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This site is intended to compliment the Linkinhorne Parish site which is all about the parish at the present time and has several pages about the history of the parish as well as lots of photographs. This sister site is specifically for family and local historians with a deeper interest in the parish and and its people.  Documents are being transcribed as and when time allows and will be regularly added to these pages. Contributions are always welcome.  Please visit again.  
The Parish For photographs and description of the parish as it is today visit the sister site.  
Church & Chapel Descriptions and photographs of the churches and chapels are on the sister site.
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Baptisms 1725 - 1843 A complete transcription of the Linkinhorne parish church baptism registers for 1725 to 1843 can be purchased from the Cornish Forefathers Society
Marriages 1575-1724 Transcription of the Linkinhorne church registers
Marriages 1724-1812 Transcription of the Linkinhorne church registers
Marriages 1813-1837 Transcription of the Linkinhorne church registers
Burials 1800 - 1838 Transcription of the Linkinhorne church registers, more to follow
Methodist Registers Look-ups, some transcripts and where to obtain further information and transcripts.
Monumental Inscriptions The Cornwall Family History Society have recorded  the inscriptions at the two parish churches, Rilla Mill Methodist Chapel and Lanhargy. Photographs of MI's can be taken please contact me.

Census                    1841

A transcript of this census is on-line


See Look-Ups below  


Not indexed at present


Census for Cornwall is online at Kindred Konnection   The Cornwall Family History have also published an accurate index.


Census is readily available, please contact the author for look-ups  


This census will soon be on-line, it has been transcribed by the FreeCENS project


census will be available on line at a cost from the PRO census site  
1930 Kelly’s Directory  Lists all the tradesmen and farmers in the parish
1892 Sanitary Report   Gives an interesting indication of the housing conditions of the period
1878 Harrod's Directory  Lists all the tradesmen and farmers in the parish
1873 Land Owners Lists all the people resident in the parish who owned land 
1862 Postal Directory Lists all the farmers and traders in the parish
1856 Post Office Directory Lists all the farmers and traders in the parish  
1857+ Newspaper Extracts Extracts from the Cornish Times. 1857, 1858 & 1862 transcribed so far
Land Records Land tax assessment for 1805, various other lists of landowners & tenants - tithe apportionments, land tax assessments, manorial rolls, will follow.
Poll Books Lists of  voters from 1710, 1774 & 1790, mentions land they owned.
1662/4 Hearth Tax  Lists all the persons in the parish who had at least one hearth and had to pay tax.  
1660 Poll Tax Complete list of adults and their locations
1649 Parliamentary Survey An index to the names and places mentioned in the 1649 Parliamentary Survey of Duchy lands.
1641 Protestation Returns A list of every male in the parish who took this declaration in 1641, (no known dissenters).
Links to Linkinhorne Families This page links to pages or sites where there are Linkinhorne families featured.
Sources of Information A list of all the sources of information as I discover them, any contributions welcomed!
Maps   The 1888 ordinance survey maps of the parish can be seen at the old-maps site, just enter 'Linkinhorne' under place search.
For modern location maps visit:-
OTHER INFORMATION For information on The Parish Churches & Chapels, History of the Parish, Linkinhorne in the 17th Century, Mining, Marke Valley Mines, Mining Railways, Village Histories and Landscapes as well as lots of photographs, visit the sister site:-

Linkinhorne Parish Site

For other parishes Visit the Genuki page on Cornish parishes, also for adjacent parishes visit South Hill and St Ive sites
I am Lynda Mudle-Small, the author of this page and the site, I am also the Online Parish Clerk for the parish.  I am fortunate enough to live immediately adjacent to the parish of Linkinhorne (just a few yards the 'wrong' side of the Lynher) and have now been here for 22 years.  

I have the following items that I cannot put up on the site but I am very willing to do look ups for you, all that is needed is a please and a thank you!

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1851 census  
1841 Tithe The tithe maps and apportionments detail every single field and dwelling in the parish, who owned it and who occupied it. 
1881 census  Full details available
1569 Muster Rolls A list of able bodied men and the arms they could muster.
1544 Subsidies Cornish Subsidies in the reign of Henry VIII, lists all men in   the parish with land or goods of value.
1522 Military Survey One of the very first surveys to list the value of each persons goods
Deaths 1860, 1861 I have details of these for the parish
The Parish in 1727 I have a copy of this book which gives a detailed survey of the parish and all the landowners and tenants. It was written in 1727 and there are some notes added in 1876
Land Tax Assessments I have copies of the land tax assessments for the parish for 1710, 1736 and 1805. 

Whilst the webmaster and authors of all transcripts and articles have made very effort to ensure accuracy, this cannot be guaranteed as most items have not been double checked. Researchers are advised to check the original documents. This advice applies to anything found on the internet.

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