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Lindgren Family, circa 1888
The Lindgrens came from Sweden. Ola, his wife Catherina Dorothea Elisabeth, his daughter Anna and son Henry. Ola was born in Wanga, Sweden and his wife in Germany. They married in Altenmedigen, Germany. This picture must have been taken about the time of their immigration, since another daughter, Elsie, was born in Michigan in 1891. The Lindgrens moved to Sacramento, California where Anna died two years later. She is buried with her mother in the Masonic Lawn Cemetery. Lindgren Family Home as it appeared in 1999 In April of 1999, I took the picture of the Lindgren Family home in the Oak Park area of Sacramento. It is no longer a nice neighborhood, however, the house still looks "cute!"

Ola was one of two sons born to Ingar Persdotter before her marriage to Lars Lindgren, the other being Ola's brother Jons. After the marriage, there were four more children born - 3 girls and a boy. Lars was a blacksmith in Wanga. I have no information any further back than Lars on this line. What I do have on Ingar's line follows.

Descendents of Peter Olofsson

First Generation:

Peter Olofsson married Elsa Bengtsdotter Balck

Second Generation:
Peter Estenberg, b. June 3, 1686 in Stockholm, Sweden, d. April 28 or 27, 1740 in Jemshog, Sweden, m. February 6, 1721/22 to Regina Westerskold.

Third Generation:
Children of Peter Estenberg, and Regina Westerskold:
Elsa Sara, b. 7 February 1723, Lund, m. 11 September 1748, Jemshog, to Jons Persson, owner of land which was bound to furnish troopers, d. 11 January 1762
Christine Regina, b. 1724, d. 1725
Heding Beata, b. 12 November 1725, m. Major C.C. von Hyhle, d. 28 May 1783
Carl, b. 21 January 1728, d. 13 February 1815, was counsellor in the Superior Court of Justice took over Gabriel's fortune at his death
Sara Regina, b. 5 June 1729 at Jemshog, m. Bengtsson of Jemshog, an agriculturalist, d. 26, June 1804
Gabriel, b. 21 February 1722, Jemshog, unmarried, was field chamberlain in Pomerania during the Seven Years War. Amassed a fortune of 14 million crowns. d. 23 September 1733 as field chamberlain
Christine b. 23 September 1733, Jemshog, m. Prof. Leth in Kopenham, d. 9 November 1803
Fredrika, b. 31 August 1736, Jemshog, m. J. Dahlman, country-steward for the crown, d. 1 January 1800
Ulrika, b. 31 August 1736, twin of Fredrika, m. Lieut. Schoman

Fourth Generation:
Ola and Catherina Dorothea Elisabeth Schultz Lindgren Children of Elsa Sara Estenberg and Jons Persson:
Ingar Jonsdotter,b. 27 December 1749, Wanga, m. Farmer Sven Persson of Boafall in Jemshog
Pehr Jonsson, b. 2 May 1751, Wanga, d. 21 March 1756, Wanga
Olaf Jonsson, b. 26 December 1753, Wanga
Pehr Jonsson, b. 22 January 1758, Wanga
Sara Jonsdotter, b. 17 February 1760, Wanga

Fifth Generation:
Children of Ingar Jonsdotter and Sven Persson:
Elsa Sara, b. 26 March 1772, m. 1 November 1758 to Per Nilsson, estate owner at Rohult, d. 26 December 1852, Wanga
seven other children - unknown names

Catherina Dorothea Elisabeth Schultz Lindgren

Sixth Generation:
Children of Elsa Sara Persson (or Svensson) and Per Nilsson:
Nils, b. 13 July 1791 - took over his father's estate
Kerstin, b. 10 June 1794, m. Per Carlsson, tenant, at No. 25 Wanga, (he was born 26 December 1783)
Sven, b. 17 March 1809
Bengt, b. 6 December 1807

Seventh Generation:
Children of Kerstin Persdotter and Per Carlsson

Ingar, b. 3 March 1818, m. Lars Lindgren, blacksmith of No. 23 Wanga
Karl, b. 3 August 1815, Wanga
Pehr, b. 24 November 1822, Wanga
Anna, b. 29 September 1820, Wanga
Ola, b. 21 February 1826, Wanga
Elna, b. 28 August 1831, Wanga

Eighth Generation: Ola Lindgren Children of Ingar Persdotter and Lars Lindgren:
Ola, b. 7 October 1852, Wanga, m. Catherina Dorothea Elisabeth Schultz, Altenmedigen, Germany, d. 26 December 1928, Sacramento, California
August, b. 1 January 1860, Wanga, moved to Germany 1878, d. 7 November 1896, Wanga
Pernilla, b. 27 September 1854, Wanga, m. Anders Perssen in Kiaby, No. 9, Sweden
Elna, b. 18 June 1857, Wanga, moved to Nasaby, November 11, 1878, d. 1924, San Francisco, California
Augusta, b. 16 September 1862, Wanga, m. John A. Swan

Pictures on this page include:

The Lindgren Family, Ola, Catherina, Anna and Henry
The Lindgren Family Home in Sacramento as it appears in 1999
Ola and Catherina

If you are a Lindgren researcher, and are at all connected to this line, I'd love to hear from you and exchange notes!

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