Burlingham Rudd Family
The Family of Burlingham Rudd
of Anson County, North Carolina

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My name is Linda Rudd and Elias David Rudd was my 4th Great Grandfather.

This website is dedicated to the family of Burlingham Rudd who was sentenced to transportation by King George in the summer of 1728 after being convicted of stealing a horse by the Crown Court in the County of Norfolk, England.

In 1749 Burlingham Rudd with his family migrated to Anson Co., North Carolina where he acquired a 300 acre Crown Grant and raised a family.

Soon after the American Revolution and after the death of Burlingham Rudd 1st, members of the family began to migrate with branches going into Charleston and Barnwell Counties, SC and Sevier and Blount Counties, NC.

From late 1820ís through mid 1830ís the Rudd branch in Barnwell County migrated into Georgia, Alabama and Florida. After the War Between the States, members of this branch migrated to Texas.


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