I do ask, if you copy any of these to put on YOUR website, that you have the courtesy to ask me. I've found some of my information on other sites, and know that the information originated with me! I know of two different people who published information that I had sent them and of one other who merely copied my work word for word and put it on her site! None of these individuals even asked if I would mind. Courtesy? Yes, I think it belongs in genealogy as well as in life in general!

Ludwig/Lewis Leader

First Generation:

Ludwig (Lewis) Leader, b. Jul 1748, Pennsylvania, d. 1 June 1831, Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, m. 1:Catharine Mullerin, died after May 1807, nine known children, m. 2: Sarah LNU, d. 6 April 1836, Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, six known children from this marriage

Second Generation:

Children from first marriage include:
Samuel Leader, d. abt. April 15, 1839, Marietta, Pennsylvania, m. Susannah Bischoff (Bishop), b. 25 June 1792, d. 4 February 1884, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, three known children
Simeon Leader, b 16 Aug 1789, bapt. Stehli's York, Pennsylvania 16 September 1787, no other information
John Leader, b. 21 July 1791, d. 10 Jan 1826, Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, m. abt 1814 to Eliza LNU, four known children
Sarah Leader, b. abt 1792, m. James Scott, b. abt 1787, one known son
Salome Leader, b. 20 Jan 1794, m. 1812 to John LNU, b. 1787, Chester County, Pennsylvania, d. 18 September 1824, Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, no known children from this marriage
Catharine Leader, b. 3 September 1795, d. before August 1784, m. 1812 to Alexander Clark, b. 1788 Chester County, d. Jan 1838, Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, six known children from this marriage
Susan Leader, b. 1 Aug 1799, m. to James Lawrence, four known children from this marriage
Elizabeth (Betsy) Leader, b. 23 August 1801, Lancvaster County, Pennsylvania d. 11 October 1872, North East, Cecil County, Maryland, m. 30 October 1828 to Oliver McCullough, b 19 November 1798, Delaware, d. 6 July 1791, Cecil County, Maryland, seven known children from this marriage
Joseph Leader, b. 14 May 1807, m. 23 December 1837 to Maria Yost, b. abt 1810, four known children from this marriage

Children from second marriage include:
Henry Leader, b. abt 1810, m. Margaret LNU, b. abt 1836, six known children from this marriage
Andrew Leader, b. 3 February 1821, d. bef April 1857, m. unknown woman, one known daughter from this marriage
Lewis Leader, Jr., b. 1817, Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, d. 16 November 1840, Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, only information on this child
William A. Leader, b. Nov 1821, d. 1 Nov 1853, Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, buried in York County, Pennsylvania, m. 1850 to Margaret Stair, one known son from this marriage
Joshua Leader, b. abt 1825, Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, m. Agnes M. Gault, b. abt 1822, Baltimore, Maryland, d. 25 April 1898, Mt. Joy, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, three known children from this marriage
Angeline Leader, m. as second wife to William Carter, b. abt 1817, two known step-children

Third Generation:

Children from the marriage of Samuel Leader and Susannah Bischoff/Bishop:
Maria (Mary) Leader, b. 4 March 1813, Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, d. 20 August 1877, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, m. 5 October 1837, Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Philip Kleis Auxer, b. 6 April 1810, d. 27 January 1886, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, 7 known children from this marriage
Judge Jacob Leader, b. 4 December 1814, Pennsylvania, d. December 1908, Jackson County, Missouri, m. 29 September 1839, Tazewell County, Illinois to Effie Jerusha Edes, b. 1819, Pennsylvania, d. 1890, Jackson County, Missouri, three known children from this marriage
Frederick Leader, b. abt 1821, Pennsylvania, d. 7 December 1872, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, m. Hannah D. Winnemore, b. 25 February 1817, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, d. 1 February 1890, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2 known children from this marriage

See Auxer page for further descendants

This is the name that started my Genealogical venture! In a box of family documents, books and photographs was an old German, leather-covered Bible. Inside the front cover is the notation, "Susanna Leader's Book, April 15, 1839, Elizabethtown, Lancaster County." This must have been written by another, since Susannah was illiterate and could not even sign her name to deeds! Also in the front are some undecipherable words under a tear in the page, followed by "presented by Grandmother Kaylor to A.Z. Myers". Inside the back cover are the words "Rec'd by E.A.N. (Edwin A. Niess) 4/6/11 from A.Z. Myers."

