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- John Fitzpatrick of County Cavan and Mary 'Lennon' of County Carlow, Ireland and Their Immigration
to Woodland Twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin -

John and Mary Fitzpatrick's Tombstone

"The Fitzpatricks of Woodland Township, Sauk Co., Wisconsin" 

Getting to America was a monumental task for many Irish, who had little money, education, property or civil rights.  It was a rare Irishman who could pay the $12.50 to $25.00 to cross the Atlantic Ocean during the 1830's, 1840's and early 1850's.  Two-thirds of the money provided for the immigrants came from the Irish who had already made their way to America.  During and following the great potato famine, American Irish sent their well earned dollars home to bring over their wives, children, sisters, brothers or parents.

There isn't any published biographical information on John
FITZPATRICK, Sr. or his family, although we believe he and his spouse both came from Ireland as indicated in U.S. Censuses and on their tombstones.  John Fitzpatrick came from County Cavan and Mary 'LENNON' from County Carlow.  The 1900 U.S. Census for Woodland Twp., Sauk Co., Wisconsin shows Mary immigrated in 1850 and has lived in the United States for 50 years.  Their first child, John Jr., was born 2 April 1854 in Wisconsin.  Whether they met and were married  in Ireland or America is yet to be discovered.

John filed his Declaration of Intent on 4 November 1856, and is shown to be a citizen in the 1870 U.S. Census.  This researcher has not found other evidence of his naturalization or citizenship.

John Fitzpatrick, of Woodland Twp., Sauk Co., Wis., registers his purchase of 80 acres of public land at the General Land Office of the U.S. at Mineral Point, Wis. on 1 June 1858.  On 14 May 1861 John and Mary secure another 80 acres.
John died intestate on 7 March 1887.  On 22 December 1888 John's children relinquish any rights to his property in favor of his wife, Mary, and on 6 May 1892 Mary quit claimed 80 acres to her third eldest son, Peter. 

Anecdotal information claims that Mary came to the U.S. with a sister, named Anne or Rosanne, and that her family was sometimes called 'LEONARD' or 'LENNON' in America.  The name could have been McCLENNON in Ireland, which was claimed to have been a common name in County Carlow from where she came.  Her family is said to have worked on a large estate in Ireland, her brother as a hosteller.  The information on her death certificate came from John and Mary's son, John Jr.  He states that her maiden name was LENNON.  Her origins in County Carlow have yet to be pinpointed.  Mary was blinded by cataracts in her later years and died in a house fire on 1 April 1918. 

Probate records, dated 4 October 1920, list the names of John Fitzpatrick, Sr.'s heirs as Mary, widow, now deceased; John; Jim; Mary, now BOWMAN; Peter; Rosanne [SALCHENBERG]; Dennis and Thomas.  Each were to inherit an undivided one-seventh of the estate,  so the seven children and their families decided to sell the farm.  Notice was given in the Baraboo Daily Republic , on 11 October 1921, and a date of 1 November 1921 was set for examination of the farm for determination of cash value and for assignment of the residue of the estate. 

On 2 May 1922, in the final administration of the estate of John Fitzpatrick Sr., the personal property was determined insufficient to pay the costs of administration and the debts filed and allowed against the estate.  As $500 had been awarded the heirs for a tombstone for John Sr. and distribution of assets had been made, each heir was assessed $11.60 for the unpaid inheritance tax.  Peter Fitzpatrick, Mary BOWMAN, James Fitzpatrick and Rosanna SALCHENBERG paid their portion.  Dennis Fitzpatrick did not pay his portion, as his whereabouts was unknown and never determined, John Jr. had died, and there was no mention of Thomas in this regard.  John and Mary were buried at St. Theresa's Cemetery in Union Center, Sauk Co., Wis.

    John's son, Peter, was born in Woodland Twp. in 1861 and married Dorothea Belle MC KOON, daughter of William Alonzo McKoon and Adeline MC CONNELL, in 1888.  He and Dora lived most of their lives in Woodland Twp., however, the last published census [1930] finds his widowed son [Fred], several adult children and grandchildren living with he and Dora in Aurora Twp., Taylor Co., Wisconsin.  Peter and Dora both died in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Co., Wis. and are buried at Cornell, Chippewa Co., Wis.

Dennis, Peter's son, was born in Woodland Twp. in 1890 and married Myrtle Evelyn NEWKIRK, daughter of Lewis Levi Newkirk and Lillian K. GEORGE, in 1918.  Dennis and Myrtle raised a large family in Juneau, Taylor, Milwaukee and Walworth Counties, Wis.  He was a finishing carpenter who worked
on new houses.  He earned extra money by singing and playing his fiddle for dances.  Dennis died in 1960 and Myrtle in 1968; both are buried at St. Peter's Cemetery in East Troy, Walworth Co., Wis.
John1, Peter2, Dennis3 and Mary4  Fitzpatrick are my direct line ancestors. 

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