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This page is part of the introduction. The second part is here.

Welcome to the 2011 version of the Johannes Hahn Family History site, hosted by and presented by Linda H. Setzer, a sixth-generation descendant. Elsewhere on this page you will find a search link that will allow you to search for others of the Hahn/Hawn/Honn/Haun family.

This will probably be my swan song, as it is the third (fourth?) version of research surrounding this family. I have a few things I wish to say:

As you go through these pages, please be forgiving of typos, awkward sentences, extraneous information and incomplete thoughts. I tried to catch them all but I'm sure some slipped through. Often I worked late into the night and my thought processes suffered.

Please don't attempt to copy my work, outside of names and dates on the public record. The copyright law specifically protects thoughts, expressions and ideas but not public record. If you want information, I'll be glad to share (give you permission) providing you state how you plan to use the information and will acknowledge my contribution. Many people have used excerpts from my web site and my name is nowhere to be found. It isn't that I seek the limelight, but I've worked hard on this information. To see it appear under someone else's name disappoints me.

However, if you wish to take on the responsibility of continuing this project, I will turn over all my files.

I welcome new information but please tell me how you know this, in detail. You may be a descendant, have documents or have heard stories. Some carry more weight than others.


Johannes Hahn was born in Frechenfeld, Germany on June 12, 1712 to Maria Otillia Eichenlaub and Johan Jacob Hahn. Some records show two brothers, Johann Jacob and Conrad, but little is known of these two.

He arrived in America on October 17, 1751 with his wife, Elizabeth Margaretha, and several children. He and his family lived in Philadelphia for 14 years, then migrated to North Carolina's Rowan County, which today is Catawba County. By then his first wife had died and he had married Agnes, whose last name has been alternately shown as Langle, Legnin and Langnin and perhaps some others. It is uncertain which is correct. By the time his family was complete, he had fathered more than 20 children, some of whom had left North Carolina for parts West. In some cases, their children did so. Along the way Johannes's last name changed from Hahn to Hawn or Honn or Haun or even Hohne or Hahne. There may be other spellings of which I am unaware. One record says Johannes had changed his name to honor King George but I have been unable to find proof.

If you click here, you will find additional details about Johannes and his family that are not shown elsewhere in these pages.

Lorena Eaker, author of "German Speaking People West of the Catawba River 1750-1800" has provided much of the information herein and I have used her work with permission--and have given her credit. Where possible, I have researched the data on my own.

You might find it helpful to bookmark this page so you can take your time to study the lineage that applies to you. You may email me with information and observations but I probably cannot answer any questions, as these pages contain all the information I have. Please sign my guestbook. I'd like to know who you are, where you're from and what this site has meant to you.

If you are searching for an ancestor, please use this search engine. Observe the dates: you will find very few Hahn descendants in these pages who were born past 1920.

To the right of this page are links to other sections of this site.

As always, I'd love to hear from you, whether you have a question or just want to tell me how wonderful I am for having done this marvelous work!!! :-)) PS: I forgot to put in this link. It might be interesting for some: Go to shooters and see some of the men around the turn of the century in Catawba County.
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