PADFIELD, PYLE - Padfield Cemetery, Summerfield, St. Clair County, Illinois

Padfield Cemetery, Summerfield, St. Clair County, Illinois

13 April 2003

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The Padfield Cemetery is located with in a working farm. The owner was nice and let me walk through to take photos. With in the area, there are several holes that appear to be "in use" by some animal.........the farmers dog found them interesting, haha see the dog in the hole. Checking another hole.

An earlier inventory was done and is available from:
St. Clair County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 431, Belleville IL 62222-0431
SCCGS Quarterly - VOLUME 8, NUMBER 4, 1985 [out-of-print, order pages]
PADFIELD Cemetery (Sec. 34, Lebanon Twp.) ........................................p 201

Names with (*) at the end, are entered in my database and connected to my tree, I may have additional info on those names. Contact me if you want to compare data [email protected]

PYLE, Lawson(*)
born Apr. 7, 1819, died July 15, 1866, Aged 47 yrs 3mo 8ds
close up (1)....close up (2)

PYLE, William
"a native of KY" died Sept. 21, 1849, Aged 34 yrs 1 day
close up (1)...

MAGOR[?], Alfred

???????, Alfred
born Sep. 22, 1852, died??? 4, 1854

E/F. J. B

BROOM, Frances Jane
daughter of ????? and Susan Broom

?OONEY, David R.

RATTAN, Mary(*)
nee Pyle, sister to Lawson Pyle above

SLADE, Susan

PADFIELD, Mahala(*)
wife of William Padfield, nee Barnes

PADFIELD, William(*)
close up
husband of Mahala Barnes Padfield

PADFIELD, Sampson(*)
Son of William and Elizabeth Padfield, aged 5 mo. 10ds.


PADFIELD, Thomas B.(*)
son of Joseph R and Susan

PADFIELD, Elizabeth(*)

PADFIELD, William M.(*)
close up


L. M. P.

son of William and Mahala

wife of John H. Padfield, died 10 Apr 1852, aged 17 yrs. 8 mos.


[Padfield?] George
close up
son of John and ????

PYLE, Malinda(*)
wife of Alfred Pyle
close up (1).....

PYLE, Alfred(*)
husband of Malinda Padfield Pyle

PYLE, Samuel(*)
"a native of S. Carolina" husband of Susannah Padfield
close up (1).....close up (2)

????, Wm
aged 25? yrs [Padfield? is this son of thomas and temperance, husband of Caroline below?]

P. D.

a native of Tennesee, died aged


?. J?. T.

THOMPSON,_Samuel F. A.
son of Rev. S. H and N. Thompson, died Dec 18, 1856, aged 22 yrs,11 mos, 9days

son of Rev. S. H and N. Thompson, died Jan 10, 1857?, aged 32 years, 11 mos, 2 days

died Sept 27, 1856, aged ? years 11 mos 27days

WOOLSEY,_Mary Jane
daughter of ??? and Eliza?



german stone
looks like possibly same last name as Lorenz, german stone

????? Lorenz
german stone, sohn , geb. , gest

L. R.

R. or B.


fence left

fence right

fence gate

Elenor (1)
Elenor (2)
died 1856?,

PADFIELD, Isaac(*)
son of Thomas and Temperance, died Sep 27 1842, aged 19 yrs

PADFIELD, Julia Ann(*)
close up
daughter of J.M. and Adeline Padfield, born Aug? 13, 1856?, died Sep? 30?, 1865?

PADFIELD, Caroline
close up (1)......close up (2)......close up (3)
wife of WR Padfield, died Mar 22, 1853, aged 23 yrs 7ds

NICHOLS, Thomas J.
close up (1)......close up (2).
son of Wm and Delilah Nichols, died Oct 29, 1853, aged 13 yrs 3mos 3days

N. M.


?????, Nancy
?????, Nancy
wife of Robert ?????

I was only able to take a couple pictures out the car window of Summerfield, next trip I will get more.

Summerfield (1)

Summerfield (2)


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