Records Resources Lesson



The "gathering" is done for now. You have organized your gathered information onto Pedigree Charts and Group Records. You have used those forms to set up the system to keep you on task and on track! GREAT!


LET THE RESEARCH BEGIN!!! And where is the best place to start? We are sure there are as many opinions on that as there are genealogists. However, if you have done the previous steps as outlined, then you will need to add to the information that you have ferreted out of your home and wheedled out of your relatives. Using the information you have you now need to try to find OFFICIAL RECORDS and DOCUMENTS.

There are many types of records that hold valuable information for the genealogist in their quest for family. Each has value and if you are fortunate to find many or all of the following you are indeed most rewarded for your research efforts. The following types of records will each be discussed on their own page. You do not need to use them in the order presented. We would NEVER want to take away your right to do your genealogy in the manner that suits you best! Also you may not find records in some of these locales or situations. Some records have been lost with time and others destroyed by unfortunate accidents such as floods or fires. But keep searching because each piece of information is valuable in helping you to complete the whole picture.

Now choose from the records below (and there are others not yet listed here) to find the facts and the data that will make your searching rewarding and bring you the valuable information to fill in the blank spots in your forms.


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