The Exciting Irons Family
The Exciting Irons Family

Grandpa George and Uncle Will

The people are my Dad's father & uncle. On the picture it says Wolfe Point which is in Montana but has a question mark behind it.

My cousin and I, being the curious people that we are, decided to do some investigating. My husband & I and another couple traveled through that area two years ago this fall. And when we got our pictures developed it seems pretty obvious that it is near Fort Benton, Montana. But when we compared the landscape in the background betwee pictures and the bridge it has to be Fort Benton. That is on the Missouri River.

I also have a diary kept by this same grandpa while on a trip down the Missouri on a flatboat with his wife and 2 little girls. He wrote as they traveled and when they got to a post office, he mailed the entries to his brother, Will who was editor of the newspaper in Massena, Iowa. He built the boat and started near Great Falls, MT in early July. The end of the trip was in November 26 so the weather was getting a little scary. They were headed for Massena, Iowa where his parents lived. That wife later divorced him--Can you blame her?

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