Irish Family



    JOHN IRISH was born ca 1600  in the parish of Clisdon, County of Somerset, England.  John came to the states as an Indentured Servant. The indenture was dated April 20, 1629, and recorded on July 12, 1697, at Tauton, Massachusetts.  He arrived on the ship "The Talbot" at Cape Ann, Salem, Massachusetts on June 27, 1629.   He married ELIZABETH RISLEY ca 1640.  He settled in the area of Duxbury, Massachusetts where he purchased acreage and probably was a farmer and a roper  by profession.  On December 20, 1673, John Irish and Elizabeth, his wife, deeded half of his whole share of the land in Saconnet to his son, Elias Irish.  On March 5, 1678, the Court ordered a division of a parcel of land at Saconnet, which belonged to him, now deceased, and by him bequeathed to his sons, John, Jr. and Elias.  Elizabeth died on August 28,1687.  John Irish died in 1677 in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  Their burial place is unknown, but it was probably in an church cemetery and markers have been lost with the passage of time.

The children of John and Elizabeth Irish:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1. Elizabeth Irish   married 1670 Philip Washburn
2. John Irish, Jr. 1641 died 02/21/1717
3. Elias Irish   married Dorothy Witherell died 1677
4. Lydia Irish   married ???? Gray

1.  ELIZABETH IRISH, first child of John and Elizabeth Irish, was born ca 1635 in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  She married PHILIP WASHBURN ca 1670 from Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Philip was born in 1624 and died ca 1700/1702. To this union ELIZABETH, JOHN, MARY, and MARGERY were born.

2.  JOHN IRISH, JR., second child of John and Elizabeth Irish, was born in 1641 in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  He married ELIZABETH SAVORY in 1672.  She was born in 1650 in Little Compton, Rhode Island.  John, Jr. was a carpenter and moved to Little Compton, Rhode Island ca 1673.  He was appointed Constable on July 5, 1678,  the oath of office being administered by Captain Benjamin Church.  He was a surveyor of highways in Little Compton, Rhode Island in 1683.  Elizabeth died on March 8, 1707, in Little Compton, Rhode Island.  John, Jr. died February 21, 1717, in Little Compton, Rhode Island.  Both were buried on the old IRISH farm across the road from the   Friends Meeting House near Little Compton, Rhode Island.  After the death of his first wife, John, Jr. married PRISCILLA SOUTHWORTH TALBOT.   She was born in 1645 and was the daughter of EDWARD and MARY PABODIE SOUTHWORTH of Duxbury, Massachusetts.   Priscilla died on June 11, 1732, and her burial place is unknown.

The children of John, Jr. and Elizabeth Irish

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
a. David Irish 02/1674 died 03/1748
b. Elizabeth Irish 02/1674 died young
c. Jonathan Irish 06/1678 died 1732
d. Joanna Irish 06/1681 married Edward Robertson
e. Sarah Irish 01/1683 died 10/24/1739
f. Priscilla Irish 04/30/1686 died ca 1715
g. Elizabeth Irish 08/28/1687 no data available
h. Jedediah Irish 10/07/1688 died 1758
i. Content Irish 09/1691 married William Shaw & Joseph Lawton
j. Mary Irish 04/09/1695 married William Palmer
k. Red1.gif (1928 bytes)John Irish, III 05/01/1699 died 07/1773