Updated May 1, 2015

    So far, old family photographs have been scanned in any number only in the Peter LeValley family and the Prosper LeValley family.  The very few posted on the internet are so noted.  Starred items are available only in low-quality paper copies, and have not yet been scanned.


A-1 PETER LEVALLEY  c.1683-1757  =Sarah
    floorplan of the house
    several photos of stripped-down interior
    Old Naragansett Church
A-3 PETER SR.  c.1728-1818  =Mary Haynes
A-28 EDWIN  1828-72 =Hannah Rathbone*
    photo of Hannah
A-29 HENRY E.  1853-1930  =Elizabeth Small
    drawing with guitar stand
A-32 THOMAS B.  1832-93  =L. Amanda Edwards
A-37 MERCY  1872-1915  =John Capron
    photo as child with sister Ella
A-59.2 CHARLES J. 1870-1957 =Mary Thomas
    photo while in legislature
A-59.7 BRANDON  1954-  =Dawn Sundin
    low resolution photo
A-59.9 NOLA  1910-85 =Jetie "Jack" Hennesy
    snapshot of couple
A-69 LUCY  1858-1940 =Edward Smith
    photo of Lucy
A-121 SUSAN  1799-1873
A-134 M. AMANDA  1805-75
    sampler--bad glare

    *1906 reunion
B-4 JAMES  1767-1840  =Sarah Aylesworth
    Sarah's tombstone
    Silhouette of Lydia Aylesworth, Sarah's sister
    tree & yellow stone marker
B-12 JESSE  1869-1957 =Emma Wumphrey  =Maud Taylor
    grave of Jesse and Maud
B-14 BURT  1874-1966
    nameplate from his cash register
B-21 LEWIS  1913-2005 =Betty Champlin
    photo of Betty 1940
B-25 WILLIAM  1950-    =Deborah Grugin
    informal photo of Bill and daughter Lauren at her wedding
B-50 CAROL  1959-  =Joshua Harris
    photo of Carol
B-58 HOWARD 1890-1963  =Florence Helms
B-62 CASSIUS 1854-94  =Eunice Sabin
    photo of couple with children
B-64 ALBERT  1886-1960  =Lena Hodges  =Vernie Walter
    informal photo
    photo of Lena
    composite photo with 2 wives
B-67 CLYDE  1920-2008 =Dorothy Luft-Wildermuth
    Clyde as child
    Robert & Clyde as children
    wedding portrait of couple and Claude
    older photo
B-83 FLORA  1888-1988  =H. Warner Scarbrough
    informal photo
    Warner on horse
B-102 CHARLES  1842-1903 =Susan
    Charles' tombstone
B-103  MOREAU  1806-67  =Sarah*
B-143 GEORGE W.  1818-77  =Marilda Norris
B-153 CHRISTOPHER  1775-1837 =Sarah "Sally"
    Sarah's tombstone
B-156 HORACE  1801-27

