Gathering Info Lesson



The first thing you need to do before getting ready to do genealogy research is to collect all the things you have that pertain to your family history. Some of these things you may not even think of! They are:
  • Photographs
  • Family Bibles
  • Letters
  • Wills (copies of?)
  • Land deeds
  • Stories
  • Birth Certificates
  • Military Documents

Another important thing to do is to contact or talk to all the older people in your family. Ask them about what they remember. Some important questions to ask them are:

  • Did you go to family reunions?
  • Where were they held?
  • How old were you when your grandparents died?
  • Do you remember any of their sisters or brothers?
  • Did they ever talk about their parents, where they came from, where they're buried?
  • What kind of work did your parents do?
  • Were there any family secrets? Children born out of marriage, adoptions?
  • Did they speak a foreign language?
  • Did they have favorite or pet names for anyone which might indicate where they came from?
  • What church did they belong to?
  • Did anyone serve in the military? Civil War?

There are all sorts of things that you can learn by talking to your relatives. Collecting what you have in the house is the first step to organizing and starting your genealogy. The second step is contacting your relatives. Have fun! You may learn things you've never known before!

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