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The above family names all have links with Northern Ireland, mainly in either Co Tyrone or Co Londonderry. Although some of the families have spread around the world (mostly to America and New Zealand).

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This site has been created to share the information that I and other friends and relatives have collected. I am happy to share the information with you provided that it is used solely for your own research, and not used in any commercial publication. The information in this site is based on both recorded facts and spoken stories, either of which could contain inaccuracies.


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Greer Outline Tree The Greer family are from Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. There are two lines of Greer's who are probably cousins - James Greer born in 1775 in Tullyconnell townland, and James Greer born in 1779 whose descentdants lived in the townland of Tievenagh, south east from Cookstown, in Artrea Parish. I expect that the two James Greer 's were cousins. Families that married into this Greer line are Harkness, Henry, Taylor, Fleming, Duff and Nesbit. Some of the Greer's emigrated to the USA.
Lennox Outline Tree The Lennox family are from Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The earliest ancestor is Luke Lennox who was born in 1807 who married Margaret Lennox, near Castledawson. Family names include Thomas and Luke Lennox. Other familes that married into the Lennox line include Heuston, Nedwill and McKane. Many of their decendants now live in NZ.
Henry Outline Tree The Henry family are from Muntober (5 miles west of Cookstown) and Tatnagilta (3 miles north-west of Cookstown), in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The earliest ancestor is James Henry whose son King was born in 1812 (Montober), his son James (b: 1848) married Annie Henry born 1861 (Tatnagilta). And two of their 4 children married into the Greer family. The other two married into the Smith and Frazer families. There are many Henry's in Kildress and Derryloran parish I am collecting information on any of them.
Nedwill genealogy The Nedwill family (also known as Nodwell / Nodwill), are from Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The earliest ancestor is John Nedwill born in 1797 who married Margaret Clarke born in 1804. Their children and grandchildren married the following families: McKane, Lennox, Mahony and Forbes. Some Nedwill's emigrated to NZ and America.
Fleming genealogy The Fleming family are from Kilcronagh and Knockaconny, which is is about 2 miles south west of Cookstown, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The earliest ancestor James Fleming who married Elizabeth Greer. Most of the Fleming descendants have emigrated to NZ and at least one to America.
Map of Co Tyrone A number of maps and sketches relating to Co Tyrone
Map of Co Londonderry A number of maps relating to Co Londonderry
Gallery This is so far a small collection of photographs of relatives that I have found.
Greer surname in Northern Ireland I am going to start collecting all the Greer references I can find in Northern Ireland, as I have been contacted several times about other Greer family histories that don't link to mine (as yet she says hopefully!!)
Elson genealogy The research for the Elson family has been done mainly by other individuals, with a big thank you to Judy Papendick for providing the bulk of the data. The Elson family were an early pioneer family in Virginia and then Ohio, USA. The earliest ancestor is John Elson who died in 1750, who was married to Johanna Bradcutt. It was Charity Margaret Elson born 1828 in Mapleton, Ohio who married William Harkness Greer who had emigrated from Tyrone.
World Connect My searchable database at Rootsweb's World Connect. This is a great place to look for your ancestors and to post your family tree for others to search and contact you. And its FREE.
Heuston tree Only two generations currently of Heustons