    1916 reunion
    LeValley School
C-2 GEORGE T.  1795-1870
C-4 LEANDER  1819-1908  =Esther Cutting
    photo--low quality
    Leander & Esther's tombstone
    family snapshot
    50th wedding with his Oliver and Brant sisters and husbands
C-7 ORLANDO  1848-1948  =Hannah Titus
    photo--young  http://HalDigitalcollections.cdmhost.com
    photo    http://www.detnews.com/history/gar/gar.htm
    family portrait
C-10 EFFA  1880-1976  =Wylie Kirk
    Effie young
    Effie with parents and child
C-15 L. RODOLPHO  1853-1929
    =Mary Leach
    "Rudolph" tombstone
    Flora's tombstone
C-19 GEORGE T.  IV  1857-1921  =Mary Anne Henley
    George & Mary's tombstones
C-34 ADELBERT  1862-1933
        =Rosa Leach
        =Emma Hodge
    fish camp with Reuben Clark
    Adelbert's tombstone
    Emma's tombstone
C-37 DONALD  1906-83  =Hazel Gardner
    Donald's tombstone
C-44 GEORGE III  1821-75
    George's tombstone
C-45 CLEANTHA  1848-1927 =Stephen Harry
    informal photo (poor)
C-46 SARAH  1850-1928  =Dexter May
    informal photo
C-50 FREDERICK MORTIMER  1822-73 =Nancy North  =Maria Burritt
    painted photo
    Maria--painted photo
    young photo
C-51 NANCY  1859-1940 =Charles Eichholtz
    photo in garden
C-52 FREDERICK B.  1862-1912  =Clarissa Bartley
    photo as child
    Clarissa and Morte
C-53 EARL  1898-1910
    Informal photo with Morte
C-54 F. MORTIMER  1902-86    =Violet*        =Eleanor Frost
    Boy Scout photo
    Photo with bicycle
C-57 HELEN  1902-84    =Jay Goddard +++    =Herman Laur
    Young with Morte
C-61 ESTHER  1827-    =Isaac Oliver
    See C-4
C-63 SIMEON  1832-64  =Caroline Pinnell
C-67 HARRIET  1834-  =George Brant  =Burwill Rockwell
    See C-4
C-78 JOHN COOK 1799-1868
        =Betsey Wheeler
        =Eleanor Johnson
    Betsey's tombstone
    Eleanor's tombstone
C-79 ADELINE  1830-1913  =Douglas Tibbits Sr. +++
    tombstone of couple and her sister Marion
C-81 OLIVER  1835-99
    photo in Civil War uniform
    gold-trimmed version of same
C-82 WILLIAM M.  1857-1934  =Emma Russell
    photo--couple with 4 oldest children
C-83 MORTIMER  1884-1959 =Nancy Hines
    photo--couple with 2 oldest daughters--grainy
C-127 RUSSELL  1918-98 =Elizabeth Kruse  =Gertrude Meserve Tubbs
    informal photo of Gertrude in plane
C-129 BRENT  1949-    =Dianna Taylor
    photo of Brent
C-150 RUBAH  1892-1975 =Losson Dunston  =Rufus Matthews
C-185 LEEMAN  1879-1961  =Fannie Quinney
    photo with brothers Norman and Murt
C-188 JAMES  1855-1911  =Irene Hallead Baker*
    James' tombstone

D-10 ARA  1814-1900 =Hannah Jones
    tomb monument
D-11 ADELINE  1841-77 =Herman Timmerman
D-12 ERI  1817-1910
    photo--middle age  http://www.migenweb.net/ionia/Pioneeralbum/PioneerPhotos.htm
    photo--old age--grainy
    photo of Phebe  http://www.migenweb.net/ionia/Pioneeralbum/PioneerPhotos.htm
D-28 IRI  1818-97
    photo of original church--grainy
    photo of new church--grainy
D-32 CHRISTOPHER  1787-1827 =Lydia Barnard*
    double tombstone
    family graves
D-33 JOHN I  1810-89
            =Almeda Norton
            =Adeline Norton
            =Seraphine Davis
    photos of John & Seraphine in middle age
    photo of John & Seraphine in old age
    photo of John in old age
    photo of Seraphine in middle age
    sketch of cottage in Owosso
    tombstone: John & Seraphine
    tombstone: Almeda & Adeline
D-34 A. C. JANE  1844-1927 =Henry Peterson +++
    sketch of house in Owosso
D-36 L. MATILDA  1848-87 =Emory Chaddock Sr.
    Emory Chaddock photo
D-39 JOHN II  1859-1921
    photo as baby
    photo age 19
    photo with wife & baby
D-48 ADELINE "LINA"  1863-1937 =George Lund
    photo of Lina when young
    photo of Lina
    photo of couple with children
    photo of George
    photo of George in middle age
    photo of George on burro
D-51 LYDIA  1816-91 =Alonzo Torrey
    photo of couple in middle age
    photos of couple in old age
D-52 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS  1819-1893  =Harriet Derby
    autographed photo of C. C.
D-56 C. JANE  1824-    =Horace Perry
D-62 RHODERICK  1797-1887 =Polly Dingman
    *photo of croquet game in yard
D-63 DAVID  1820-93 =M.A. "Hetty" Allen
    *photo of Hetty
D-65 NEWELL LaValley  1850-1917 =Antoinette Fish
    photo of couple
D-66 EVELYN LaValley  1873-   =James Owens
    photo of couple with children
D-70 LELAND LaValley  1885-1966 =Lillian Kern
    photo of Lillian with Evelyn Owens on the right
D-75 WELLINGTON LaValley  1854-    =Alice Richart
    *photo he took of his wife and children
D-90.2 WILLIAM LaValley 1900-90 =Ellethra Stevens
    photo of Ellethra

