Peter Estenberg

The following was taken from Swedish Biographical Dictionary and is a translation:

"ESTENBERG, PETER, university professor and scholar. Born in Stockholm, June 3, 1686. Parents: chamberlain Per (Peter) Olofsson, (enobled Estenberg) and Elsa Bengtsdotter Balck. When he was only ten years old, Estenberg was sent by his parents to Uppsala, where he remained thirleen years. In 1709 he went to Lund to continue his studies.

After he had delivered a solemn memorial lecture about the royal senator (or counsellor), Earl (or Count) G. Falkenberg, at the "Carolinska" university in 1715, he was given the position of assistant in philosophy at the University, and obtained Carl XII's (approval) favor as a result. It appears that this appointment was considered as an academic measure, and that Estenberg obtained his university professorship without being advanced gradually.

He was chosen by the King as guide, for his second cousin, Earl (or Count) Carl Gyllenstierna, and attended him during the following years on journeys into foreign countries. Estenberg served during that period for a time, as corresponding secretary to King Stanislaus of Poland

Shortly after his return to his native land, he was appointed in 1719 to be professor of Greek literature at he University of Lund, which office he held until 1727, when he received the commission as rector of the Jamshog and Nasum's parisshes of Lund diocese. He died April 26, 1740. He married Regina Westerskold in 1722."

Pertinent dates in his life include:

1719 - 1720, introduced into Riddarhus

1719 - 1727, professor of Greek at Lund University

March 8, 1728, ordained as a minister

October 3, 1727 to 1740, pastor of Jemshog and Nasums parishes

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