James O. Culpepper of Idaho Falls1,2

M, (26 March 1943 - 13 October 2014)
Birth*26 March 1943 He was born on 26 March 1943 at Jackson, Hinds Co., Mississippi.3,4 
Death*13 October 2014 He died at Hamilton, Ravalli Co., Montana, on 13 October 2014 at age 71.4 
Obituary*say 14 October 2014 James “Jim” Culpepper passed away on Monday, October 13, 2014 in Hamilton, Montana. There will be a viewing on Thursday, October 16, 2014 from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the Jones & Casey Funeral Home of Salmon, Idaho. Burial will be in the Idaho Veterans Cemetery with Military Honors on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in Boise, Idaho. www.jonesandcaseyfh.com

He was born on March 26, 1943 in Jackson, Mississippi. He was raised by his mother Ruth Foster until the age of three, then with an aunt in Michigan until the age of seven. Jim was sent to live with his grandparents Bill and Gertrude in Talketna, Alaska. At the age of twelve, Jim learned to fly Bush planes and was flying mail and supplies. He received his pilot’s license at the age of sixteen.

Jim joined the Navy at age seventeen and served for four years, 1960 – 1964. He spent two years in Viet Nam as an Intelligence Advisor. Following his military service, Jim went to college and earned his Engineering degree. He spent the next twenty years designing and building bridges in Africa. He met the love of his life there, Tessy Wazaio (Lady Sun). They spent many months traveling and experiencing the sights of Africa and Europe together.

He worked in Africa for six more years then returned to the states. He lived in Los Angeles for a while, and then moved to Idaho Falls to escape the crowds.

In 1989, Jim suffered a stroke and lost his life’s savings and most of his possessions. He returned to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Sociology. He relocated to Salmon where he worked under Darlene Golas. He joined a group of fellow Combat Veterans to help himself deal with his PTSD. Jim died a premature death due to cigarette smoking.4 
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Alice Field1

F, (1625 - )
Birth*1625 She was born in 1625.1 
Marriage*1640 She married Dr. Nicholas Culpeper the Herbalist at London, England, in 1640. Nicholas planned to marry the heiress Judith Rivers whom he had known since childhood. Their relationship developed unnoticed by their respective families. When Nicholas was sent to Cambridge they had to endure a painful separation, though they remained in touch by letter. They desired to be united by marriage however, and knowing that Judith's family would not give them their consent, they decided to elope. Their plan was to meet near Lewes, to secretly marry and then remain a while in the Netherlands until the familial animosity died down. Tragically, his beloved's coach was struck by lightning on the way to the rendezvous and she was killed. On learning the fate of his fiancée Nicholas was overcome by intense sorrow.

After his disasterous first attempt to be married, Nicholas finally found love in 1640 at the age of 24, when he married Alice Field. Alice, 15, had just inherited a considerable fortune. They met whilst Culpeper successfully treated her father for gouty arthritis. Using her large dowry he was able to build a house on Red Lion Street, next door to the Red Lion Inn in Spitalfields, now in the East End of London... By his 14th year of marriage to Alice, they had 7 children but only his daughter Mary outlived him.

(Alice afterwards married John Heydon, author of "The Evangelical Guide.")1 
Married Name1640  As of 1640, her married name was Culpeper.1 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 


Dr. Nicholas Culpeper the Herbalist (18 October 1616 - 10 January 1654)
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