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    Over the centuries, several LeValley women have passed their maiden name on to their children or grandchildren as a middle (or sometimes first) name.  Here are the known examples:

Ayres, Geoffrey LeValley (same as Lloyd LeValley Crouch)--Peter C-51+
Babcock, Clara LeValley--unknown
Baker, Hattie LeValley (b. 1888)--Peter D-54+

Baker, LeValley Christopher--Peter D-54+
Baldwin, Richard LeValley--Valcartier
Barnes, Harriet LeValley--Peter A-128+
Belden, Harry (or Harvey) LeValley--Peter A-103+
Benedict, Ira LeValley--Peter D-13+
Bennett, Eleanor LeValley (b. 1872 RI)--unknown
Berger, Bobby LeValley--Xenia part 1 (son or grandson of Marie Ramsey LeValley Berger)
Bishop, Leonard LeValley Sr.--Peter D-138+
Bishop, Leonard LeValley Jr.--Peter D-138+
Bond, Nelson LeValley--probably Valcartier LeValley family
Bowen, Rebecca LeValley--Peter A-41+

Braden, LeValley "Prince"--(buried in a pet cemetery in Ponca City OK--probably not a person)
Branch, Edwin LeValley--Peter A-47+
Brayton, Martha LeValley--probably Peter B-2+
Brockway, LeValley Irving--probably Peter E-112+
Buggee, Keith Russell LeValley (b. Australia)--unknown
Cauchon or Caucheon,
Thomas LeValley--unknown
Chaddock, Guy LeValley--Peter D-36+
Chaddock, John LeValley--Peter D-36+
Chaddock, Mary LeValley--Peter D-36+
Chitry, Milburn LeValley--unknown

Church, Douglas Arakel LeValley--Peter F-33+
Church, Howard LeValley--Peter F-33+
Church, Robert LeValley--Peter F-33+
Colvin, Montgomery LeValley--Peter B-158+
Conley, Herbert LeValley--Peter D-63+
Corbin, Ara LeValley--probably named after Peter D-10, but no known relation
Crouch, Lloyd LeValley (same as Geoffrey LeValley Ayres)--Peter C-51+
Culbert, Clayton LeValley--Peter C-9+
Culbert, Elman LeValley--Peter C-9+
Curtis, LeValley Richard--Peter D-6+
Denson, LeValley (b. 1914 MS)--unknown
Dimmick, LeValley Sr. (male)--Peter D-38+
Dimmick, LeValley Jr. (male)--Peter D-38+
Erb, Otis LeValley--Peter H-161+
Evans, Bianca LeVally--Xenia part 1
Evans, Keifer LeVally--Xenia part 1
Ewell, Mary LeValley--cousin of the Chaddocks, probably named after their mother, Peter D-36
Ferrell, Valle (female)--Peter D-82+
Fletcher, LeValley (male)--unknown
Freed, Anna LeValley--unknown
Gardner, Amos LeValley--Peter J-187+
Gaul, Theodore LeValley--Peter D-25+

Goodwin, Robert LeValley--Peter H-29+
Gould, Arthur LeValley--Peter A-51+
Gould, Howard LeValley--Peter A-51+
Gregory, LeValley B. (b. 1896 MI)--unknown
Hargreaves, Mary LeValley--Peter-D-13+
Harry, W. LeValley (male)--Peter C-45+
Hawk, Jeffrey LeValle--Peter D-42+
Helenbolt, John LeValley 1864-1939--probably named after Peter D-33 but no known relation
Henry, Natalie LeValley--Peter B-29+
Henry, Nathan LeValley--Peter B-29+
Hewitt, LeValley M. (f) m. Grant Jump in 1890 in Furness Co. NE--unknown
Howland, Gertrude LeValley (daughter of 
Joanna LeValley Remington)--probably Peter J-143+
Hyde, Mildred LeValley (1917-18)--unknown
Inman, LeValley A. (female)--descended from LeValley Ann Lovell--published a recipe from Newport RI

Irish, Clayton LaValle--Peter C-56
Johnson, Caleb LeValley--Peter J-187+
Kinkaide, Sarah LeValley Raynor  (see Raynor)
Kirk, Elmer LeValley--Peter C-10+
Kretschmar, Frederick LeValley--Xenia part 1
Larison, Fred LeValley--Peter H-9+
Lovell, LeValley Ann--unknown.  b. c.1851 Smithfield RI, dau. George Lovell & Lucinda Buffum
Lovell, Marie LeValley--Peter J-145+
Lull, Vera LeValley--Prosper line
Lund, LeVal (male)--Peter D-48+
Lund, LeVal Jr.--Peter D-48+
Luther, Caroline LeValley--probably named after her parent's friend, Peter B-165
Matteson, Christopher LeValley--Peter B-151+
Matteson, George LeValley--Peter B-151+
Matteson, James LeValley--Peter B-151+
McAvoy, William LeValley--unknown
McKaughan, LeValley Gay--unknown
Miller, Lawrence LeValley--Peter C-9+

