sophia Maria Dorothea Toppe, born Toppe. Joachim's fathers name was Johann Christian Toppe and Sophia's fathers name was Johann Daniel Friedrich Toppe. They married on 2 Jan 1852 in Zernien. Together they had a second child Friedrich (Fritz) Johann Christian Toppe born 4 Oct 1852 in Zernien. Fritz Topp was naturalized on the same day as Theodore in Newton, Jasper Co, Iowa and the wife of Fritz Topp is Christina Bobzin Topp buried in the Lemke family area in the German Lutheran Cemetery in Kellogg Iowa.

Now that Memorial Day has passed, I find that I never had taken the time to add the segment about Flanders Fields. While it is possible that some of the Lemke and Mithelman relatives fought in the Civil War, the real civil war took place during the first world war. Klaus said that in researching Flanders Fields, he found that cousin had fought cousin and even brother fought brother. Realizing that, memorial day and the poppies that the VFW sells took on a whole new meaning.

In Flanders Fields
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army

IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

provided by Richard Lemke - THE RESEARCHER WRITES "But now the News: Lembcke-family: "
Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Lemke (in the records ofWestenbruegge without "b" and "c") was born illegitimate 6 March 1811 in Lehnenhof (Westenbruegge parish) as son of the coachman Johann Lemke in Lehnenhof and the maid Maria Matthews also at Lehnenhof. Both were married 24 October 1811 in Westenbruegge church. Her father called as cottager Hans Matthews. Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Lemke called as a divorced bridegroom. His first wife is mentioned as a cook-wife at Rederank and called "Elise Sophie Koch".
Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Lemke died with an age "about 40 years" at 10 March 1812 in Lehnenhof.
His second wife was born 29 December 1789 in Parchow (Westenbruegge parish) as Ann Greth Marie, daughter of Hans Hinrich Matthews (died 28 March 1819 in Lehnenhof with an age of 68 years) and his wife Ann Marie, nee Wieck, who were married 3 October 1783 in Westenbruegge. This couple moved later to Lehnenhof where I could find the birth of siblings of Ann Greth Marie.
What was happened with his widow I could not find out. I checked the marriage records ofWestenbruegge up to 1830 but could not find a further marriage of her. I could not find also her death up to 1880 in that parish. Perhaps she moved away.

The farmhand in Teplitz Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Lembcke and Anna Maria Dorothea Hoepner from Passee were married 10 May 1833 in Kirch Mulsow. The father of the bridegroom called as deceased coachman Johann Lembcke in Lehnenhof (Westenbruegge parish), the father of the bride as day laborer Friedrich Hoepner in Passee (Kirch Mulsow parish). The couple Lembcke / Hoepner had following children:

Johann Wilhelm1 Lembcke born 6 March 1811 in Lehnenhof (Westenbruegge parish). married Sophie Marie HÖPNER 10 May 1833 in Kirch Mulsow. She was born abt 1816. He died in 1881 in Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

The farmhand in Teplitz Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Lembcke and Anna Maria Dorothea Hoepner from Passee were married 10 May 1833 in Kirch Mulsow. The father of the bridegroom called as deceased coachman Johann Lembcke in Lehnenhof (Westenbruegge parish), the father of the bride as day laborer Friedrich Hoepner in Passee (Kirch Mulsow parish).

Generation Two

2. John W. Lamka (Wilhelm1) was born 20 Jun 1843 at Kirch Mulsow, Kirch Mulsow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. He was christened as Joachim Johann Christian Lembcke, and confirmed in 1859 at Altbukow, Altbukow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. He married Sabine Maria Dorothea Henriette PRALOW shown as Marie R. Prolo in the census, abt. 1870 at Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. Sabine Maria Dorothea Henriette PRALOW was born in March, 1843 at Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany

The Emigration document of Joch. Joh. Christian Lembcke with family is dated in the year 1881. At that time he is daily laborer in Hägebock, Amt (a kind of county) Alt Bukow. John, Marie and 3 children (William, John & Fred) traveled by train from Hagebock to Hamburg where they caught the Steamer.

He arrived in 1882 to Pleasant Hill, Miami, Ohio. Obtained Naturalization in October 1887 under the name of John Lemke, Probate record #08104, Miami Co., Book 2, pg. 89

He died before 1920 in Elizabeth Township, Miami, Ohio.

Children of John W. Lamka and Marie R. Prolo were as follows:


3. Henry Fredrich2 Lemke (Wilhelm1) was born on 1 Nov 1844 in Kirch Mulsow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin Germany. His Baptism was on 10 Nov 1844. He was christened as Heinrich Johann Martin Fredrich Lembcke. His GodParents were: 1. Heinrich Höpner, Kutscher (coachman), 2. Johan Vogt, Knecht, 3. Maria Maler, Mädchen (little girl),4. Friederike Jarn, All living in Kirch Mulsow (now Kirchmulsow).

He was confirmed in 1859 at Altbukow, Altbukow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. He married Marie Christine Dorthea Metelmann, daughter of Johann Joachim Hinrich Metelmann and Agneta Sophie Margarethe Strichow, on 10 Jun 1872 at AltBukow, Mechlenburg Schwerin GE. He emigrated on 10 Sep 1881 from Neubukow, Neubukow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany; Henry, Mary and 5 children (Carl, Jette, Lucie, Anna and baby Henry) traveled by train from Neubukow to Hamburg where they caught the Steamer Hamburg on the 23rd of September. At that time their destination was already known and listed on the ships manifest as Kellogg, Iowa. They arrived in Hull, England on approximately 26 September. Then taking the train to Liverpool, England they awaited a ship to America. They departed Liverpool about 1 October on the "SS City of Paris" arriving in New York on the 14th of October. Traveling again by train to arrive in Kellogg, Iowa on 19 October. His name changed to Henry Fredrich Lemke after arrival in Amerika. He was naturalized on 5 Oct 1886 in the Circuit Court, Newton, Jasper, Iowa. He died on 20 Oct 1900 in Kellogg, Iowa, at age 55 from Cancer. He was buried on 22 Oct 1900 at German Lutheren Cemetery, Kellogg.

Marie Christine Dorothea METELMANN was born on 31 Aug 1849 at Neubukow, Neubukow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. She was confirmed on 20 Mar 1864 at Neubukow, Neubukow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. She died on 7 Mar 1938 at Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa, at age 88. and was buried on 9 Mar 1938 in the German Lutheran Cemetery, Kellogg, Jasper County, Iowa.

Children of Henry Fredrich2 Lemke and Marie Christine Dorthea Metelmann were as follows:

3. Henry and Mary Lemke

8. Charles Fredrick Lemke

9. Jennie Lemke Howard

10. Minnie Lemke Eberly

11. Anna Doria Lemke Lamka

12. Henry William Lemke

13. August William Lemke

14. William Louis Lemke

15. Albert Charles Lemke

16. Herman Henry Lemke

History of Kellogg Iowa in the 1800's

Landing and lodging situation for emigrants in Hull England, 1882

Mecklenburg history

great explation of why they emigrated and explanation of cottager.



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