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This special section of The Olden Times has come about because of my great luck in finding a handful of issues of The Francitas Bee on eBay (of course).  I will eventually include every page from these few issues of The Francitas Bee.  Each of these was scanned from an original issue of an old newspaper in my personal collection. They appear in the order in which they were added to this website.

Francitas, according to The Texas Handbook Online, was originally settled in the 1890's by a few French families. At its most populous in 1940, it was once the home to 300 people...but by 1990 its citizens had dwindled to about 30 in number. 

Many Francitas settlers around the time of the old issues of The Francitas Bee issues appear to have come down from Nebraska, thus you'll see many stories from "back home" - Nebraska - reported in this little southeast Texas town.

Jackson County is located (roughly) about halfway between Houston and Corpus Christi, in southeast Texas along the Gulf Coast.

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Rev. STOREY of Houston Conducts Services at the Nebraska Inn, Francitas, 1911

Dr. THOMSON of Nebraska Visits Francitas, 1911

ROCKYFELLER Estate Notice, Texana, 1851    OWEN

E. D. HAMMOND of Norfolk, NE, Advertises Texas Land, 1911

MINNFEE Birth at Edna, 1916

RASMUSSENs of NE Visit PEDERSON Family at Deutschburg, 1912

WELLS & OLIVER Abstract Co., Edna, 1912

William VINCENT Building a House, 1912

Deprivation in the Heartland, 1912 Humor

J. D. HOPKINS Visits Broken Bow Friends, 1912

B. F. HEMPHILL To Relocate from Nebraska, 1912

E. T. ROSE, Attorney, Edna, 1912

C. W. SMITH Misses Texas, 1912

BRANCH Brothers Sell Out to WARD, 1912

John WORLEY Will Move to Texas, 1912

W. W. McCRORY, Attorney, Edna 1911

Nebraskans HAYS and PETERS Will Relocate to Francitas, 1911

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1912 Photo of The Nebraska Inn, S. G. MOORE, Proprietor

Lawrence PEDERSON, Contractor, 1912

Francitas Tonsorial Parlor, H. C. ELLIS, Proprietor, 1912

William FIELD of Alliance, NE Seeks Texas Land Info, 1911

Dr. I. C. MUNGER of Nebraska Seeks Persons Shipping Household Goods to Francitas, 1911

J. W. JENSEN Advertises Land, only $225 if taken at once! 1911

First Baby Born in Francitas! 1911 PERSONS, FLICKWIR

Francitas is Growing! Read about the newest buildings. 1911

Mr. NOBLE Builds a House, 1911

Judge AMES Dead in Lincoln, Nebraska, 1911 LETTON

SCHMIDT, GEBHARDT & EHMANN Arrive from NE and MN, 1911  

JACOB and RIGGS Rave About Francitas, 1911

Hugh MULLEN an Eligible Bachelor, Grows Roses. C'mon gals, Go get him! 1911

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