E-4 ELIZABETH  1837-1920 =William Suydam +++
    photo of couple
E-8 IVAN  1912-95 =Orpha Morgan
    photo of couple with children
E-21 ANGELINE  1819-97
    =John Dales +++
    =Austin Gaines*
    her tombstone shared with George Dales
E-34 KATHERINE  1875-1969 =Charles Hoxie
    low resolution photo of her in old age
E-79 PETER W.  1952-    =Bonnie Cummings
E-92 FRED  1855-1946 =Ella Porter

F-10 GEORGE C.  1822-1814  =Harriet Brunson  =E. Jane Miles
    Harriet's tombstone--perhaps carved by James Nelson LeValley
F-15 F. "NELLIE"  1878-1967 =George Pethtel* +++
    photos of couple
F-28 JENNIE  1891-1941 =Benjamin Allen
    Photo of Ben and Jennie
F-33 MARY  1856-1932 =Henry Church
    Photo of Mary, Susan Henrietta, and Wilmetta Harrison
F-34 E. FRANCES  1858-95 =Charles Waterbury
    photo of Charles
F-36 G. EDWIN  1862-1949 =S. Henrietta Gaines
    photo of Edwin as child
    photo of family in 1898
    photo of ranch before planting trees
F-37 DOROTHY  1895-1994 =Wilbert Otterson
    photo of Dorothy and all brothers and sisters
F-40 PATRICIA  1924-98
    photo of Jeanette Newell and Pat
F-53 JEANETTE  1899-1989 =Robert Newell
    graduation portrait of Jeanette in nurse cap
F-54 JEAN  1901-93 =Hilda Thomas Byrnes*
    photo of jean and father in Jean's kitchen
F-55 EDWIN  1925-98 =Phylis Burnquist
    photo of Phylis
F-75 SILAS  1830-1904 =Minerva O'Mealey
    photo of couple--grainy
F-80 FRANK  1863-1932 =Ellen Yaple
    photo--poor quality
F-83 RITTNER  1910-90 =Letha Monroe
    photo of couple with 2 children--grainy
F-112 MARVIN  1924-89  =Elizabeth Yokum
    photo of Elizabeth
F-119 RICHARD  1950-2011 =Pamela Davis
    photo of Richard

G-1 STEPHEN E.  1834-1915
G-2 BETSY  1856-
G-78 GUY  1945-
    =Lynette Brunner
    =Cheryl Hendricks
    =Kathleen "Kathee" Benton
    informal photo of Kathee

H-10 CHARLES  1858-1917  =Lillie Hudson
    photo--low resolution    http://www.itsjudy.com/harrison/harrphoto.htm
    Lillie photo--low resolution   "
H-38 WALTER  1877-1955
    =Ada Cox
    =Vera Gatrost
    first wedding
    2nd wedding
    Walter and Vera older
H-40 HUGH  1917-80
    =Marguerite Behm*
    =Dorothy Kelley
    baby picture with Frances
    snapshot with Keith--low quality
H-43 FRANCES  1918-2006 =Harry Schley +++
    baby picture with Hugh
H-45 KEITH  1921-2006    =Evelyn Amsberry
    snapshot with Hugh--low quality
H-72 JOSEPH  1846-1904/5  =M. Katherine Miller
    Joseph photo
    Katherine miniature painting as young woman
    tombstone--also enhanced version
H-74 ETHEL  1901-72 =Harry Gerhard
    Ethel snapshot by car
H-77 LUELLA  1909-60 =Merrill Street*
    photo of Merrill
H-82 ETTA 1876-1947 = Frank Churchill +++
H-87 S. LABELLE  1888-1963 =A. Fred Everhart
H-88 BURTON  1890-1967
    photo as boy
H-93 W. HENRY  1826-1913 =L. Catherine Sansbury
    wedding photo
    photo with grandchildren
    photo of Catherine in old age
H-94 WILLIAM C.  1852-1932 =Mary Allen
H-100 GEORGE  1887-1959 =Mary Foster
    photo with father
    photo of couple
H-104 THOMAS  1890-1932
H-114 EMMA  1870-1950  =William Anderson
H-115 ROSA  1873-93
H-116 GERTRUDE  1874-1960  =S. George Simmons  =Edward Glavin
H-120 DANIEL  1834-1908 =Mary Jane Cook
    snapshot of Mary Jane in old age
H-122 MILDRED  1862-    =James Murphy
    photo as young woman
H-135.2  RAY  1896-
    photo as a boy
H-136 LAURENCE  1875-1936 =Hattie Druin
    photo of Hattie
H-152 DAISY  1876-1955  =Ed Sayles
    photo of couple with child
H-154 P. CLYDE  1884-1962 =Pearl Hays
    informal photo of couple
H-158 PHEBE  1830-1904 =Joseph Garland
    Joseph Garland photo--grainy
    Garland family
H-167 CATHERINE  1813-54 =Lyman Chapman
    Lyman Chapman photo
        For these pictures, start at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/7895/Chapman.htm.  Scroll to the bottom and click Chapman Photos.

