Bowman Family

First Generation:
Thomas Bowman, married Mary Moore, at least one known child from this marriage

Second Generation:
Squire Bowman, b. 13 July 1827, Clay County, Kentucky, d. before 1870, Kentucky, m. Rhoda Morris, b. about 1822, Owsley County, Kentucky; 7 known children from this marriage;

Third Generation:

Martha Bowman, b. 21 July 1848, Kentucky; d. 26 Dec 1935 m. 15 July 1867 to David Gray Bowman, b. 27 Jan 1845 d. 27 Dec 1911, 6 known children from this marriage;
Emily Maria Bowman, b. 6 Feb 1850, Kentucky m. 10 Oct 1871 to John Grimes Holcomb, b. 15 Oct 1843, no known children from this marriage;
Wiliam A. Bowman, b. about Feb 1852, Owsley County, Kentucky; died 2 Sept 1852 Owsley County, Kentucky
Isaac A. Bowman, b. 1 July 1853, Owsley County, Kentucky, d. aft. Oct 1916, married about 1874 to Mary Jane Hensley, b. 30 January 1851, Buncombe County, North Carolina, d. 22 June 1931, Conway, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky; 9 known children from this marriage;
Mary Margaret Bowman, b. 11 Nov 1855, Kentucky, m. 4 Jan 1877 to John Clay Breckenridge McGeorge, b. 2 Mar 1861, d. 21 Feb 1903; 2 known children from this marriage;
Nancy Jane Bowman, b. 28 December 1858, Clay County, Kentucky, d. 20 October 1944, m. 23 Aug 1877 to Henry Jackson Clark, b. 10 Nov 1857, d. 5 Sep 1933; no known children from this marriage;
Lucy L. Bowman, b. about 1862, Owsley County, Kentucky, m. 4 Jan 1876 to Robert Peters, b. 16 May 1858, Kentucky, no known children from this marriage.

Fourth Generation:
William M. Bowman, b. 1875, d. 1898, Jackson County, Kentucky;
Squire Felix Bowman, b. 16 May 1877, Island City, Owsley County, Kentucky, d. 26 March 1970, Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky, married 11 June 1899 in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky to (1.) Ida Farmer, b. about 1876, d. 26 Aug 1951, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky; 1 known child from this marriage. married (2.) to Pearl Bray
John Henry Bowman, b. 17 Sep 1879, Owsley County, Kentucky, d. 20 June 1963, Berea, Madison County, Kentucky, m. Alice Dalton, b. abt 1880, Kentucky; no known childlren from this marriage;
Charles Jackson Bowman, b. 10 January 1882, Owsley County, Kentucky, d. 10 January 1911, Rockcastle County, Kentucky; married 5 Sep 1906 to Clevia Frankie Hiatt, b. 15 August 1866, Rockcastle County, Kentucky, d. 11 July 1968, Rockcastle County, Kentucky;2 known children from this marriage
Sheridan Bowman, b. 8 Mar 1884, Kentucky, d. 19 Jul 1972, Berea, Madison County, Kentucky, m. 13 May 1910 to Maggie Dowell, b. 22 Sep 1891, Kentucky, d. 26 Feb 1978, Berea, Madison County, Kentucky; no known children from this marriage;
Robert Bowman, b. 15 July 1886; no known information
Harve Clay Bowman, b. 19 Aug 1888, Kentucky, d. 19 Feb 1966, Berea, Madison County, Kentucky, m. 18 Dec 1907 to Elizabeth Hiatt, b. 11 May 1888, Rockcastle County Kentucky, d. 23 Feb 1986, Berea, Madison County, Kentucky; 2 known children from this marriage;
Rhoda Belle Bowman, b.17 Jan 1891, Wilchburg, Jackson County, Kentucky, d. 23 Aug 1933, Cambellsville, Taylor County, Kentucky, m. 12 Nov 1912 to John Shivel, b. abt 1889, Rockcastle County, d. 17 Oct 1943, Cambellsville, Taylor County, Kentucky, 3 known children from this marriage;
Sidney M. Bowman, b. about 1893, Owsley County, Kentucky, m. abt 1913 to Fannie Unknown, b. abt 1892 in Kentucky; 3 known children from this marriage

Fifth Generation:
Child of the marriage of Squire F. and Ida Farmer Bowman

Dwight Bowman, b. about 1900, Kentucky

Children from the marriage of Charles J. and Clevia Frankie Hiatt Bowman

Hubert Andrew Bowman, b. 30 June 1907, Hiatt, Rockcastle County, Kentucky, d. 11 Feb 1981, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio,
William Henry Bowman,, b. 22 February 1908, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky, d. 12 September 1964, Hemet, Riverside County, California, m. Ruth Marjorie Hall, b. 29 July 1920, Bellefontaine, Ohio, d. 21 July 1994, Riverside, Riverside County, California; 3 known children from this marriage

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If you are researching this line, please contact me! I'd love to exchange information with you!

First of all, my disclaimer! I am not descended from this line, but my children and grandchildren are! My first marriage was into this family. I am researching this line for my children and their children.

The names in italics are the line of descendancy. William Henry Bowman was my ex-husband's father; Ruth Marjorie Hall was his mother. They are buried together in Hemet, California. The grave is marked with only his name.

Bill's mother was Clevia Frankie Hiatt. After her husband, Charley died, she married Thomas C. Johnson, whom she is buried with in Elmwood Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. Her first husband died on his 29th (10 January 1911) birthday from pulmonary tuberculosis. Evidently he was ill for several years, since the Mt. Vernon Signal newspaper of June 19 1908 states "Charley Bowman, of Hiatt, will leave tomorrow for Colorado for his health." This was just several months after the birth of his son, my ex-husband's father. Frankie's younger sister, Fannie, died 4 months later from the same thing. Hubert and Willy appear on the 1910 census with her and Charley. The 1920 census finds Hubert living with his great-grandmother, Lauretta Hiatt. I find the Johnson family in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleva is married to Thomas Johnson, and they have two daughters, Crisse, age 5 1/2, born in Ohio and Ercell, 2 1/2, born in Kentucky. William is 10 and Hubert!! is 12. Hubert, it appears was counted in Kentucky and Ohio!! If you could help me information on the sisters of Bill Bowman,I'd be grateful!

The information on Charley's death certificate was furnished by his brother, Squire Felix. Squire was a teacher in the area, and died when he was over 90 years old. Charley's father, Issac, must have been well known in the area. When he moved, the following appeared in the Mt. Vernon Signal on March 13, 1908: "I. A. Bowman is moving to the J. A. Wood farm near Conway, which he has rented for a year. We dislike very much to lose Mr. Bowman from our number, as he is one of the best citizens we have." At the age of 16, he appeared on the 1870 census as "farm labor". His father was gone by that time, and it appears that he was the only one working in the household. He married by 1874.

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