Miller, LeValley H.--unknown widow, probably Xenia part 1
Mills, LeValley--unknown, apparently male
Minnich, Maria LeValley--Peter J-145+
Moore, Percy LeValley--Peter A-39+
Myers (or Meyer), Joseph LeValley--Peter J-6+
Nagle, Parker LeValley--Peter G-103+
Nichols, LeValley (male)--Peter D-63+
Northcutt, Nicholas LeValley--Peter B-28+
Olson, Ryan LeValley--Valcartier
Otterson, Wayne LeValley--Peter F-37+
Overton, Grace LeValle--Peter D-134+
Page, Leo LeValley (b. 1901)--unknown
Pattison, LeValley (female)--Peter D-48+
Pattison, Logan LeVal (male)--Peter D-48+
Peabody, Charlotte LeValley--grandniece of the wife of Peter A-128
Prescott, LeValley B. (male b. 1866 ME)--unknown
Raynor, Sarah LeValley--Peter D-135+
Remington, Benjamin LeValley (b. 1828)--Peter J-143+
Remington, Benjamin LeValley Jr. (b. 1862)--Peter J-143+
Remington, Benjamin LeValley III (b. 1890)--Peter J-143+
Remington, Benjamin LeValley IV (b. 1922)--Peter J-143+
Remington, Benjamin LeValley V (b. 1957)--Peter J-143+
Remington, Joanna LeValley--probably Peter J-143+
Ross, John LeValley (1908-  )--unknown
Rinehart, Gordon LeValley--Valcartier
Savery, Susanna LeValley (b. 1794)--unknown.  (too early for the Peter LeValley family)
Seymour, Natasha LeValley--Peter G-53.1 (officially changed her maiden name to middle name after marriage)
Shields, Harry LeValley--Peter H-121+
Smith, Annie LeValley  (m. 1879 Milwaukee), daughter of Lavina--perhaps Xenia part 1
Smith, LeValley (male b. 1850 MS)--unknown
Smith, Marcina LeValley (b. 1828 East Haddam CT)--probably named after wife of Peter A-48
Smith, Marvel LeValley (b. 9/24/1899 Denver CO)--unknown
Snyder, LeVally (b. c.1855 Lafayette IL)--unknown
Spencer, Lee Valley--Peter A-114+
Spencer, Lydia LeValley--probably a granddaughter of Peter A-62
Spencer, Rev. Peter LeValley--Peter A-114+
Spencer, Peter LeValley, Jr.--Peter A-114+
Spencer, Piers LeValley--Peter A-114+
Sperbeck, LaVelle--probably nephew or niece of Peter D-92
Springer, Herbert LaValley--Peter D-6+
Springer, LaValley John--Peter D-6+
Stanley, Howard LeValley--Peter D-134+
Stanton, Charlotte LeValley Peabody (see Peabody)
Sweet, Grace LeValley--Peter J-134.1+
Taylor, Arthur LeValley--probably Peter A-9+
Taylor, George LeValley--Peter A-9+
Terrell, Manoah LeValley (male)--Peter B-151+
Thompson, George LeValley (b. 1862 Ashtabula OH)--unknown--probably the Xenia OH group
Thornes, Brigette LeValley--Peter B-24+
Tibbits, Charles LeValley--Peter C-1+
Tibbits, Floyd LeValley--Peter C-5+
Tibbits, George LeValley--Peter C-1+
Tibbits, James LeValley --Peter C-1+
Torrey, Ray LeValley Sr.--Peter D-47+
Torrey, Ray LeValley Jr.--Peter D-47+
Travis, Lawrence LeValley--Peter A-59.1+
Umstead, Clyde LeValley--Peter G-71+

Vandervoort, LeValley (male)--Peter C-13+
Walck, Patricia Ann LeValley (b. 1938)--unknown.  Apparently named after one of Peter's descendants at Lockport NY
Walls, LeValley (male)--unknown, probably Xenia
Watanabe, Valle Ferrell (see Ferrell)
Weeks, Edwin LeValley--Peter B-100

Cook has also been a frequent middle name in some lines descended from Peter LeValley's son John, who married (1) Hester (probably Cook).

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