I-5 JOSEPH E. LaValley  1881-c.1920 =Ida Holman Strawn Steele*
    Ida's tombstone b&w
I-14  LEE R. LaValley  1917-92
    photo as soldier
I-14.1  DEMONTRAL LaValley 1920-75 =James McDermid
    informal photo
I-20 PINKNEY LaValley  1858-1916 =Mary Floyd Allen Arnold*
    double portrait
I-22 MANUEL LaValley  1887-1972 = Arizona Cleghorn
    informal photo of couple
I-31 CLINTON LaValley  1911-95 =Lula Brandon
    informal photo with brother Clinton
I-48 CHELSEA LaValley (m)  1914-81 =R. Imogene Cotten
    informal photo with brother Chelsea

J-8 HENRY  1798-1856 =Elisabeth Sherman
    grainy photo of Elisabeth in old age
J-12 BENJAMIN F. SR  1827-1925 =Isabella Roberts
    photo of couple
J-25 GENEVA  1916-2011
    =John Culbertson Jr.
    =Edward Maier
    photo of Geneva--low resolution
J-39 J. LUELLA  1857-1937 =Frederick Wells
    wedding photos
J-41 ELECTA  1829-96 =Sylvanus Williams +++
    low resolution picture of Electa
    low resolution picture of Sylvanus
J-103 NEIL  1969-  =Stacey Klinzing
    Stacey and her daughter Alyssa
J-116 A. LEROY  1899-1982 =Viola Rankin
    tombstone--low resolution
J-142 CHRISTOPHER  1833-1918 =Helen Spencer
    illustration for patenting the chain drive
J-144 BENJAMIN  1801-92 =Emeline Borden
    photo--middle aged
    photo of Emeline
J-145 MARY  1827-1905 =Emer Lovell +++
    photo of Emer
J-149 BENJAMIN W.  1836-1911
    photo--younger  http://www.thesorensens.net/familytree/ppg229.htm
    photo--older       "
J-150 SARAH  1841-76
J-151 JAMES  1846-82
J-152 EMELINE  1849-    =John McArthur +++
    photo of husband only
J-161 FRANK  1873-1942
    photo of house   http://www.westporthistory.com/photos/archives/


FRANKLIN O. "Ted"  1894-1951 =Alice Hulse
    informal photo   http://woolmancentral.com/photo10.html
WILLIAM E.  1915-2000  =M. Virginia Martin
    photo as child   http://woolmancentral.com/photo10.html
MARY A.  1918-78 =Walter Mahns
    photo   http://woolmancentral.com/photo11.html
ELWOOD 1900-62
LAWRENCE 1900-87
    baby picture of twins   http://woolmancentral.com/photo8.html


BENJAMIN  1867-1950 =Laura McBain
    picture of his livery stable   www.geocities.com/Heartland/Fields/6175/levalley.htm


ELIZABETH 1798-   =John LeVeck +++
    photo of couple   http://fadedintothemistsoftime.com/MG5/Leveck/LouisSr/LouisLeveckSr.htm

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