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Descendants of HEINRICH

First Generation:
HEINRICH b: 1630-1640 in Zwischer, Germany d: 1684-1687 in Gebhardshagen, Germany

Second Generation:
STATZ Heinrich I, b: May 15, 1665 in Gebhardshagen, Germany, d: November 17, 1722 in Salder, Germany m. first: SOPHIA Fricke, m. second: Sophia Juliane Gravemeyer Oberamtman, m: in Gebhardshagen

Third Generation:
HEINRICH Julius b: November 11, 1697 in Salder, Germany, m. CHRISTINA Marie von Hudenbergen

Fourth Generation:
STAATZ Christoph (Heinrich) Breymann,b: March 03, 1723/24 in Thiede, Germany, d: Unknown, m. UNKNOWN Franz

Fifth Generation:
WILHELM Adolph Breymann b: May 04, 1759 in Braunschweig, Germany, d: June 04, 1811 in Stade, Germany, m. JOHANNE Henriette Rosine Rohl, b: in Ostrode, Germany m: July 09, 1795 in Ostrode
Johanne Henriette Louise von Breymann b: 1764

Sixth Generation:
Andreas Wilhelm Jacob von Breymann, b: April 06, 1794
Wilhelm Georg Andres von Breymann, b: August 25, 1796
ADOLPH Ludwig Ferdinand von Breymann b: September 23, 1799 in Osterode, Germany, d: December 04, 1867 in Hildesheim, Germany, m. (1st) FRIEDERIKE Caroline Breymann,
m. (2nd) Katharine Henrietta Ossenkop, m: July 04, 1858 in Hildesheim, Germany

Seventh Generation:
Sophie Dorothee Louise von Breymann, b: October 12, 1801
Doretta von Breymann, b: Unknown, d: December 05, 1869
Edward Wilhelm von Breyman b: April 17, 1827, d: January 08, 1897
Gustav Adolf Oscar von Breyman, b: July 03, 1828, d: June 14, 1867
Ida Friekerike Caroline Jerta von Breyman, b: May 09, 1830, d: November 09, 1891
Emma Elisabeth Maria Agnes Mathilda von Breyman, b. March 31, 1832, d: January 11, 1898
Maria Auguste von Breyman, b: March 26, 1833, d: February 18, 1895, m. Unknown Bordash
Amelia Goda, mother of Wilhimine Sophia Goda von Breyman WILLIAM Adolphus George von Breyman b: February 16, 1835 in Harburg, Hanover, Germany, d: April 16, 1901 in Cortina, Colusa, California, m. WILHELMINE Sophia Goda b: February 24, 1854 in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, m: August 21, 1877, d: March 14, 1934 in Ventura, California
Christian August Louis Eugene von Breyman, b: Unknown

Eighth Generation:
George Edward von Breyman, c. 1930 George Edward von Breyman, b: December 18, 1877 in Sacramento, California, d: December 1974 in California, m. Myrtle Reeves, b: July 10, 1885, d: March 1976
Frederika Amelia von Breyman, b: November 19, 1879 in Woodland, Yolo, California, d: September 13, 1965, m. first: William Jackson; m. second: Unknown Smithson
Adolphus William von Breyman, b: November 10, 1881 in Woodland, Yolo, California
Minnie Mary von Breyman, b: August 27, 1883 in Woodland, Yolo, California, d: June, 1973, m. Fred Schnitter in Williams, California
Louisa Ida von Breyman, b: January 20, 1885 in Woodland, Yolo, California, d: March 1978, m. Frank Nugent
Minnie Goda von Breyman, taken circa 1930, Hilo, Hawaii

Emma von Breyman, b: March 30, 1887 in Woodland, Yolo, California, d: April 28, 1887 in Woodland, Yolo, California
William Ferdinand von Breyman, b: November 20, 1889 in Woodland, Yolo, California, m. Florence ???, b: March 14, 1893, d: July 1980 in California
Ida von Breyman, b: June 25, 1892 in Woodland, Yolo, California, m. Frank Fletcher
Amelia Cortina von Breyman, b: March 25, 1894 in Cortina Valley, Colusa, California, m. Unknown Silva
BERTHA Emma von Breyman b: August 16, 1895 in Woodland, Yolo, California, d: February 11, 1984 in San Francisco, California, m. HENRY August William Lindgren, b: January 19, 1885 in Alten Medigen bei Bevenson, Haunover, Germany m: June 18, 1913 in Sacramento, California, d: May 26, 1965 in San Francisco, California

Bertha Emma von Breyman Lindgren, c. 1979 My direct line of ancestors are in italics. Bertha Emma von Breyman Lindgren was my grandmother on my mother's side. The family crest on the top of the page was copied from a piece of her stationary.

In 1977, my grandmother compiled her Memoirs and Journal. A lot of background information for my family history has come from that. Page one starts:
"My father was born in Germany in 1835 of a noble family. I have the family tree, which dates back 400 years. In German it is termed "Die Stammtafel die Familie Breymann. So my maiden name was von Breyman. My father dropped the last "n" from his name.

He came from a large family, the elder sons of which were trained as officiers in the German Army. My father was one of the younger sons and much loved by his sisters. They taught him languages and hand work. He was skilled in carpentry, also. His sisters did not want him to go into the army, so they s aw to it that he be signed on as a ship's carpenter on a sailing vessel bound for California."

She goes on to tell of the trip around the "Horn". He arrived in the Los Angeles area in 1852. He found a job driving a herd of cattle north to the Gold Rush area to feed the 49'ers. The trials he went thru are also detailed.

Little is known of Bertha's mother, Wilhemine Sophia Goda's background. It is known her mother's name was Amelia,and her surname was either Dare or Doering. My great grandmother's father was said to be a Lutheran Minister who died and left his widow with three girls. Amelia at that point went to New York City from Wyoming County, Pennsylvania in order to provide for her family. She had two cousins living in California who invited her to come west with my great-grandmother, Wilhemine Sophia. One of her daughters had married and one had died at that point.

Wilhemine and Amelia made the trip west in what my grandmother describes as an "auxiliary steamer, half-sail and half steam." "They landed in Panama, which they crossed by train, and took another ship to San Francisco. As they crossed Panama, natives brought fruit to sell the passengers crossing the Istamus."

Wilhemine found employment in Sacramento as a child's nurse at the home of a banker, D.O. Mills. There she met my great-grandfather. They married at the home of her cousin, Mrs. Benning on August 21, 1877. The bride and groom had a twenty year age difference. Their first child was born in December. My grandmother was their 10th child.

My grandmother's journal goes on to describe various ranchs they lived on and different occupations held by my great-grandfather. He died August 16, 1901 in Cortina, California; however Colusa County has no record of his death. His gravesite is in Arbuckle, Colusa County. A picture of it is on my Headstone page, thanks to another von Breyman descendant. Wilhemine went on to live over thirty more years as a widow. She died at the home of one of her sons in Ventura, California.

If you are a von Breyman researcher, I'd love to hear from you and exchange information. What a rich heritage we were born into!

von Breyman sisters, taken during the 1950's , Sacramento, CaliforniaThis picture was taken in Sacramento, according to my mother, in the 1950's. These are the von Breyman sisters in birth order from left to right:
Fredrika Jackson Smithson
Minnie Schnitter
Louise Nugent
Ida Fletcher
Bertha Lindgren (my grandmother)and
Amy Silva.

Some of the information on this page was obtained from the information on several pages of William A.G. von Breyman's Family Bible. I have located the Bible with another cousin and have copied pages from it.

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