Cemetery Project

Cemetery Project

      The Lincoln County Genealogical Society has begun work on their 2002 fundraiser.  This year, LCGS has decided to compile and publish a book which will list the records of various cemeteries throughout Lincoln County.

       In order to help make this years fundraiser a success, LCGS is asking for your help in compiling the information of the cemeteries located in Lincoln County.

       If you have a current record of the burials in your family cemetery or a cemetery located on or near your property, LCGS would like to ask that you submit this information for publishing. 

       If you have never recorded a cemetery and think this is something you would be interest in doing, why not get our there and take a try at it.  To help you get started, I am providing you with a link to a website which may help get you started in the right direction.

       You may submit your cemetery recordings to:  LCGS - 7999 Lynn Avenue, Hamlin WV 25523

      Any submissions for publishing should have noted somewhere on the document that you are giving the Lincoln County Genealogical Society permission for publishing. 

      Cemetery recordings are a very useful tool in the quest for finding ancestors.  You may have heard the old saying "Never Leave A Stone Unturned"……..we'll we at the LCGS have a little different saying….. "Never  Leave A Stone Unrecorded".

      As always, the Lincoln County Genealogical Society appreciates your help!

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