Lincoln County Birth Records

Lincoln County Birth Records

1886 to 1919


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The print-out of the records was provided by Tracee Hamilton. The transcription was done during June and July, 2002 totally by volunteers. They are Joan Stevenson, Coordinator,  Bill Sowers, Diana Sowers, Clarence Suelter, Pamela Graf, Laura Gilmore, Michael Watson, Sheryl Brown, Loren Schroeder, Mike Woody, Tonya Cox, Scott Holl, Gene Bird and Jenni Shimp.

City officials began keeping birth records in 1886. We have birth records from  1886 to 1989 but only plan on putting up online 1886-1919.   We will have the births 1919-1986 available via email request from Joan Stevenson.  Click on the envelope below to send an email to request a look-up from the entire listing. You must include a surname and a given name if possible. It is in a spread sheet so it can be sorted to look up using maiden names as well.

These records are not complete, of course, because officials depended on the parents or doctors to submit the information. These were city records, so they will not cover the entire county. However, they do seem to include farm families around Lincoln; it is difficult to identify a geographic cutoff line.

We are presenting the index alphabetically by father's name because that category is the most complete. Some mothers' names are not provided; in some cases just the mother's maiden surname is given. The same is true for children; many apparently were not named when the information was reported.

This is a transcription of a transcription. There are many, many misspellings in this record. There are probably errors in the dates as well. We will be adding footnotes as we discover new information. If you have information to clarify the listing, please send the information by clicking on the envelope below and the information will be added to the footnotes.The notes follow the z's on the last page.

These entries include all the information given on the original birth records. However, you can request a transcription of the original record by writing to City Hall, 153 W. Lincoln Ave., Lincoln, KS 67455 (
PHOTOCOPIES NOT AVAILABLE). Include the following:
* The name of the parent and child;
* The page number for the entry;
* 25 cents per transcription;
* and a self-addressed, stamped envelope

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