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The history of Peter LeValley of Warwick RI and all of his descendants
is being prepared for publication--probably in 2020.
50 years of research add up to two volumes of about 600 pages each.
There will be black & white pictures where possible, plus an 8-page color section.
The 2-volume set will cost around $100.
No money needs to change hands now, but we do need an idea of how many books to print.
So if you or other family members are interested, notify the author:
These books will make lasting gifts.

    This information has been posted on RootsWeb for many years.  But they have taken all of their family sites down for repairs lasting several months.  Space on this personal web site is limited, so only part of that information is temporarily stored here.  If you encounter a link that doesn't work, it leads to a page that is not here.  You will have to wait until the RootsWeb restoration for those pages.

    This site is to help people looking for your LeValley ancestors.  The LaValley spelling is not included (except for a couple of branches in New York and Oklahoma who didn't know how to spell their own names).  LaValley families tend to be of French-Canadian Catholic origin; they have their own list at RootsWeb.  LeValley seems to be a Channel Islands spelling, and their history is mostly protestant.  If you are still with us, follow these four steps:

    1.  Determine which LeValley family you belong to.

    2.  Whether or not you have found your answer by now, please take the time to look through three lists of mystery LeValleys, and let us know if you can identify even one of these people:
    a.  Mystery LeValleys from old telephone books
    b.  Mystery LeValleys from census records
    c.  Mystery LeValleys from miscellaneous sources

    3.  To communicate with other researchers, join the LeValley mailing list at RootsWeb:  Write the single word subscribe on the subject line, and again in the body.  Unless we are making some exciting discovery, list traffic is usually light.

    4.  Send us a letter of introduction, explaining who you are, where you may fit in, and what you are looking for.  Here is mine.


The various LeValley families
Variations on spelling
Migration routes of the LeValleys
DNA test results
Abbreviated family trees
Surnames of people who married into the Peter LeValley family
Surnames of people who married into other LeValley families
LeValley as a first or middle name
Places named after LeValleys
LeValley veterans
Books by LeValley authors
False leads
Social Security Death Index
Census records searched
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New York state censuses
Mystery LeValleys from old telephone books
Mystery LeValleys from census records
Mystery LeValleys from miscellaneous sources
Introductions of list members
Introduction by Paul LeValley
Progress reports
Most wanted LeValleys
Photographs located (not here)
Documents on the Peter LeValley family
    Snow ms. on descendants of Peter's 1st son Peter
    Manuscripts on descendants of Peter's 2nd son John
    Bible records of descendants of Peter's 3rd son Michael
    Loose ends on the Peter LeValley family
Documents on the Xenia Ohio LeVally/LeValley family
    Paxson ms. (not here)
    Edna LeValley ms. (not here)
Documents on the Valcartier Quebec LeVallee/LeValley family (not here)
    Earlier generations on the isle of Alderney in the Channel Islands (not here)
Documents on the Prosper LeValley family (not here)
Documents on the Coldwater Michigan orphanage LeValley family (not here)
Fragments on black LeValley families