Now! I had no idea who Susanna Leader was, and absolutely no idea who A.Z. Myers was, and who was Grandmother Kaylor? Today I know who Susanna Leader was, and I know who Grandmother Kaylor was - they are one in same! But, I still do not know how Amos Zook Myers fits into the family!

Susanna was born 25 July 1792, to Anna Maria Dissinger and Johann Bischoff. She was one of ten children. Samuel Lieder was her first husband, and they had at least three children, Maria, Jacob and Frederick. These I know of from the baptismal records of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Elizabethtown, and estate distribution of Maria's father-in-law, Lewis Leader. The Church's records have a lot of Bischoff/Bishop baptisms, marriages and funerals. In fact, Susanna married George Kaylor in that same Church in 1844.

Samuel was the son of Lewis (Ludwig) Leader and his first wife. He was their first born, and two more boys and two more girls were born to them. Lewis married a second time, his first wife must have died, I have not found any information on her. His second wife was Sarah and was a sister of Mrs. Joseph Purkeypile ~ whoever she was! They had six children and are buried with their son, Lewis Jr., in Marietta, Pennsylvania. Lewis kept a Tavern on Front Street, and was one of the first settlers in the area.

Samuel purchased property in Marietta in 1813. According to a mortgage for $600 to Christian Hershey, this was fronted on Locust Street, extending to Lumber alley. Address was lot 58. Samuel appears in the 1820 and 1830 census with a family. I also find him on the tax lists for the area up until 1837. Samuel was a carpenter on the tax lists. There were several other Leaders in the area during that time, and it appears they were all Samuel's brothers or nephews! Samuel does not appear on the 1839 tax list, and I find that there is a broken headstone in the Zion Union Meeting House Cemetery in Marietta that lists a 63 year old that died 4-?-1839. I believe this to be 4-15-1839 since that is the date in Susannah's Bible! My theory is that this Bible must have been presented to her at his funeral. This coupled with the fact that the cemetery is a short walking distance from their home, would suggest to me, that Samuel's final resting place was in this cemetery. Marietta did have a newspaper at that time, but alas! I cannot find it in any repository in Pennsylvania! The few newspaper articles I found that mentioned this family were glued in a large scrapbook kept in the archives at Lancaster Historical Society. This scrapbook is so old and fragile, I am not even able to photocopy it.

Susannah next appears in Elizabethtown in March of 1840 when she purchased property from Conrad Smith on Manheim Street for $550. I can find no record of her selling or transfering this property.

Susannah's next action, that I can find, is her marriage to George Kehler/Kaylor in January of 1844. Evidently, there was a pre-nuptial agreement at that time. I lost the Kehler's until 1850 at which time they were north, in Dauphin County. The census lists the Kaylors, George who was 66 and Susannah who was 54. They also had a child living with them, Susannah Auxer, age 8. Susannah was their grand-daughter, being the daughter of Philip K. and Maria Auxer. Why she was there is unknown. What is known is that Susannah sued George for divorce in 1852 with Philip Auxer, her son-in-law, being her "spokesman" as her next best friend.

In September of 1997, while on a Genealogical Research trip to Pennsylvania, Jim and I were searching the cemeteries of Harrisburg looking for my Niess ancestors. In the Harrisburg Cemetery, I not only found my great-grandparents, Ephraim and Catharine Auxer Niess, I found Catharine's parents - Philip Kleis Auxer and Maria Lieder Auxer! and would you believe next to them, I found Susannah? I got goosebumps! and we had just stumbled on the site! For an interesting story on this, go to my page detailing our discovery.

. . . . Now to find out how Amos fits into the family! I do know that he had ancestors in the Bainbridge, Lancaster County area, but I have not found any of his line intermingled with mine. . . . . . yet!

Information on this page was obtained from:

LDS Film #0940444, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
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Headstones from Jackson County, Missouri, Harrisburg, Dauphin County; Marietta, Bainbridge, Elizabethtown and Lancaster City, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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