Zeigler Lines

Descendents of Martin Zeigler, Sr.

First Generation:
Martin Zeigler, Sr., b. 1779, d. 14 October 1846, m. Susannah Unknown, b. 1788, d. 11 January 1849

Second Generation:
Henry Zeigler, d. 2 September 1835, m. Elizabeth Schmidt, b. 22 November 1813, d. 1 June 1892, - two known children from this marriage
Mary Ellen Zeigler, d. in Ohio, m. in Ohio to Alfred Burkholder
John M. Zeigler, b. 9 September 1803, d. 9 March 1880, m. Maria Margaretha Isenhaur, b. 13 April 1808, d. 27 April 1878
Philip Zeigler, Sr., b. 27 December 1806, Adams County, near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, d. 27 September 1871, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. 19 January 1835 to Ann Eliza Troup, b. 23 March 1816, Oliver Twp, Perry County, Pennsylvania, d. 24 May 1864, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, - nine known children of this marriage
Elisabeth Zeigler, b. 1808, d. 3 July 1858, m. Jacob Apley Wolf, b. 28 March 1810, d. May 1867
Margaret Zeigler, b. 27 December 1814, d. 14 January 1892, buried in Carlisle Springs, Pennsylvania, m. 15 November 1853, Adam Thoman, b. 7 October 1805, d. 14 April 1886
Martin Zeigler, Jr., b. 30 January 1816, d. 23 December 1854, m. 1 December 1842 to Mary Brown, b. 1817, d. 1903, - three known children of this marriage
Jacob Zeigler, b. 182, d. 2 September 1890, m. (1st) Mary Unknown, - two known children from this marriage, m. (2nd) Hannah M. Lahr, - one known child from this marriage

Third Generation:
Children of Henry Zeigler and Elizabeth Schmidt

Amos Zeigler, no known information
Henry S. Zeigler, unborn son of Henry and Elizabeth Ziegler

Children of Philip and Ann Eliza Zeigler

Daniel L. Zeigler, b. 21 October 1836, d. 19 November 1902, m. 14 November 1860 to Martha Ellen Beatty, b. 10 February 1841, d. 19 February 1917 - two known children from this marriage
Mary Jane Zeigler, b. 26 January 1839, Sunny Dell, Perry County, Pennsylvania, d. 1 February 1879, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, m. (1st) 4 February 1858, Bloomfield, Perry County, Pennsylvania, to Joseph Don Lobaugh Gantt, b. 6 January 1835, d. 7 October 1863, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, - one known child from this marriage; (2nd) 2 August 1866, Dauphin, Pennsylvania to Jeremiah Mark Carvell, b. 3 March 1843, near McKees 1/2 Falls, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, d. 1 September 1894, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, - four known children from this marriage
Julian Zeigler, b. 9 October 1840, d. 29 September 1920, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania m. Abraham Frederick Keim, d. 16 January 1906, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania
Philip Zeigler, Jr., b. 23 November 1842, m. Ann Oren, b. abt. 1848
William Henry Zeigler, b. 11 August 1849, d. 29 May 1919
Lewis B., b. 26 April 1851, d. 16 September 1853
Margaret, b. 1 May 1853, d. 1 May 1853
John, b. 12 July 1854, d. 17 July 1854

Children of Martin Zeigler, Jr. and Mary Brown

Sarah Elizabeth Zeigler, no known information
Mary A. Zeigler, no known information
Solomon Zeigler, no known information

Children of Jacob Zeigler and Mary

Josiah Zeigler, b. 4 December 1844, d. 24 October 1927, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. (1st) Elizabeth M. Grubb, - two known children from this marriage, m. (2nd) Elmira Carl.
Abraham Zeigler, no known information

Child of Jacob Zeigler and Hannah M. Lahr

George C. Zeigler, no known information

Fourth Generation:
Children of Josiah Zeigler and Elilzabeth M. Grubb

Harry Zeigler, b. 11 February 1873, d. 29 November 1951, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania, m. (1st) on 18 May 1898 to Annie E. Younge, b. 7 May 1880, d. 27 March 1923 - two known children from this marriage; m. (2nd) 11 July 1927 to Mary E. Plubell, no known information, m. (3rd) 19 January 1931 to Lenora W. Buckel, b. 1897, d. 1983, - one known child from this marriage
Jacob David Simeon Zeigler, died at three years of age

For more descendents see Jeremiah Mark Carvell page.

Please note: This surname has been spelled two different ways in the records I have researched - Zeigler and Ziegler. I have used the second spelling for my ancestors, although it may have been the first!

The notes on Philip and Ann Eliza Ziegler's family were taken from a piece of paper written in my great-grandmother's hand with the notation "copied from old Family Record."

If you are a researcher of these Zeigler lines, please contact me; perhaps we could exchange information!

Other researchers on this line include:

Don Zeigler - e-mail donzig31@earthlink.net

Information on this page came from:

Other Descendents of Martin Zeigler
Perry Historians files
Jeremiah Mark Carvell Family Bible in my possession
Article in Newport News of Martin Zeigler's death
Headstones in Newport Cemetery of Philip Zeigler, Ann Eliza Troup Zeigler, Mary Jane Zeigler Gantt Carvell and Joseph Don Lobaugh Gantt - pictures in my possession
Descendent of Rosa Viola Gantt Hamilton, daughter of Mary Jane and Joseph Gantt
Obituary and death certificate of Mary Jane Carvell

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